Sergeant Yarbrough

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Sergeant Yarbrough


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Sergeant Yarbrough is a Renown Heart NPC just outside Fort Salma, in Kessex Hills. He will offer items for karma when players have aided Fort Salma.


Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Duelist Coat.png Seraph-Issue Jacket Medium coat Fine 23 273 Karma.png
Dry Bones Garb.png Seraph-Issue Coat Light coat Fine 23 273 Karma.png
Pit Fighter Chestguard.png Seraph-Issue Breastplate Heavy coat Fine 23 273 Karma.png
Duelist Coat.png Seraph-Issue Jacket of Divinity Medium coat Masterwork 23 546 Karma.png
Dry Bones Garb.png Seraph-Issue Coat of Divinity Light coat Masterwork 23 546 Karma.png
Pit Fighter Chestguard.png Seraph-Issue Breastplate of Divinity Heavy coat Masterwork 23 546 Karma.png
Shield.png Seraph-Issue Shield Shield Fine 23 182 Karma.png
Fine Sword.png Seraph-Issue Sword Sword Fine 23 182 Karma.png
Crude Warhorn.png Seraph-Issue Warhorn Warhorn Fine 23 182 Karma.png
Shield.png Seraph-Issue Shield of Force Shield Masterwork 23 364 Karma.png
Fine Sword.png Seraph-Issue Sword of Force Sword Masterwork 23 364 Karma.png
Crude Warhorn.png Seraph-Issue Warhorn of Force Warhorn Masterwork 23 364 Karma.png
Dwayna's Salmic Charm.png Dwayna's Salmic Charm Accessory Fine 22 224 Karma.png
Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle.png Mithril Harvesting Sickle Harvesting sickle Fine 60 378 Karma.png
Crude Salvage Kit.png Crude Salvage Kit Salvage kit Basic 28 Karma.png


Incomplete heart (map icon).png Those confounded centaurs will never quit! Will we never know peace?
Talk more option tango.png What can I do to help?
Incomplete heart (map icon).png You can kill some centaurs, clear their traps or clean up their unexploded siege weapon shots. You could also help rebuild this town.
Talk end option tango.png I'll do what I can to help.
Talk end option tango.png I should go.
Complete heart (map icon).png You have been a great help to the Seraph. Thank you.
Karma.png What have you got for sale?
Talk end option tango.png My pleasure.