Flames of Kryta

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the held item. For the achievement that rewards this item, see Beacons of Kryta. For the exotic torch, see Beacon of Kryta.

Flames of Kryta.png

Flames of Kryta

Item type
Held item
Account Bound
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Appearance when under the transformation of a tonic.

Use this torch to find your way in the dark.

— In-game description

Flames of Kryta is a held item that can be used to create a torch bundle in the user's hand. This torch acts as a light source, but has no other uses.


This achievement rewards items. Luminary of Kryta (Historical) Queen Jennah's Jubilee 15Achievement points
Complete 4 Beacons of Kryta torch runs.
Reward:Flames of Kryta.png Flames of Kryta
1 Krytan Torch Run 1Achievement points
2 Krytan Torch Runs 3Achievement points
3 Krytan Torch Runs 5Achievement points
4 Krytan Torch Runs 6Achievement points


  • Its skin is unique and cannot be found as a torch.
  • Cannot be used underwater.
  • Can be used while under the effect of a Mystic Fountain in Obsidian Sanctum.
  • Can be used and put in the bank while still showing on the character. Can be carried within the zone even if you teleport within the same zone, but will disappear on entering another zone.
  • Can be used with tonics, even ones without hands to hold it.
  • The lighting effect may not appear if shaders quality is set to low.