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Many Guilds requiring 100% representation allow this exception. You may represent your Personal Guild instead of your normal Guild whenever you are in a city (Lion's Arch, Hoelbrak, etc.) Representation is required to access the Guild Vault that may be associated with your Personal Guild. Like your Account Bank, a Personal Guild Vault may be accessed by every character on your account.


There are 3 expansion levels or Tiers for a Guild Vault:

  • Tier-1 (Guild Stash) gives 50-slots, requires 2500 influence and about one and a half weeks.
  • Tier-2 (Treasure Trove) raises the number of Guild Vault slots by 100 to 150 at roughly 8-times the cost of Tier-1
  • Tier-3 (Deep Cave) raises the number of Guild Vault slots by 100 to 250 at roughly double the cost of Tier-2

Cost / Benefit vs. Account Bank[edit]

The Personal Guild & Bank Vault is a cost-effect solution to the need for more storage space. You begin the game with a 30-slot account-bank. The cost of increasing the size of your account-bank is 600 gems per 30 slots, which becomes proportionally more expensive (if exchanging in-game Gold for Gems) as the cost of gems rises on the Trading-Post-Exchange, as it has been for several months.

Contrast this with the cost of creating a Personal Guild with its own Bank Vault that can range in size from 50 slots up to 250 slots. Most important is that the cost is not tied to Gems. If the cost of gems is sufficiently high then even a Tier-3 slot is cheaper than buying additional account-bank slots.

Additional Pros & Cons[edit]


  • You will become a Guild Leader, learning how to create and build a Guild.



  • Follow the Guild Creation instructions.
  • Still in the Guild Screen, CLICK Represent (lower-center) for your new Guild.
  • Gain sufficient influence to make the first seven (7) Architecture Upgrades listed (with the cost and time required) until you have completed Deep Cave..
  • May take up to 5 weeks for all 3 tiers. This may be reduced by building a Guild Workshop (allows an additional upgrade to be building simultaneously).

Gaining Influence[edit]

Some methods for gaining sufficient influence to create the first-tier Vault of 50 slots are described at:

However, the easiest and fastest, but expensive way is to buy the required Guild influence is from the Guild Promoter, a NPC vendor found in every city usually near the Guild Bank NPC. Each 1,000 influence costs 2 Gold. Building a full 250-slot Guild vault will require about 53,000 influence or 106 Gold, but is far less expensive then expanding your account vault by the same amount.


  • Be very careful NEVER to "Stand-down" from your Personal Guild. There is no way to get back if you are the only member. You will lose everything currently in the vault along with the resources used to create both the Guild and the Vault.
  • The Personal Guild & Bank Vault may be shared with whomever you like. However, I suggest that a prior high level of trust exists.
  • Since you may have at least 5 Guild associations, you may have multiple Personal Guilds, if you have the gold and the need.
  • If you are one of the rare people with multiple accounts then you may share your Personal Guild(s) between those accounts.
  • Create a Free Account to be a "co-leader" or your Personal Guild as a backup.


  • The 29-Oct-2015 release completely revamped the method of Guild Vault creation.
  • Vaults created prior to the 29-Oct-2015 release are "grandfathered" and continue operating as before.