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Bandithaunt Caverns

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Bandithaunt Caverns


Bandithaunt Caverns map.jpg
Map of Bandithaunt Caverns

Bandithaunt Caverns locator.svg
Location within Queensdale

Bandithaunt Caverns.jpg
Bandithaunt Caverns's prison

Bandithaunt Caverns is a system of caves located in the western region of Queensdale. Bandits reside in its depths, causing problems for the nearby farmers to the north. The Caverns also exist as an instance during the personal story Desperate Medicine with a slightly different set of foes.


[edit] Locations and objectives

Bandithaunt Caverns Vista
In the eastern portion of the cave, cross the bridge and head up the spiraling slope.
Event flag (map icon).png
Rescue Mepi's moa herd from the bandit caves (4)
Event boss (map icon).png
[Group Event] Eliminate the champion bandit lieutenant (5)

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

[edit] Services

Bandit Turncoat

[edit] Foes

[edit] Objects

Environmental weapons

[edit] Crafting resources

[edit] Resource nodes

Mine resource (map icon).png
Copper Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png
Aspen Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png
Button Mushrooms

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