Points of Interest - Episode 3

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Points of Interest - Episode 3

Kate Welch
Josh Foreman
Tami Foote
Peter Fries
July 18, 2014
Official video
The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

Points of Interest episode 3 aired on Friday July 18, 2014. Kate Welch was joined by Josh Foreman, Tami Foote, and Peter Fries to talk about the Entanglement release. Bill Murphy from MMORPG.com had the first round of questions from his readers, Kate highlighted some favorite Guild Wars 2 art from players, and the group discussed their favorite things about Entanglement – and speculated about what was still to come.

Points of Interest studio [0:28][edit]

Kate Welch: I have with me: Peter Fries, Tami Foote, Josh Foreman. Josh Foreman is an Environmental Design Specialist.

Josh Foreman: I prefer "Environmental Wacko".

Kate: He's an Environmental Wacko. Tami Foote is one of our Environment Artists. They both did a great deal of the map for the new Dry Top zone, so they will be talking to us about that later. And Peter Fries is a Writer, or so he tells us.

Peter Fries: Allegedly.

Kate: Welcome guys. Thanks for being on live stream. And it's been just a wild ride. Hahaha! So anyway, Peter, you might be the one to start us off. I wanted to have you go over in broad strokes what's going on in this particular episode, and give us a summary of the plot as it stands today.

Peter: Well, when last we left our heroes, they were exploring a home that they found in Prosperity, which was this mining town in Dry Top, a new region that we added to the game. And it turns out that this home was a former layer of Scarlet, who was the villain from Season 1.

Kate: Right.

Peter: And in this episode, suddenly the town is attacked right at the beginning of the episode, by Mordremoth.

Kate: Right.

Peter: And we see these giant vines come in and destroy the town, killing some of the citizens and opening up a tunnel that goes underneath Scarlet's house and into a new area of Dry Top, which brings us out into this area that we call The Uplands.

Kate: The Uplands.

Peter: And up there we have some centaurs that are peaceful.

Kate: Yeah.

Peter: They're not the jerks centaurs from the regular game.

Kate: The jerk centaurs. No offense to any centaurs out there, by the way, we're very pro-centaur, obviously.

Peter: I'm not, but... Then as we move out into the map from there, there are other complications. There's some Inquest up there. What else do we have running around?

Josh: Nothing.

Peter: Yeah. Nothing much.

Kate: There's literally nothing else. Hahaha.

Peter: A whole lot of nothing, just howling emptiness.

Josh: I see some bats and water. There's rain.

Kate: Yep. Yep.

Peter: And there's sort of a trail that Scarlet's left across this area of her old steam minotaurs that were carrying things to her lab, that we find that is underground in the "Cavern of the Shining Lights" as the centaurs call it.

Kate: Okay.

Peter: And that is where you find the Ley Line Hub that we've sort of led up to at this point. And from there, shenanigans ensue.

Kate: Shenanigans, mad shenanigans.

Peter: Mmmhmm, all sorts of shenanigans.

Kate: So, let me go down the line with you guys and ask you, Josh, starting with you, what did you work on for this particular episode?

Josh: I did most of the outside-ish environments in this release. So lots of deserty stuff, this canyon, this oasis.

Kate: Right.

Josh: Desert.

Kate: So when you say you did that stuff, yeah.

Josh: There's some desert stuff in there.

Kate: Some desert. I've seen some of that desert. When you say that you did that stuff, can you elaborate what your day to day is like?

Josh: So well as an "Environment Design Specialist", I specialize in designing environments.

Kate: Oh, I see. That explains all of it.

Peter: That's what it says on the sash.

Josh: Yeah. I mean, essentially I'm the map artist. Not the map artist; I'm a map artist. And so I'm like moving props around and sticking them in pleasing arrangements.

Kate: Okay. And are you the person who's responsible for things like planting Lost Coins at the tops of difficult jumping puzzles? Things like that.

Josh: Yeah. Me and Lisa worked together on that. She does the content scripting and design and stuff like that. And I'll find the nooks and crannies that I want to put them in, and say, "Hey, can we put coins here?" And she's like, "Yes."

Kate: Yeah.

Josh: That sort of thing.

Kate: The maddening quest for all, what is it 25 Lost Xoins? 30 Lost Coins in this one?

Josh: Thirty, I think. Yeah.

Kate: You guys, you and Lisa Davis. Oh, man.

Josh: Yeah. We like scavenger hunts. I don't know.

Kate: I love the scavenger hunts.

Josh: That's the type of thing I like.

Kate: I'm terrible at jumping puzzles. So, that's my big problem. Tami, what did you work on in this particular episode?

Tami Foote: I worked on the Ley Line Hub and the Scarlet's runnels. And then the other instances like Fort Salma and Concordia.

Kate: Okay. And how is your job different, or is it kind of similar to what Josh does? Is it map artists stuff? What do you work on?

Tami: It's really similar. Essentially we do the-

Josh: Not as special.

Tami: Not as special.

Kate: She's not a specialist. Let me make that really clear.

Tami: Josh is special.

Josh: -ist.

Kate: He's special-ist.

Tami: It's really pretty much the same thing. He has more of a design focus than I do, but our day-to-day work is really similar. He can work on the stuff that I've worked on. I can work on the stuff that he worked on.

Kate: Okay.

Tami: Sometimes we do that.

Josh: We're interchangeable cogs in a big machine.

Kate: Nice.

Peter: So we don't understand.

Kate: Yeah, we don't understand our control. So, when you say that he has more of a focus on design, I think that sometimes outside the industry, people don't really understand what the difference is between design and art. So how does design differ from somebody who is heavily focused on the art itself?

Tami: So he might be more involved in...

Josh: Layout?

Tami: Yeah, I guess layout, just design.

Kate: Right.

Josh: I'm kind of like an ambassador between design and art, in a way. Not that we fight. Maybe "ambassador" is the wrong word.

Kate: I'm a diplomat.

Tami: He'll be involved in meetings that the designers go to.

Kate: Gotcha. And the game designers are the ones who are actually creating the content, and the structure, and the puzzles, and the challenges and things.

Josh: They're the ones like, "Hey, let's make a village of centaurs, and they're going to go over here and do this thing, and interact with those things." So they're the ones who actually hook all that stuff up with scripts and stuff. So the artists are more like putting rocks and trees places, and they're putting all the characters and creatures in places.

Tami: We give them the space to do that with, and then make the frame rate all sound so nobody gets mad at us.

Kate: Yay. Very few people. I've heard nothing but amazing things.

Josh: No one ever gets mad at us.

Kate: Nobody ever gets mad at you.

Josh: That happens.

Kate: No, no, no. There's nothing but positive comments coming out of this whole area, especially the maps. People are constantly talking about how breathtaking and beautiful they are. So good job. Excellent work. Really, really nice. Peter, what do you do? What the H did you do on this release?

Peter: Well, in this release I was a writer. And so, there was Angel, and Elan, and Bobby, and I, that all worked on the writing. Angel tended to take more of the stuff that's involving our main characters. And I did more of the open world sort of thing.

Kate: Okay.

Peter: So it's everything from writing dialogue, to the event text that comes up while you're playing the different events in the game, and conversational text, things like that.

Kate: So when people are playing through the story, what kinds of dialogue... I did see at one point that you had pulled a Game of Thrones. I saw this on Reddit. I don't know if this is something that we want to talk about, but people are accusing you of accusing you of a very nasty fate to a very beloved character. Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Peter: I don't know how beloved he was. When we started out, we do the VO way ahead of when we're writing things that aren't voiced. And early on, I saw that we were going to have a male quaggan voice role, and I thought it would be funny to have a quaggan panhandler in this desert town. So I wrote some dialogue for a panhandler that's asking for spare copper or fish or whatever you have. And I put him outside the bar that Josh set up, that's like the watering hole for the local people to meet in. And I did this all knowing the whole time he was going to die after two weeks. That's a spoiler.

Kate: It's rough.

Peter: So, I'm writing this dialogue for him. He's really, really pathetic and moany. He's wheezing and coughing all the time. I'm laughing the whole time writing this dialogue. And then, I thought it would be funny to let players just give money to him, and he's just a panhandler, he's not going to thank you or acknowledge what you've done. And he'll just take whatever you have to give. And I was curious, it was an experiment, what would players do? Would they just keep giving him things?

Kate: Apparently in chat, people are swearing and saying very nasty things about you. I told you he was beloved. Can't kill a quaggan. So, what would you guys say, as far as story goes, or art or whatever, what was your favorite part of this episode? Do you have a favorite?

Peter: Are you're asking me first?

Kate: I'm asking whoever wants to talk.

Peter: Well, I like the maps. Walking into this oasis here behind us, it was pretty amazing.

Kate: It was amazing. It was amazing. You didn't know it was coming. As I've said before in this show, I don't read anything ahead of time, and I don't experience the maps until they come out on live. So, coming around that corner from the arid area of Dry Top into the oasis was incredible. It was so cool. Frigging awesome. Anyway, yeah. The writing not so much, but the art on the map is amazing. Haha! Just kidding. I'm kidding.

Peter: No, that's my favorite still. I used to be an environment artist before I was a writer. So, I'm still all about the exploration and seeing what the world looks like, and finding little hidden things in it.

Kate: Yeah.

Peter: Yeah.

Kate: I think also the end cinematic, that we just played, we don't have anybody from the Cinematics Team on today, but if any of them are watching, which they probably aren't because they're incredibly busy, but if they are, you guys did such an incredible job with that cinematic. I had goosebumps the entire time.

Peter: They knocked it out of the park.

Kate: It was so good. So, so, good.

Peter: It was amazing.

Kate: Anyway, those are our favorite parts. Did you guys have a favorite part of the episode?

Peter: I'd wanna hear Tami's favorite part.

Kate: Yeah, Tami, what's your favorite part, man?

Tami: I like the vine destruction, like Fort Salma and Concordia.

Kate: It was creepy. It was really scary.

Tami: It's fun to see. Well, I mean, I did it so, but I mean, it's fun to see that all destroyed with vines and stuff, because everybody knows that world is something else, that those areas is clean and-

Kate: Yeah, and orderly. And then just having them dissolve into chaos, and pits and vines everywhere. It's upsetting. So basically, Tami's favorite part of the episode is the stuff that she did.

Peter: Yeah, of course.

Kate: Hahaha! That's okay.

Peter: She's so self-serving.

Kate: I just finished the episode last night, and the Fort Concordia stuff where you fight the boss, it was so disturbing. It was so incredibly disturbing.

Peter: That thing's nasty.

Kate: Like, the boss is disturbing on his own, and I died like seven times because I was soloing him, but the actual destruction running through Concordia and seeing. And you can actually jump on top of the vines and explore it. So cool. Really, really well done. Josh, your favorite part?

Josh: Well, I guess, I really enjoy deserts as an ecosphere. I enjoy all the different types of deserts. If you Google "desert", you'll see 20 different types of desert. Most people just think of the Sahara sand dunes, but there's lots of different options and varieties and ways to go about that. So, that was fun. I also really enjoyed building the town, knowing that I was going to destroy it. So working with the prop artists to make all the houses and stuff to be able to be destroyed, and all that kind of stuff was fun. It's kind of like working on a movie set for a city that you're going to blow up or whatever.

Kate: Yeah. Do you do anything differently when you're designing something if you know that you're going to destroy it?

Josh: Yeah. I mean, it's kind of a logistical nightmare, because you have to build everything with different states of destroyed and non-destroyed, and you have to make sure everything lines up in both sets. So it's tricky, but it's rewarding too.

Kate: Nice. Awesome. Are there any little secret things in this episode that you feel like players might overlook, that you want to make sure to call some attention to?

Josh: That never happens because we always hide things and then within twenty minutes it's on Dulfy.

Kate: Right? Yeah, I know. I know. Which is great, it's cool. I love having fans that are that dedicated. I think this show is a really good example. I always am like, well, "Who's really going to find us in the span of thirty minutes?" And it's always pure chaos, which is really, really fun. So, Tami, I have a question for you. Out of all the Living World content, what do you think, do you feel like you had a lot of freedom on anything in particular? Is there anything you wanted to talk to about that?

Tami: I forgot an area that I worked on, Brisban. I had a lot of freedom on that.

Kate: Okay.

Tami: Basically, the designer, Sarah Sperry, she came to me and was like, "I need an entrance here and here, and an exit here." And that was what I had to work with in this space. And usually there's a lot more direction. And so I was pretty much free to go. And of course, along the way, there's lots of feedback. And it's an iterative process where she's saying, "Okay, I want this here. I want this design here. I want this to happen here." And then also, Dave Beetlestone comes in like, let's adjust the look, and so he kind of oversees the general look, and then I go to town, and then start creating.

Kate: Dave Beetlestone is the Environment Art Lead.

Josh: Also known as Lord Beetleton.

Kate: Lord Beetleton.

Peter: There's a statue of him in the game.

Josh: I made that statue.

Tami: And a painting.

Peter: With his dogs.

Josh: Yes.

Kate: Yeah. So he's infamous. But yeah, he's kind of the one who oversees all the stuff that you guys both do. Are you guys both are on Dave's team?

Josh: Yep.

Fan art [14:56][edit]

Kate: Awesome. Okay. So we are going to go to another segment. And I think what we're going to do next is some fan art. Rubi, ghost producer, would you like to go to fan art? Yeah. Okay. So this is our first one. It is by DeviantArt user mercenary-chibi. And the title is "Quaggan's Bedtime".

Peter: Aw.

Kate: I know, I know. This is showing a golem reading a bedtime story to three adorable sleepy, little quaggans.

Josh: Just before they die.

Kate: Just before Peter apparently kills them.

Peter: Before they're strangled by vines.

Kate: Hahaha! And thanks to PandaCharr for this one.

Peter: That's very cute.

Kate: This is so cute, isn't it? I love it. The next one is from the Xaotician on Tumblr. This is a Tumblr submission, and this is Hazelnut, who is a baby sylvan foxhound.

Peter: Sounds right.

Kate: And it's freakin' the cutest thing ever. You guys, we kind of can see a tiny little version of it, but this is such a cute little piece. Yeah, fernhound. Yeah, is so, so, so cute.

Josh: You know what, let me add something real quick. If anyone likes that type of art, Google "Woodsplitter Lee".

Kate: Woodsplitter Lee.

Josh: Yes. She is an amazing sculptor who does furred sculptures that are actually posable and stuff.

Kate: Oh, cool.

Josh: It looks a lot like that.

Kate: And those are actual physical sculptures?

Josh: Yeah.

Kate: Awesome. Little art discussion happening here. That's good. And our last piece that we wanted to show today comes from the user KissKicker, and it is awesome. It is a gorgeous piece. Hopefully, we'll link to these somewhere in the details on the YouTube page or on our Guild Wars 2 Tumblr, which is guildwars2.tumblr.com. And you can see the high-res versions of these, because they are super duper cool. And lots more user-generated stuff is coming through that Tumblr as well.

Questions via Bill Murphy [16:58][edit]

Kate: So, yeah, why don't we take some questioms... "Questioms"? Some cute little questions. We'll take some questions from our friend, Bill Murphy, from MMRORPG. Bill, what's up man?

Josh: Bill Murray?

Bill Murphy: Hello.

Kate: Every single time I introduce him, I'm like, don't say Bill Murray. Don't say Bill Murray.

Peter: That'd be cool if he was Bill Murray.

Bill: It would be great if I was Bill Murray. I wouldn't be here. It's funny, because when I was a kid, I would get people asking me, are you related to Eddie Murphy? And I'm like, really? By adoption? What do you mean?

Josh: Well, I'm George Foreman's son, so...

Bill: Yeah. Is your middle name, George, then? Like Josh George Foreman.

Kate: Of course.

Bill: Okay. First thing, Peter, I gave that quaggan like 50 silver or more. I just want to tell you.

Peter: That's good.

Josh: It all went into his salary.

Peter: That's good. I'm glad.

Bill: You should make it so that we can now loot him, his corpse. That'd be great. I'd appreciate that. But I have questions to ask that I collected from Reddit, and the MMO forums, and Twitter, and stuff like that. I gave the ArenaNet guys a whole slew of them and they picked out these three for you. So you guys ready?

Peter: I wasn't told there'd be questions. I thought this was a game show.

Bill: You can pass. You can pass. You can pass completely.

Peter: Okay. Okay.

Kate: He's not allowed to pass, Bill.

Peter: No, there's a gun at my back.

Bill: Everybody just passes, and I'm just going to answer them myself.

Peter: Okay. Okay.

Bill: Okay. So the first one comes from a user named Coffee4cr, and this is about the books that are now in the Durmand Priory library. "So there are three new books, one about the Ley Lines, one about Scarlet, and one about the waypoints. And adding to the books of the library is a great idea, since these guys are sort of chronicling everything that happens in Tyria. It's nice to go back and see their take on the events. Is this something we can continue looking forward to? Will the Priory keep adding stuff to their library? Or they might have to remodel and get a bigger one if that's the case."

Peter: Thanks for bringing that up. As a writer, we really like adding bits of lore like this into the game, and we're going to keep on doing that as much as we can. Angel set up those books, and she also hid some little lore scraps all around Scarlet's home and the tunnel that runs underneath it. And it's fun, if we have time and it's within scope to try to add as much of that as possible to support our story and to do some external lore exploration. Definitely, we'd like to keep doing that, so keep watching for it.

Bill: Cool. I actually didn't realize that there were books added, so now I have to go look and see what is written on them. Okay, this is question number two from a user named Plagiarized. I hope he didn't steal this question, wa-wa. "Since Season 2, so far, has made great strides in implementing lore into the game, such as Kasmeer's view on Krytan nobility, can you tell us about your experience and changes, if any, to the way you handle lore compared to Season 1?"

Peter: Well, we learned a lot from Season 1 and that's helping us to focus our storytelling as we go forward. We have more instances to work with in these releases and that lets us pack more storytelling into a tighter space, rather than having sort of emergent things everywhere that people have to look around and discover. This way, we can make sure that the players will see it directly in front of them as they go through the story. Having these story arcs that run over several releases in this Season 2 lets us plan ahead of time all the story beats that we're going to be hitting and make sure that we hit it in a way that's obviously serialized. So, that's something we've learned.

Bill: Before I go to the last question, that makes me wonder as you're planning these out way in advance because they're coming so fast, is there ever anything you wish you could go in and change, or do you go in and change stuff on the fly as you're releasing these two-week patches?

Peter: Are you asking if we change it after it's already been released?

Bill: No, no. Before it gets released, if you're like, "Oh, you know what would be cool? This one's in the pipeline, let's quickly change it before it goes out," because of something that the users say or anything like that.

Peter: We're changing things up until the very last second. Haha.

Bill: There we go.

Peter: Yeah, I can say that, right?

Bill: Nothing is ever set in stone.

Peter: No, we're constantly working on things till the last possible moment. So yeah, as long as we can, we're trying to make things better and more fun.

Bill: And then you can bring that quaggan back to life and tell him to give me my money.

Peter: No, he'll never come back. He's gone.

Bill: Okay. So this is the last one I have for you guys. And this is from a user named to RonNique[?]. I hope that's how it's pronounced. "Scarlet had several hidden bases throughout Tyria. We know about the Twilight Arbor dungeon path, the top of the Tower of Nightmares, the hidden chamber below the Priory, the Landing Place. And is there any leftover Scarlet technology that could be used or misused in the future?"

Peter: Hmm. Well, we would like to maybe answer that at some point, but we'll just have to wait and see. You've already seen in this season that, with each release, we've been sort of adding a little more of Scarlet's backstory here and there. So I would say that it's likely that you'll see a little more of that coming forward.

Kate: Nice.

Bill: If you could sound any more cryptic, it would be impossible.

Peter: I have very little that I can actually say about anything, so... yeah.

Bill: Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

Kate: Awesome. Thank you so much, Bill. We'll see you again on the next Points of Interest. Thanks for taking the time.

Bill: And everybody who missed that trailer or the cinematic from OMAD, if you still want to see it, it's actually live on MMORPG.com. Right now.

Kate: That's right. Yeah, you guys can go for it. Yeah. It's exclusively on MMORPG.com right now.

Bill: With sound.

Kate: Yeah. Please go. Just go watch it over and over and over again.

Bill: But not before the episode of Points of Interest is over.

Kate: Of course.

Peter: Or alternatively, you could play the game.

Bill: Or that too.

Kate: Or you could play some Guild Wars 2.

Bill: You could finish the story.

Peter: Yeah. It's also in the game.

Kate: You just go and play it through with all of your alts, and over and over and over again.

Peter: Yeah.

Kate: We've actually seen some fun stuff we can talk about. Let me say goodbye to Bill. Goodbye Bill.

Bill: Bye guys. Thanks for having me.

Kate: Talk to you next time.

Future speculation [23:22][edit]

Kate: So, we've actually seen, I think, some players have been using potions and transforms on themselves just before we go through Omadd's machine.

Peter: That's hilarious.

Kate: So they've got like baby dolyaks coming through. Apparently there's a thread on our forums on the official Guild Wars 2 forums, where people are posting screenshots and stuff.

Peter: The Eternal Alca-Moose.

Kate: The Eternal Alca-Moose. If any of you have some fun screenshots, do check that out on the forums, and add to the load. Add to the load! Okay. So, last thing we're going to do, I would like to see to some speculation. I think I've said it like that in all three episodes that we've done like this, I think I always say it.

Josh: See some speculation.

Peter: You gotta do it like that now.

Kate: Crap.

Josh: Feel free to turn that into a gif or something.

Kate: No, Josh Foreman is a wizard, in case anybody who was curious, that is true. So I have some points to speculate about. And one of them, I think the most impressive thing that I saw in this episode that I want to speculate about is like, when I was going through Omadd's machine, I felt like I actually might, as a real person, go insane. It was so cool.

Peter: You will.

Kate: It was so visually. And so I kind of wanted to like what...

Josh: We've been working on that tech.

Kate: Hahaha! "Just put her on the livestream. She'll lose her mind eventually." So I felt like, what is my character seeing? What is she, or he, what is she experiencing? What did she hear? She talks a little bit about it. You, as a character, you talk about it after. And you're like, I saw the pale tree. We got to go talk to the pale tree. But, I still feel like if that's something that Scarlet saw that drove her insane, then what if my character is insane? What if something has been planted in my mind now, that's going to make me crazy. This is not a spoiler. I don't know what's happening. I have no idea. This is pure speculation. Where is Mordremoth going to attack next? Is the Zephyrite leader the one that is at risk from more attack? Is Mordremoth going to drain the magic from the world? And these are all things, I think that you guys have all worked on this stuff, so you literally can't say anything right now.

Josh: I can confirm that Mordremoth drains all the magic, and all player skills are gone. Sorry, no more magic.

Kate: Guild Wars 2, out now. Hahaha! Buy today. Is Marjory's, or Marjory's sister's death, spoiler by the way.

Peter: That's a spoiler for at least three.

Kate: Is her sister's death going to effect the relationship between Kasmeer and Marjory, and between Marjory's relationship with the rest of the group? What's what's going to happen there? The fact that Marjory takes off to deal with her sister's funeral and to be with her family at the end of this episode, just not having her there, it's kind of a major deal. She's just straight up gone. And where's this new map even going to take us? There's so much cool stuff happening in this map. I can't even believe how big, I was surprised running around, how big it is, but I can't wait to see what's coming next. Anyway, this is all speculation from me. And you guys can nod and like stroke your beards, especially you, Tami.

Peter: Can we stroke Josh's beard?

Kate: Yeah. You know what?, go for it. Yeah.

Josh: *purrs*

Kate: And there's a couple of things. We had some speculation come through on Twitter using our hashtag, which is #gw2poi, some speculation from last week, speculating about this week's release that I wanted to read. We have a user, @WorldofEnders, who says, "I think Scarlet making the twisted marionette was more of a cry for help than an attack. Her way of telling us she was a puppet." I love that theory. That's really cool. Especially because I think that Scarlet is getting humanized so much during this whole Taimi investigation into Scarlet's past. I love the idea that Scarlet was driven insane by something, and it was her way of trying to get past the insanity that was in her mind. I like that. I like that. We have another one from @JaceMackie, who theorizes that this next episode would bring ley lines, Asura tech, less waypoints, and the start of Jurassic Park, and the Ambrite weapons.

Josh: So technically "fewer" waypoints?

Kate: Oh, snap. JaceMackie, you got the grammar smackdown down from Josh Foreman.

Peter: A little bit of editing there.

Josh: I'm actually probably wrong.

Kate: I think it is fewer, because the less way of points would be smaller.

Peter: More fewer.

Kate: Anyway, I do like the start of Jurassic Park in the Ambrite. And we do this environment, it seems very Jurassic Park to me. Can you confirm or deny the existence of velociraptors?

Josh: Every time I make a beautiful vista in the game, that [Jurassic Park theme] plays in my head.

Kate: "This is very beautiful vista that I have just created. I will enjoy the theme song to Jurassic Park in my head for a moment.". And our last Twitter comes from @tofear[?] who theorized, and this is two separate tweets. His first one was, "more running time because of fewer waypoints." Grammatically correct. And then later, "okay, I was wrong." So, we got some two-fold action in there. Thank you to everybody who is tweeting about the show, and please continue. You can use the #gw2poi. If you want to be featured on our fan art section of the show, we have so much cool fan art coming in on Tumblr. You're going to want to use the `#gw2 fan submission`.

Josh: Space, Thanks Obama.

Kate: Thanks. Obama's going to be in Seattle on Tuesday and we have all this...

Josh: He's coming on the show, right?

Kate: Yeah, we're going to try.

Peter: Presidents of Interest.

Kate: It's hard to get a hold of him. He barely responds to my texts anymore. He's too cool for it. But anyway, so yeah, so if you have questions, speculations, use those hashtags. We will have next Friday is the Ready Up live stream, which is the PvP balance one, so be sure to tune in for that. July 29th will be when Episode 3 of Season 2 will air in Guild Wars 2, so be sure to check that out.

Peter: We should probably do that one.

Kate: Yeah. We should probably make it.

Peter: Yeah.

Kate: Yeah. You know what? I'm hungry. I want to go get some lunch first. We'll worry about that episode later. But yeah, tune in for that. And then three days later, that Friday on August 2nd, we'll have another episode of Points of Interest, and it'll be awesome, and I'll have even cooler people than this if I can find them. These guys, no way, just wait. You just wait two weeks. We're going to have some killer folks.

Peter: Much cooler.

Kate: My credits, as usual, I credit Maclaine Diemer, Drew Cady, Ben Coello, Eli Scheer, Luke Nalker, Rubi Bayer, Bill Murphy, and my lovely guests. Thank you so much for being on Points of Interest.

Peter: Thanks for having us.

Kate: You are officially the Points of Interest, there they are.

Peter: There's a Point of Interest.

Kate: And thank you to everybody in the background, harassing us. And we will see you again in a couple of weeks. Have a good day. Bye-bye.