Feisty Feline Tonic

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Feisty Feline Tonic

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Combat Tonic: Double-click to transform into a cat.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Extra Life Donor Goal Community 0Achievement points
As a donor to Extra Life, return to Lion's Arch after the community reaches the $75,000 goal.
Reward:Feisty Feline Tonic.png Feisty Feline Tonic
Goal Achieved! 0Achievement points


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Maul (feline).png Cat Scratch 0.5½ Scratch your foe.
2 Pounce (snow leopard skill).png Lunge 10.75¾ 10 Leap toward your foes with a powerful swipe.
3 Snarl (snow leopard skill).png Distraction 30.5½ 20 Daze your foe with a cunning display of felinity.
6 Stalk.png 9 Lives 8 Call upon mysterious feline forces to cheat death.
7,8,9 Skill.png Locked Skill You cannot use this skill.
0 Icy Pounce.png Stalk 60 Sneak up on your prey.

Aquatic replacements[edit]

2 Pounce (snow leopard skill).png Lunge 2 10 Leap toward your foes with a powerful swipe.


  • Players who purchased donation items as part of Extra Life 2019 receive it after the $75,000 goal is reached (Extra Life 2019 Is Next Week!).
  • The transformation provides its own attributes and base health.
  • Has no downed state.
  • Being defeated will not remove the transformation.
  • It cannot be used in World vs. World.