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Clashing Seas[edit]

Hello o/ Someone in the Spanish wiki wants to translate the article about the "Clashing Seas", but we're not sure where to find an official source for its translated name. I've looked into the GW2 and GW wikis and I couldn't find any place in-game where it was directly named as such, so I was wondering if you knew where does its name come from. Myriada (talk) 07:32, 25 August 2020 (UTC)

gww:Jiaju Tai, gww:Minister_Cho's_Estate#Intermediate_dialogue. Maybe more sources. Konig (talk) 11:07, 25 August 2020 (UTC)
Oh, I somehow managed to miss that. Thank you! Myriada (talk) 12:29, 25 August 2020 (UTC)

Royal Palace[edit]

Hi Konig, do you know any specifics about the ambient dialogue you added on the Royal Palace article? I waited there many times for hours and nothing activated. Thanks for your help!--Aylia (talk) 19:55, 4 April 2021 (UTC)

[1] Most if not all city ambient dialogue I put onto wiki in large groups came from there.
I just went in and saw some NPCs that definitely had dialogue move into position then leave, so it seems to be bugged, if you waited for an hour in the Shrine of the Six. I only waited 3 minutes, mind you, but it was a fairly dialogue-active section in the past. Konig (talk) 20:35, 4 April 2021 (UTC)
Thanks for your response. I also saw these NPCs leaving without a dialogue I expected, that was why I began to wonder. I do also remember some ambient dialogue (Refugee Farmer first one with a Shining Blade Guard) in front of the throne room that seems to be gone/bugged. Maybe this area underwent a few changes during LW Season3 that may cause the bugs (if it is not intentional).--Aylia (talk) 21:11, 4 April 2021 (UTC)
I can also confirm that the npcs walk towards each other but are not saying anything, checked few IPs in a case that the first was bugged but nadda, no dialogue anywhere. ~Sime 15:23, 5 April 2021 (UTC)
Maybe they got removed alongside Rom, Dagonet and so on in 2014. Minister Ethams dialogue with a minister seems also gone. Also one of the Mist Warriors is gone.--Aylia (talk) 16:07, 5 April 2021 (UTC)
I recall a situation where I questioned some missing ambient dialogue or NPC. The investigator determined it was only available for a period of time after the map spawns. This may explain why you're not seeing it. SarielV 20 x 20px 03:06, 20 January 2023 (UTC)

Shameless self-promotions[edit]

Shameless self promotions aka "I did some things":

Konig (talk) 21:21, 4 April 2022 (UTC)

I am ready to enter into an argument and if necessary I will find the source[edit]

moved from User talk:Charr Cub#Per your revert

To begin with, I'll just note that from the point of view of physiology, all vertebrates have red blood. Black blood is called venous blood, which is not saturated with oxygen. With all due respect, I don't want to offend. But I am extremely offended by this, because I write stories and in several episodes I was talking about red blood. This argument does not speak directly about black blood. There have also never been statements about this, although I think if it were true, there would be more emphasis on this. That's all I'm ready to say so far. I apologize for being a little harsh, but I am ready for an honest dispute with the search for meaningful arguments, because I respectfully consider your information misleading. I also recommend studying the in-game dialogues, they clearly say about red blood. I will find them and provide them to you The preceding unsigned comment was added by Charr Cub (talk).

One of the arguments I want to apologize again. I was harsh. But here is one of the arguments, if this is not enough I can find moreThe preceding unsigned comment was added by Charr Cub (talk).

Alright, we can have this discussion here instead.
First off on the physiology argument: while this is true in reality, this is a fictional race and the blood can function under whatever rules the writers decide it to function over. For all we know, charr do not breath the oxygen in the air, but other gases that is mixed in with the oxygen. Until ArenaNet tells us, we can only assume - and best evidence so far is that their blood is black. Second, that charr isn't an ideal source, because of two reasons: first, he's drunk. Second, he doesn't specify who's blood is red - could be charr, indeed. But it can also be the blood of charr enemies - humans, ogres, dredge, even norn or animals. Plenty of dredge and separatists in the area to be referred to.
This said, if you can find a better source, then as suggested to me by User:Sime, it would be ideal to list both facts with references, and not ignore one for the sake of the (assumed) other. That is how lore facts get forgotten by the devs, who do not always have time to maintain their internal lore bible and thus reference the player wiki to see what has been made canon lore or not.
BTW, unless things changed while I wasn't looking (possible), it's against the rules to remove comments so I re-added yours. Don't worry about the assumed harshness, it's fine. I've been there too. Additionally, please sign your comments with four tildes (~) so that we know who's making comments. Thank you. Konig (talk) 22:12, 20 January 2023 (UTC)

The Breachmaker maps[edit]

hi, i saw your image requests.

File:User Mattt The Breachmaker map 1.png

File:User Mattt The Breachmaker map 2.png

Mattt (talk) 17:24, 15 March 2023 (UTC)

Nine years later.
Nice. Konig (talk) 18:58, 15 March 2023 (UTC)

Graggult's Keep[edit]

Hi Konig, short question, sry to bother you about GW1 stuff. Graggult's Keep - do you still know where you have the name from? Never saw anything about this in game, is it maybe from some manuscript or gw.dat? Or am I just awfully blind? Thanks in advance.--Aylia (talk) 17:19, 5 July 2023 (UTC)

As far as I know, the gw.dat didn't have landmark names for Prophecies - just Nightfall. At least, it was only for Nightfall that was publicly dat dived and revealed. That said, I didn't originate the name on the wiki - looking at edit histories, the NPCs had the name from 2007 edits, roughly when the wiki was made. So it comes from GuildWiki, before my time. The article there was made in 2006 by a "Father Cory". Same with on the pages that link there.
I think I recall the name on signposts in Deldrimor Bowl, so that's likely where the name came from. If not, it probably came from the Prima Guide. I can check that when I get home this evening. Konig (talk) 17:47, 5 July 2023 (UTC)
I really do appreciate. I am looking for the german name of this Keep for some time now... So I hope it is not on a signpost in ingame language or so, because that only translates to english and I have to make up my own translation for german :P--Aylia (talk) 09:20, 6 July 2023 (UTC)
There were no unique signpost textures in GW1. Konig (talk) 21:58, 6 July 2023 (UTC)

About Victory or Death edit[edit]

Hey there! I just saw your edit on Victory or Death and wanted to point a thing out: the credits weren't removed with EoD release but way before. I can't recall the exact time but I remember playing that chapter around just before or after HoT release and it wasn't there already, at least it didn't play to me. Sorry for not giving a more exact period (then because I didn't do any edit there myself) but just wanted to say that mentioning it was with EoD release is way off. --Txonä Atan - (talk) 22:29, 6 August 2023 (UTC)

(Edit) Actually it was later but still way before EoD release. I just found and recalled I mentioned that on Talk:Victory or Death#No Credits? around 2018 about a play I did on 2017. --Txonä Atan - (talk) 22:34, 6 August 2023 (UTC)

You can always fix oversights without pinging others. Anyways decided to do a deeper dive of youtube videos and I found a better timeframe. Konig (talk) 02:42, 7 August 2023 (UTC)
Yes, I know and sorry about that. It's just since I hadn't a more proper timeframe to mention I wasn't sure about editing it myself and I guessed you was looking at that more than me. Thanks though. --Txonä Atan - (talk) 04:15, 7 August 2023 (UTC)

Open Letters / Evennia[edit]

Hi Konig,

would you share your proof for this edit please:

Idealyly here, so others can participate:

Thanks, Steve1 (talk) 18:52, 22 October 2023 (UTC)

Evennia was the only person ever since to Ascalon City by the Shining Blade.
Additionally: when she was there, she was in Zain's camp, before disappearing. Her disappearance being a minor plot point ArenaNet intended to focus on later before further Beyond arcs were canceled, but LWS3 carried on some of those plot arcs - the mystery behind Zinn's employer, the story of the Seer, etc. They even referenced War in Kryta in their social media during LWS3 development, bringing back the old facebook accounts for the Shining Blade and White Mantle for a bit. Konig (talk) 21:33, 27 October 2023 (UTC)
Contined here:
Steve1 (talk) 09:48, 28 October 2023 (UTC)

Order Threat Assessment Board[edit]

It's been about a decade since you wrote this article, when most of it would have been things to be revealed in the future. Is it worth revisiting now? SarielV 20 x 20px 20:05, 10 February 2024 (UTC)

That information originally came from dev commentary and doesn't talk about future plotlines. Since that story instance (and the model) is stuck in time, it's still accurately reflecting the state of things in 1325 AE, while the text is general enough that I don't think it's strictly incorrect. So I don't see a reason to necessitate revising it (after all, don't fix what isn't broken). But what are you suggesting needs changing, specifically? Maybe you're thinking of something I haven't thought of. Konig (talk) 06:19, 13 February 2024 (UTC)