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Clagg is a male asura and a character in Ghosts of Ascalon. In 1324 AE he recruited Dougal Keane, Gyda Oddsdottir, and Killeen for a quest that led them to the crypts below Divinity's Reach in order to retrieve the Golem's Eye. Clagg's favorite golem is Breaker, which was built with strength optimized over speed.

Clagg was arrested by the Seraph outside of the Tomb of Blimm along with Dougal and Killeen. After being released he tracks down Dougal and Killeen in Lion's Arch where he has a confrontation with them and ends up on the wrong side of battle. It is unknown what happens to him after that encounter, though we do know Clagg's last attempt on Dougal was to tell Gullik Oddsson that Dougal was somehow responsible for Gyda Oddsdottir's death.