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Hi. I'm RootWyrm.[edit]

Commander tango icon 20px.png I picked up GW2 in 2019. And got addicted. Again.

I've been playing MMOs since the 90's, and predate Ultima Online. And I don't mean T2A. (How's that for making us all feel old?) Over the years, I've killed a lot of rats, performed alpha and beta testing, consulted on class balancing, and contributed official lore to various games.

Please note, my name is spelled "RootWyrm" or "rootwyrm"; both are correct. It is a portmanteau of two nouns, Root and Wyrm. All lowercase is correct as the original context is Unix.

I stream on Twitch as RootWyrm, and host Vela's Very Chill Fishing on Sundays at 12PM-2PM Eastern outside of car season. Car season is generally mid-April to late October here. (This year's car season schedule TBD.)

Stuff I Do[edit]

Extra Life promo.gif

I'm just here for the cats. Okay, that's at least partly a joke. One of the primary tasks I've taken up is recording every unique cat in Cantha, and every cat from the 2021 Extra Life live stream. When I'm not hyping the Extra Life livestream and reminding people incessantly that there are still cats to be named. Or encouraging people to donate to their local animal shelters or animal protective league. Let a cat adopt you - it's the best decision you'll ever make.

When I'm not doing that, I'm a PvX player and roleplayer. I can be found almost anywhere depending on my mood. I also write extensively and have comprehensive backstories for, well, everyone.

You should contribute to Extra Life, even if it's just hyping the livestream or telling your friends. Team ArenaNet raised over $118,664 in 2021 to help kids get the medical care they need, and has raised over $1,000,000 since 2017.


My Characters[edit]

  • Eludun, Charr Warrior
  • Vela Mistblade, Charr Revenant
  • Eurydae Blacksoul, Charr Engineer
  • Kalli Bladefire, Charr Necromancer
  • Misa Shadeclaw, Charr Mesmer
  • Viskak, Charr Guardian
  • Petra Wildstrike, Norn Ranger
  • Editor Ceanna, Asura Thief
  • Sandra Hirota, Human Elementalist
  • Seneca Chaosblade, Charr Ranger
  • Treasae, Sylvari Thief

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  • Category:End of Dragons Content
  • Fishing


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