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A wrapper template for Widget:Account novelties to help track the widget usage. See the widget page for details on how to use it.


<div id="noveltycontrol"></div>{{Account novelties widget}}


<div id="noveltycontrol"></div>
{| {{STDT|collapsible}}
! ID
! Item name
{{#arraymap: Chair, Musical instrument, Held item, Toy, Tonic |,|@@@|
{{!}}- class="collapsible"
! colspan="2" {{!}} @@@
{{#ask: [[Has novelty type::@@@]]
 | ?Has novelty id
 | format = template
 | template = Account novelties widget result format
 | link = none
 | limit = 250
 | sort = Has novelty id,Has canonical name
{{Account novelties widget}}
ID Item name
-999 Glacial Chair.png Glacial Chair
-999 Great Lodge Chair.png Great Lodge Chair
-999 Jackal Chair.png Jackal Chair
-999 Pirate Captain's Chair.png Pirate Captain's Chair
12 Fancy Chair.png Chair
24 Emblazoned Dragon Throne.png Emblazoned Dragon Throne
50 Shrouded Bench of the Final Judge.png Bench of the Final Judge
69 Luxurious Pile of Gold.png Luxurious Pile of Gold
262 Night Watch Stool.png Night Watch Stool
268 Festive Harvest Chair.png Festive Harvest Chair
269 Desert King Throne.png Desert King Throne
278 Candy Cane Chair.png Candy Cane Chair
279 Club Chair.png Club Chair
280 Super Adventure Box Chair.png Super Adventure Box Chair
284 Skyscale Chair.png Skyscale Chair
285 The Throne of Ahdashim.png The Throne of Ahdashim
286 Inquest Overseer Chair.png Inquest Overseer Chair
287 Bough of the Grove Chair.png Bough of the Grove Chair
289 Victory Rock.png Victory Rock
293 The Chilly Chaise.png The Chilly Chaise
294 Legionnaire's Chair.png Legionnaire's Chair
Musical instrument
2 Musical Bass Guitar.png Musical Bass Guitar
3 Duskk's World 2 Super Boom Box.png Duskk's World 2 Super Boom Box
6 Haunted Gramophone.png Haunted Gramophone
8 Musical Lute.png Musical Lute
18 Musical Frame Drum.png Musical Frame Drum
23 World 2 Super Boom Box.png World 2 Super Boom Box
25 World 1 Super Boom Box.png World 1 Super Boom Box
30 Duskk's World 2 Super Boom Box.png Duskk's World 1 Super Boom Box
34 Musical Verdarach.png Musical Verdarach
35 Musical Harp.png Musical Harp
37 Flute.png Flute
38 Magnanimous Choir Bell.png Magnanimous Choir Bell
41 Musical Minstrel.png Musical Minstrel
42 Choir Bell.png Unbreakable Choir Bell
45 Marriner's Horn.png Marriner's Horn
Held item
1 Embellished Kite.png Embellished Kite
7 Guild Kite.png Guild Kite
10 Green Choya Kite.png Green Choya Kite
11 Ventari Follower Kite.png Ventari Follower Kite
13 Wind Kite.png Wind Kite
14 Prosperity Mine Kite.png Prosperity Mine Kite
15 Red Lantern.png Red Lantern
17 Sand Shark Kite.png Sand Shark Kite
21 Pact Airship Balloon.png Pact Airship Balloon
22 Zebra Skimmer Kite.png Zebra Skimmer Kite
26 Blue Choya Kite.png Blue Choya Kite
31 Ornamental Kite.png Ornamental Kite
32 Dragon Emblem Balloon.png Dragon Emblem Balloon
36 Sun Kite.png Sun Kite
39 Watermelon Sand Shark Kite.png Watermelon Sand Shark Kite
40 Lightning Kite.png Lightning Kite
43 Red Choya Kite.png Red Choya Kite
46 Mark of Peace Kite.png Mark of Peace Kite
47 Flames of Kryta.png Flames of Kryta
48 Crystal Shard Kite.png Crystal Shard Kite
49 Hot Air Balloon Souvenir.png Hot Air Balloon Souvenir
51 Skimmer Kite.png Skimmer Kite
53 Ram Balloon.png Ram Balloon
-999 Champion's Burning Swords.png Champion's Burning Swords
-999 Champion's Chalice.png Champion's Chalice
-999 Champion's Comet.png Champion's Comet
-999 Champion's Crown.png Champion's Crown
-999 Champion's Dragon.png Champion's Dragon
-999 Champion's Laurels.png Champion's Laurels
-999 Champion's Mad King.png Champion's Mad King
-999 Champion's Moon.png Champion's Moon
-999 Champion's Skull.png Champion's Skull
-999 Champion's Storm.png Champion's Storm
-999 Champion's Sun.png Champion's Sun
-999 Champion's Winter Crown.png Champion's Winter Crown
-999 Endless Princess Doll Tonic.png Endless Friendship Tonic
-999 Pet Dog Whistle − Basenji.png Pet Dog Whistle: Basenji
-999 Pet Skyscale Whistle.png Pet Skyscale Whistle
4 Bobblehead Laboratory.png Bobblehead Laboratory
5 Box of Chocolates.png Box of Chocolates
9 Bouquet of Roses.png Bouquet of Roses
16 Magic Carpet.png Magic Carpet
19 Sonic Tunneling Tool.png Sonic Tunneling Tool
20 Riding Broom.png Riding Broom
27 Electromagnetic Ascender.png Electromagnetic Ascender
28 Zephyr Sanctum Model.png Zephyr Sanctum Model
29 Bottomless Belcher's Bluff Kit.png Bottomless Belcher's Bluff Kit
33 Bloodstone Ascender.png Bloodstone Ascender
44 How to Dance, Volume 1.png How to Dance, Volume 1
52 Aviator's Memory Box.png Aviator's Memory Box
54 Skill.png Hovering Mad Mirror
55 Water Fight Balloon Bucket.png Water Fight Balloon Bucket
58 Thoughtless Potion.png Thoughtless Potion
64 Selfless Potion.png Selfless Potion
78 Executioner Axe Toy.png Executioner Axe Toy
111 Scepter of Thorn.png Scepter of Thorn
112 Ellen Kiel Representation Button (rare).png Ellen Kiel Representation Button
126 Fancy Winter Crystal Scepter.png Fancy Winter Crystal Scepter
128 Wooden Sword.png Pirate Sword
144 Bloody Prince Staff.png Bloody Prince's Staff Toy
156 Evon Gnashblade Representation Button (rare).png Evon Gnashblade Representation Button
226 Frying Pan (toy).png Frying Pan
265 Enchanted Broom.png Enchanted Broom
-999 Endless Champion Angry Chest Tonic.png Endless Champion Angry Chest Tonic
-999 Feisty Feline Tonic.png Feisty Feline Tonic
72 Potent Potion of Destroyer Slaying.png Warm Potion
75 Enchanted Snow Diamond Tonic.png Enchanted Snow Diamond Tonic
80 Endless Mystery Tonic (forest).png Endless Mystery Tonic
81 Powerful Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying.png Endless Mordrem Teragriff Tonic
84 Shadow Raven Tonic.png Endless Shadow Raven Tonic
86 Endless Choya Dance Tonic.png Endless Choya Dance Tonic
88 Endless Green Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Green Quaggan Tonic
89 Golem Swarm Potion.png Infinite Golem Swarm Potion
90 Powerful Potion of Inquest Slaying.png Endless Mordrem Troll Tonic
92 Endless Embiggening Tonic.png Endless Embiggening Tonic
93 Enchanted Snowball.png Enchanted Snowball
94 Hellfire Skeleton Tonic.png Endless Hellfire Skeleton Tonic
96 Endless Mushroom Tonic.png Endless Mushroom King Tonic
102 Powerful Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying.png Endless Chak Zapper Tonic
103 Endless Branded Mystery Tonic.png Endless Branded Mystery Tonic
106 Endless Nuhoch Tonic.png Endless Nuhoch Tonic
110 Endless Spotted Beetle Tonic.png Endless Spotted Beetle Tonic
115 Endless Fury Combat Tonic.png Endless Fury Combat Tonic
117 Powerful Potion of Grawl Slaying.png Endless Arid Devourer Tonic
119 Endless Gift Box Tonic.png Endless Gift Box Tonic
120 Potent Potion of Ogre Slaying.png Hard Potion
121 Endless Fractal Tonic.png Endless Fractal Tonic
122 Potent Potion of Centaur Slaying.png Endless Guild Banner Tonic
131 Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonic
132 Experimental Ooze.png Endless Jade Construct Tonic
133 Enchanted Smiling Snowball.png Enchanted Smiling Snowball
135 Endless Mushroom Tonic.png Endless Mushroom Queen Tonic
136 Endless Gift Dolyak Tonic.png Endless Gift Dolyak Tonic
138 Powerful Potion of Dredge Slaying.png Endless Dust Mite Tonic
140 Infinite Watchknight Tonic.png Infinite Watchknight Tonic
141 Endless Chaos Combat Tonic.png Endless Chaos Combat Tonic
142 Mini Dolyak Calf.png Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic
145 Endless Princess Doll Tonic.png Endless Princess Doll Tonic
149 Tonic.png Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic
150 Infinite Watchknight Mk II Tonic.png Infinite Watchknight Mk II Tonic
151 Endless Toy Ventari Tonic.png Endless Toy Ventari Tonic
158 Endless Kodan Tonic.png Endless Kodan Tonic
159 Endless Toy Golem Tonic.png Endless Mystery Tonic
166 Endless Ignited Wraith Tonic.png Endless Ignited Wraith Tonic
170 Bottle of Batwing Brew.png Endless Bottle of Batwing Brew
171 Endless Toy Soldier Tonic.png Endless Toy Soldier Tonic
172 Endless Mystery Tonic.png Endless Mystery Tonic
173 Aetherized Tonic.png Infinite Aetherized Tonic
175 Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic.png Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic
178 Gargoyle Tonic.png Endless Gargoyle Tonic
179 Potent Potion of Centaur Slaying.png Charged Potion
180 Candy Corn Tonic.png Endless Halloween Tonic
184 Endless Pink Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Pink Quaggan Tonic
185 Endless Desert Mystery Tonic.png Endless Desert Mystery Tonic
186 Endless Exalted Caster Tonic.png Endless Exalted Caster Tonic
188 Endless Plush Griffon Tonic.png Endless Plush Griffon Tonic
191 Experimental Ooze.png Endless Ley-Line Anomaly Tonic
195 Endless Monkey King Tonic.png Endless Monkey King Tonic
198 Endless Nuhoch Tonic.png Endless Nuhoch Crusher Tonic
200 Endless Blue Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Blue Quaggan Tonic
201 Powerful Potion of Flame Legion Slaying.png Endless Mordrem Thrasher Tonic
202 Endless Anomaly Fragment.png Endless Anomaly Fragment
206 Endless Toy Golem Tonic.png Endless Toy Golem Tonic
214 Powerful Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying.png Endless Chak Drone Tonic
215 Endless Black Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Black Quaggan Tonic
217 Enchanted Colorful Snowball.png Enchanted Colorful Snowball
218 Endless Choya Pinata Tonic.png Endless Choya Pinata Tonic
219 Endless Mystery Cat Tonic.png Endless Mystery Cat Tonic
222 Wolf Totem (gizmo).png Wolf Totem
223 Endless Anomaly Fragment.png Endless Multicolored Ooze Tonic
228 Endless Exalted Caster Tonic.png Endless Exalted Bastion Tonic
230 Powerful Potion of Centaur Slaying.png Endless Skritt Burglar Tonic
231 Potent Potion of Ice Brood Slaying.png Cold Potion
233 Minor Potion of Elemental Slaying.png Endless Djinn Tonic
234 Powerful Potion of Nightmare Court Slaying.png Endless Chak Slinger Tonic
237 Potion of Young Karka Transformation.png Endless Karka Tonic
241 Endless Beetle Tonic.png Endless Beetle Tonic
243 Powerful Potion of Sons of Svanir Slaying.png Endless Mordrem Husk Tonic
246 Endless Olmakhan Tonic.png Endless Olmakhan Tonic
248 Endless Awakened Archer Tonic.png Endless Awakened Archer Tonic
255 Experimental Ooze.png Endless Miniature Tonic
257 Endless Toymaker's Tonic.png Endless Toymaker's Tonic
258 Infinite Slubling Tonic.png Infinite Slubling Tonic
266 Endless Mushroom Tonic.png Endless Mushroom Emperor Tonic
267 Endless Mushroom Tonic.png Endless Mushroom Tonic
271 Endless Mystery Dog Tonic.png Endless Mystery Dog Tonic
272 Endless Mystery Choya Tonic.png Endless Mystery Choya Tonic
273 Endless Mystery Fowl Tonic.png Endless Mystery Fowl Tonic
274 Endless Mystery House-Cat Tonic.png Endless Mystery House-Cat Tonic
275 Endless Mystery Bear Tonic.png Endless Mystery Bear Tonic
276 Endless Mystery Fanciful-Cat Tonic.png Endless Mystery Fanciful-Cat Tonic
277 Endless Angry Snowman Tonic.png Endless Angry Snowman Tonic
281 Endless Shadow Warrior Tonic.png Endless Shadow Warrior Tonic
282 Endless Skyscale Youngling Tonic.png Endless Skyscale Youngling Tonic
283 Bonus Box of Goods.png Endless Bonus Box Tonic
288 Community Goal Reward- Tier 3.png Endless Boss Chest Tonic
292 Endless Smoke Shaman Tonic.png Endless Smoke Shaman Tonic
297 Endless Boneskinner Tonic.png Endless Boneskinner Tonic
299 Endless Cloudseeker Tonic.png Endless Cloudseeker Tonic