Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock/Armor skins

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  • While most collections have all of their skins in the unlocker, some are missing.
  • For clarity sake, the entire collection has been represented with the skins missing being shown like Buccaneer Helm.png Buccaneer Helm.
  • In addition, while the preview window sometimes shows specific weight classes, obtaining one skin will unlock the same skin for each weight. This does not apply for some specific pieces of armor like the Adventurer's Mantle/Goggles/Scarf and most complete armor sets. These will be listed out accordingly.

Armor Unlocks[edit]


Starting armor[edit]

Demon Masque.png Demon Masque Skull Masque.png Skull Masque Wraith Masque.png Wraith Masque
Fanged Dread Mask.png Fanged Dread Mask Harlequin's Mask.png Harlequin's Mask Phantasm's Mask.png Phantasm's Mask
Flame Eye.png Flame Eye Glacial Eye.png Glacial Eye Stone Eye.png Stone Eye
Storm Eye.png Storm Eye Eagle-Eye Goggles.png Eagle-Eye Goggles Leather Mask.png Panscopic Monocle
Anonymity Mask.png Anonymity Mask Determination Headband.png Determination Headband Subterfuge Hood.png Subterfuge Hood
Conqueror's Mantle.png Conqueror's Mantle Fanatic's Mantle.png Fanatic's Mantle Visionary's Helm.png Visionary's Helm
Mist Scrim.png Mist Scrim Resplendent Curtain.png Resplendent Curtain Veil Piercer.png Veil Piercer

Basic armor[edit]

Apprentice armor/Rawhide armor/Chainmail armor[edit]

Apprentice Band.png Apprentice Band Apprentice Shoulders.png Apprentice Shoulders Apprentice Coat.png Apprentice Coat
Apprentice Gloves.png Apprentice Gloves Apprentice Pants.png Apprentice Pants Apprentice Shoes.png Apprentice Shoes
Rawhide Mask.png Rawhide Mask Rawhide Shoulders.png Rawhide Shoulders Rawhide Vest.png Rawhide Vest
Rawhide Bracers.png Rawhide Bracers Rawhide Leggings.png Rawhide Leggings Rawhide Boots.png Rawhide Boots
Chainmail Helm.png Chainmail Helm Chainmail Shoulders.png Chainmail Shoulders Chainmail Chestpiece.png Chainmail Chestpiece
Chainmail Gauntlets.png Chainmail Gauntlets Chainmail Leggings.png Chainmail Leggings Chainmail Footgear.png Chainmail Footgear

Crafted armor[edit]

Embroidered armor/Seeker armor/Chain armor[edit]

Embroidered Mask.png Embroidered Mask Embroidered Mantle.png Embroidered Mantle Embroidered Coat.png Embroidered Coat
Embroidered Wristguards.png Embroidered Wristguards Embroidered Pants.png Embroidered Pants Embroidered Sandals.png Embroidered Sandals
Seeker Mask.png Seeker Mask Seeker Shoulders.png Seeker Shoulders Seeker Coat.png Seeker Coat
Seeker Gloves.png Seeker Gloves Seeker Pants.png Seeker Pants Seeker Boots.png Seeker Boots
Chain Helm.png Chain Helm Chain Pauldrons.png Chain Pauldrons Chain Coat.png Chain Coat
Chain Gauntlets.png Chain Gauntlets Chain Legs.png Chain Legs Chain Boots.png Chain Boots

Student armor/Outlaw armor/Scale armor[edit]

Student Circlet.png Student Circlet Student Mantle.png Student Mantle Student Coat.png Student Coat
Student Gloves.png Student Gloves Student Leggings.png Student Leggings Student Shoes.png Student Shoes
Outlaw Mask.png Outlaw Mask Outlaw Shoulders.png Outlaw Shoulders Outlaw Coat.png Outlaw Coat
Outlaw Gloves.png Outlaw Gloves Outlaw Pants.png Outlaw Pants Outlaw Boots.png Outlaw Boots
Scale Helm.png Scale Helm Scale Pauldrons.png Scale Pauldrons Scale Coat.png Scale Coat
Scale Gauntlets.png Scale Gauntlets Scale Legs.png Scale Legs Scale Boots.png Scale Boots

Masquerade armor/Noble armor/Gladiator armor[edit]

Masquerade Mask.png Masquerade Mask Masquerade Mantle.png Masquerade Mantle Masquerade Raiments.png Masquerade Raiments
Masquerade Gloves.png Masquerade Gloves Masquerade Leggings.png Masquerade Leggings Masquerade Boots.png Masquerade Boots
Noble Mask.png Noble Mask Noble Shoulders.png Noble Shoulders Noble Coat.png Noble Coat
Noble Gloves.png Noble Gloves Noble Pants.png Noble Pants Noble Boots.png Noble Boots
Gladiator Helm.png Gladiator Helm Gladiator Pauldrons.png Gladiator Pauldrons Gladiator Chestplate.png Gladiator Chestplate
Gladiator Gauntlets.png Gladiator Gauntlets Gladiator Legplates.png Gladiator Legplates Gladiator Boots.png Gladiator Boots

Acolyte armor/Leather armor/Splint armor[edit]

Acolyte Mask.png Acolyte Mask Acolyte Mantle.png Acolyte Mantle Acolyte Coat.png Acolyte Coat
Acolyte Gloves.png Acolyte Gloves Acolyte Pants.png Acolyte Pants Acolyte Boots.png Acolyte Boots
Leather Mask.png Leather Mask Leather Shoulders.png Leather Shoulders Leather Coat.png Leather Coat
Leather Gloves.png Leather Gloves Leather Pants.png Leather Pants Leather Shoes.png Leather Shoes
Splint Helm.png Splint Helm Splint Pauldrons.png Splint Pauldrons Splint Coat.png Splint Coat
Splint Gauntlets.png Splint Gauntlets Splint Legs.png Splint Legs Splint Greaves.png Splint Greaves

Winged armor/Rascal armor/Tempered Scale armor[edit]

Winged Headpiece.png Winged Headpiece Winged Mantle.png Winged Mantle Winged Tunic.png Winged Tunic
Winged Gloves.png Winged Gloves Winged Pants.png Winged Pants Winged Boots.png Winged Boots
Rascal Mask.png Rascal Mask Rascal Shoulders.png Rascal Shoulders Rascal Coat.png Rascal Coat
Rascal Gloves.png Rascal Gloves Rascal Pants.png Rascal Pants Rascal Boots.png Rascal Boots
Tempered Scale Helm.png Tempered Scale Helm Tempered Scale Pauldrons.png Tempered Scale Pauldrons Tempered Scale Chestplate.png Tempered Scale Chestplate
Tempered Scale Gauntlets.png Tempered Scale Gauntlets Tempered Scale Legs.png Tempered Scale Legs Tempered Scale Greaves.png Tempered Scale Greaves

Feathered armor/Prowler armor/Barbaric armor[edit]

Feathered Headpiece.png Feathered Headpiece Feathered Mantle.png Feathered Mantle Feathered Vestments.png Feathered Vestments
Feathered Gloves.png Feathered Gloves Feathered Pants.png Feathered Pants Feathered Boots.png Feathered Boots
Prowler Helm.png Prowler Helm Prowler Shoulders.png Prowler Shoulders Prowler Coat.png Prowler Coat
Prowler Gloves.png Prowler Gloves Prowler Pants.png Prowler Pants Prowler Boots.png Prowler Boots
Barbaric Helm.png Barbaric Helm Barbaric Pauldrons.png Barbaric Pauldrons Barbaric Coat.png Barbaric Coat
Barbaric Gloves.png Barbaric Gloves Barbaric Legplates.png Barbaric Legplates Barbaric Boots.png Barbaric Boots

Exalted armor/Emblazoned armor/Draconic armor[edit]

Exalted Masque.png Exalted Masque Exalted Mantle.png Exalted Mantle Exalted Coat.png Exalted Coat
Exalted Gloves.png Exalted Gloves Exalted Pants.png Exalted Pants Exalted Boots.png Exalted Boots
Emblazoned Helm.png Emblazoned Helm Emblazoned Shoulders.png Emblazoned Shoulders Emblazoned Coat.png Emblazoned Coat
Emblazoned Gloves.png Emblazoned Gloves Emblazoned Pants.png Emblazoned Pants Emblazoned Boots.png Emblazoned Boots
Draconic Helm.png Draconic Helm Draconic Pauldrons.png Draconic Pauldrons Draconic Coat.png Draconic Coat
Draconic Gauntlets.png Draconic Gauntlets Draconic Legs.png Draconic Legs Draconic Boots.png Draconic Boots

Cultural armor[edit]


Adept armor/Protean armor/Galvanic armor[edit]
Adept Helm.png Adept Helm Adept Epaulets.png Adept Epaulets Adept Coat.png Adept Coat
Adept Gloves.png Adept Gloves Adept Leggings.png Adept Leggings Adept Boots.png Adept Boots
Protean Helm.png Protean Helm Protean Epaulets.png Protean Epaulets Protean Coat.png Protean Coat
Protean Gloves.png Protean Gloves Protean Leggings.png Protean Leggings Protean Boots.png Protean Boots
Galvanic Helm.png Galvanic Helm Galvanic Epaulets.png Galvanic Epaulets Galvanic Coat.png Galvanic Coat
Galvanic Gloves.png Galvanic Gloves Galvanic Leggings.png Galvanic Leggings Galvanic Boots.png Galvanic Boots
Genius armor/Auxiliary Powered armor/Electroplated armor[edit]
Genius Helm.png Genius Helm Genius Epaulets.png Genius Epaulets Genius Coat.png Genius Coat
Genius Gloves.png Genius Gloves Genius Leggings.png Genius Leggings Genius Boots.png Genius Boots
Auxiliary Powered Helm.png Auxiliary Powered Helm Auxiliary Powered Epaulets.png Auxiliary Powered Epaulets Auxiliary Powered Coat.png Auxiliary Powered Coat
Auxiliary Powered Gloves.png Auxiliary Powered Gloves Auxiliary Powered Leggings.png Auxiliary Powered Leggings Auxiliary Powered Boots.png Auxiliary Powered Boots
Electroplated Helm.png Electroplated Helm Electroplated Epaulets.png Electroplated Epaulets Electroplated Coat.png Electroplated Coat
Electroplated Gloves.png Electroplated Gloves Electroplated Leggings.png Electroplated Leggings Electroplated Boots.png Electroplated Boots
Savant armor/Prototype armor/Electromagnetic armor[edit]
Savant Helm.png Savant Helm Savant Epaulets.png Savant Epaulets Savant Coat.png Savant Coat
Savant Gloves.png Savant Gloves Savant Leggings.png Savant Leggings Savant Boots.png Savant Boots
Prototype Helm.png Prototype Helm Prototype Epaulets.png Prototype Epaulets Prototype Coat.png Prototype Coat
Prototype Gloves.png Prototype Gloves Prototype Leggings.png Prototype Leggings Prototype Boots.png Prototype Boots
Electromagnetic Helm.png Electromagnetic Helm Electromagnetic Epaulets.png Electromagnetic Epaulets Electromagnetic Coat.png Electromagnetic Coat
Electromagnetic Gloves.png Electromagnetic Gloves Electromagnetic Leggings.png Electromagnetic Leggings Electromagnetic Boots.png Electromagnetic Boots


Invoker's armor/Drover armor/Warband armor[edit]
Invoker's Helm.png Invoker's Helm Invoker's Shoulders.png Invoker's Shoulders Invoker's Coat.png Invoker's Coat
Invoker's Gloves.png Invoker's Gloves Invoker's Leggings.png Invoker's Leggings Invoker's Boots.png Invoker's Boots
Drover Helm.png Drover Helm Drover Shoulders.png Drover Shoulders Drover Coat.png Drover Coat
Drover Gloves.png Drover Gloves Drover Leggings.png Drover Leggings Drover Boots.png Drover Boots
Warband Visor.png Warband Visor Warband Spaulders.png Warband Spaulders Warband Hauberk.png Warband Hauberk
Warband Fists.png Warband Fists Warband Tassets.png Warband Tassets Warband Boots.png Warband Boots
Archon armor/Wrangler armor/Legion armor[edit]
Archon Helm.png Archon Helm Archon Shoulders.png Archon Shoulders Archon Coat.png Archon Coat
Archon Gloves.png Archon Gloves Archon Leggings.png Archon Leggings Archon Boots.png Archon Boots
Wrangler Helm.png Wrangler Helm Wrangler Shoulders.png Wrangler Shoulders Wrangler Coat.png Wrangler Coat
Wrangler Gloves.png Wrangler Gloves Wrangler Leggings.png Wrangler Leggings Wrangler Boots.png Wrangler Boots
Legion Visor.png Legion Visor Legion Spaulders.png Legion Spaulders Legion Hauberk.png Legion Hauberk
Legion Fists.png Legion Fists Legion Tassets.png Legion Tassets Legion Boots.png Legion Boots
Magus armor/Trapper armor/Dreadnought armor[edit]
Magus Shroud.png Magus Shroud Magus Shoulders.png Magus Shoulders Magus Coat.png Magus Coat
Magus Gloves.png Magus Gloves Magus Leggings.png Magus Leggings Magus Boots.png Magus Boots
Trapper Helm.png Trapper Helm Trapper Shoulders.png Trapper Shoulders Trapper Coat.png Trapper Coat
Trapper Gloves.png Trapper Gloves Trapper Leggings.png Trapper Leggings Trapper Boots.png Trapper Boots
Dreadnought Visor.png Dreadnought Visor Dreadnought Spaulders.png Dreadnought Spaulders Dreadnought Hauberk.png Dreadnought Hauberk
Dreadnought Fists.png Dreadnought Fists Dreadnought Tassets.png Dreadnought Tassets Dreadnought Warboots.png Dreadnought Warboots


Researcher's armor/Scout's armor/Commander's armor[edit]
Researcher's Masque.png Researcher's Masque Researcher's Epaulets.png Researcher's Epaulets Researcher's Coat.png Researcher's Coat
Researcher's Livery.png Researcher's Livery Researcher's Pants.png Researcher's Pants Researcher's Shoes.png Researcher's Shoes
Scout's Mask.png Scout's Mask Scout's Shoulderpads.png Scout's Shoulderpads Scout's Coat.png Scout's Coat
Scout's Gloves.png Scout's Gloves Scout's Leggings.png Scout's Leggings Scout's Boots.png Scout's Boots
Commander's Helm.png Commander's Helm Commander's Shoulderplates.png Commander's Shoulderplates Commander's Armor.png Commander's Armor
Commander's Gauntlets.png Commander's Gauntlets Commander's Chausses.png Commander's Chausses Commander's Footgear.png Commander's Footgear
Aristocrat's armor/Falconer's armor/Avenger's armor[edit]
Aristocrat's Masque.png Aristocrat's Masque Aristocrat's Epaulets.png Aristocrat's Epaulets Aristocrat's Coat.png Aristocrat's Coat
Aristocrat's Livery.png Aristocrat's Livery Aristocrat's Pants.png Aristocrat's Pants Aristocrat's Shoes.png Aristocrat's Shoes
Falconer's Mask.png Falconer's Mask Falconer's Shoulderpads.png Falconer's Shoulderpads Falconer's Coat.png Falconer's Coat
Falconer's Gloves.png Falconer's Gloves Falconer's Leggings.png Falconer's Leggings Falconer's Boots.png Falconer's Boots
Avenger's Helm.png Avenger's Helm Avenger's Shoulderplates.png Avenger's Shoulderplates Avenger's Armor.png Avenger's Armor
Avenger's Gauntlets.png Avenger's Gauntlets Avenger's Chausses.png Avenger's Chausses Avenger's Footgear.png Avenger's Footgear
Sorcerer's armor/Assassin's armor/Protector's armor[edit]
Sorcerer's Masque.png Sorcerer's Masque Sorcerer's Epaulets.png Sorcerer's Epaulets Sorcerer's Coat.png Sorcerer's Coat
Sorcerer's Livery.png Sorcerer's Livery Sorcerer's Pants.png Sorcerer's Pants Sorcerer's Shoes.png Sorcerer's Shoes
Assassin's Mask.png Assassin's Mask Assassin's Shoulderpads.png Assassin's Shoulderpads Assassin's Coat.png Assassin's Coat
Assassin's Gloves.png Assassin's Gloves Assassin's Leggings.png Assassin's Leggings Assassin's Boots.png Assassin's Boots
Protector's Helm.png Protector's Helm Protector's Shoulderplates.png Protector's Shoulderplates Protector's Armor.png Protector's Armor
Protector's Gauntlets.png Protector's Gauntlets Protector's Chausses.png Protector's Chausses Protector's Footgear.png Protector's Footgear


Sheepskin armor/Wolfborn armor/Dolyak armor[edit]
Sheepskin Circlet.png Sheepskin Circlet Sheepskin Mantle.png Sheepskin Mantle Sheepskin Doublet.png Sheepskin Doublet
Sheepskin Gloves.png Sheepskin Gloves Sheepskin Leggings.png Sheepskin Leggings Sheepskin Shoes.png Sheepskin Shoes
Wolfborn Mask.png Wolfborn Mask Wolfborn Shoulderpad.png Wolfborn Shoulderpad Wolfborn Vest.png Wolfborn Vest
Wolfborn Bracers.png Wolfborn Bracers Wolfborn Leggings.png Wolfborn Leggings Wolfborn Boots.png Wolfborn Boots
Dolyak Hounskull.png Dolyak Hounskull Dolyak Spaulders.png Dolyak Spaulders Dolyak Mail.png Dolyak Mail
Dolyak Gauntlets.png Dolyak Gauntlets Dolyak Chausses.png Dolyak Chausses Dolyak Greaves.png Dolyak Greaves
Havroun armor/Predatory armor/Eagle armor[edit]
Havroun Circlet.png Havroun Circlet Havroun Mantle.png Havroun Mantle Havroun Doublet.png Havroun Doublet
Havroun Gloves.png Havroun Gloves Havroun Leggings.png Havroun Leggings Havroun Shoes.png Havroun Shoes
Predatory Mask.png Predatory Mask Predatory Shoulderpad.png Predatory Shoulderpad Predatory Vest.png Predatory Vest
Predatory Bracers.png Predatory Bracers Predatory Leggings.png Predatory Leggings Predatory Boots.png Predatory Boots
Eagle Hounskull.png Eagle Hounskull Eagle Spaulders.png Eagle Spaulders Eagle Mail.png Eagle Mail
Eagle Gauntlets.png Eagle Gauntlets Eagle Chausses.png Eagle Chausses Eagle Greaves.png Eagle Greaves
Lupine armor/Wolf armor/Stag armor[edit]
Lupine Circlet.png Lupine Circlet Lupine Mantle.png Lupine Mantle Lupine Doublet.png Lupine Doublet
Lupine Gloves.png Lupine Gloves Lupine Leggings.png Lupine Leggings Lupine Shoes.png Lupine Shoes
Wolf Mask.png Wolf Mask Wolf Shoulderpad.png Wolf Shoulderpad Wolf Vest.png Wolf Vest
Wolf Bracers.png Wolf Bracers Wolf Leggings.png Wolf Leggings Wolf Boots.png Wolf Boots
Stag Hounskull.png Stag Hounskull Stag Spaulders.png Stag Spaulders Stag Mail.png Stag Mail
Stag Gauntlets.png Stag Gauntlets Stag Chausses.png Stag Chausses Stag Greaves.png Stag Greaves


Snapdragon armor/Evergreen armor/Arborist armor[edit]
Snapdragon Helm.png Snapdragon Helm Snapdragon Epaulets.png Snapdragon Epaulets Snapdragon Coat.png Snapdragon Coat
Snapdragon Gloves.png Snapdragon Gloves Snapdragon Leggings.png Snapdragon Leggings Snapdragon Boots.png Snapdragon Boots
Evergreen Helm.png Evergreen Helm Evergreen Shoulderguards.png Evergreen Shoulderguards Evergreen Coat.png Evergreen Coat
Evergreen Gloves.png Evergreen Gloves Evergreen Leggings.png Evergreen Leggings Evergreen Boots.png Evergreen Boots
Arborist Helm.png Arborist Helm Arborist Shoulderguards.png Arborist Shoulderguards Arborist Coat.png Arborist Coat
Arborist Gloves.png Arborist Gloves Arborist Leggings.png Arborist Leggings Arborist Boots.png Arborist Boots
Orchid armor/Nightshade armor/Warden armor[edit]
Orchid Helm.png Orchid Helm Orchid Epaulets.png Orchid Epaulets Orchid Coat.png Orchid Coat
Orchid Gloves.png Orchid Gloves Orchid Leggings.png Orchid Leggings Orchid Boots.png Orchid Boots
Nightshade Helm.png Nightshade Helm Nightshade Shoulderguards.png Nightshade Shoulderguards Nightshade Coat.png Nightshade Coat
Nightshade Gloves.png Nightshade Gloves Nightshade Leggings.png Nightshade Leggings Nightshade Boots.png Nightshade Boots
Warden Helm.png Warden Helm Warden Shoulderguards.png Warden Shoulderguards Warden Coat.png Warden Coat
Warden Gloves.png Warden Gloves Warden Leggings.png Warden Leggings Warden Boots.png Warden Boots
Dryad armor/Firstborn armor/Oaken armor[edit]
Dryad Helm.png Dryad Helm Dryad Epaulets.png Dryad Epaulets Dryad Coat.png Dryad Coat
Dryad Gloves.png Dryad Gloves Dryad Leggings.png Dryad Leggings Dryad Boots.png Dryad Boots
Firstborn Helm.png Firstborn Helm Firstborn Shoulderguards.png Firstborn Shoulderguards Firstborn Coat.png Firstborn Coat
Firstborn Gloves.png Firstborn Gloves Firstborn Leggings.png Firstborn Leggings Firstborn Boots.png Firstborn Boots
Oaken Helm.png Oaken Helm Oaken Shoulderguards.png Oaken Shoulderguards Oaken Coat.png Oaken Coat
Oaken Gloves.png Oaken Gloves Oaken Leggings.png Oaken Leggings Oaken Boots.png Oaken Boots

Dungeon armor[edit]

Ascalonian Catacombs armor[edit]

Ascalonian Performer Mask.png Ascalonian Performer Mask Ascalonian Performer Mantle.png Ascalonian Performer Mantle Ascalonian Performer Vestments.png Ascalonian Performer Vestments
Ascalonian Performer Gloves.png Ascalonian Performer Gloves Ascalonian Performer Pants.png Ascalonian Performer Pants Ascalonian Performer Shoes.png Ascalonian Performer Shoes
Ascalonian Sentry Hat.png Ascalonian Sentry Hat Ascalonian Sentry Shoulderguards.png Ascalonian Sentry Shoulderguards Ascalonian Sentry Chestguard.png Ascalonian Sentry Chestguard
Ascalonian Sentry Gloves.png Ascalonian Sentry Gloves Ascalonian Sentry Leggings.png Ascalonian Sentry Leggings Ascalonian Sentry Boots.png Ascalonian Sentry Boots
Ascalonian Protector Helm.png Ascalonian Protector Helm Ascalonian Protector Pauldrons.png Ascalonian Protector Pauldrons Ascalonian Protector Breastplate.png Ascalonian Protector Breastplate
Ascalonian Protector Gauntlets.png Ascalonian Protector Gauntlets Ascalonian Protector Legguards.png Ascalonian Protector Legguards Ascalonian Protector Greaves.png Ascalonian Protector Greaves

Caudecus's Manor armor[edit]

Council Ministry Circlet.png Council Ministry Circlet Council Ministry Mantle.png Council Ministry Mantle Council Ministry Vestments.png Council Ministry Vestments
Council Ministry Gloves.png Council Ministry Gloves Council Ministry Hose.png Council Ministry Hose Council Ministry Shoes.png Council Ministry Shoes
Council Watch Faceguard.png Council Watch Faceguard Council Watch Shoulderguards.png Council Watch Shoulderguards Council Watch Chestguard.png Council Watch Chestguard
Council Watch Gloves.png Council Watch Gloves Council Watch Leggings.png Council Watch Leggings Council Watch Boots.png Council Watch Boots
Council Guard Helm.png Council Guard Helm Council Guard Pauldrons.png Council Guard Pauldrons Council Guard Breastplate.png Council Guard Breastplate
Council Guard Gauntlets.png Council Guard Gauntlets Council Guard Legguards.png Council Guard Legguards Council Guard Greaves.png Council Guard Greaves

Twilight Arbor armor[edit]

Nightmare Court Regalia.png Nightmare Court Regalia Nightmare Court Mantle.png Nightmare Court Mantle Nightmare Court Robes.png Nightmare Court Robes
Nightmare Court Gloves.png Nightmare Court Gloves Nightmare Court Sarong.png Nightmare Court Sarong Nightmare Court Footwraps.png Nightmare Court Footwraps
Nightmare Court Faceguard.png Nightmare Court Faceguard Nightmare Court Collar.png Nightmare Court Collar Nightmare Court Guise.png Nightmare Court Guise
Nightmare Court Armguards.png Nightmare Court Armguards Nightmare Court Leggings.png Nightmare Court Leggings Nightmare Court Boots.png Nightmare Court Boots
Nightmare Court Helmet.png Nightmare Court Helmet Nightmare Court Pauldrons.png Nightmare Court Pauldrons Nightmare Court Breastplate.png Nightmare Court Breastplate
Nightmare Court Gauntlets.png Nightmare Court Gauntlets Nightmare Court Legguards.png Nightmare Court Legguards Nightmare Court Greaves.png Nightmare Court Greaves

Sorrow's Embrace armor[edit]

Forgeman Mask.png Forgeman Mask Forgeman Mantle.png Forgeman Mantle Forgeman Raiment.png Forgeman Raiment
Forgeman Wristguards.png Forgeman Wristguards Forgeman Leggings.png Forgeman Leggings Forgeman Shoes.png Forgeman Shoes
Forgeman Headguard.png Forgeman Headguard Forgeman Shoulders.png Forgeman Shoulders Forgeman Jacket.png Forgeman Jacket
Forgeman Gloves.png Forgeman Gloves Forgeman Breeches.png Forgeman Breeches Forgeman Boots.png Forgeman Boots
Forgeman Helmet.png Forgeman Helmet Forgeman Pauldrons.png Forgeman Pauldrons Forgeman Breastplate.png Forgeman Breastplate
Forgeman Gauntlets.png Forgeman Gauntlets Forgeman Tassets.png Forgeman Tassets Forgeman Greaves.png Forgeman Greaves

Citadel of Flame armor[edit]

Flame Legion Mask.png Flame Legion Mask Flame Legion Epaulets.png Flame Legion Epaulets Flame Legion Vestments.png Flame Legion Vestments
Flame Legion Wraps.png Flame Legion Wraps Flame Legion Pants.png Flame Legion Pants Flame Legion Shoes.png Flame Legion Shoes
Flame Legion Helm (medium).png Flame Legion Helm Flame Legion Shoulders.png Flame Legion Shoulders Flame Legion Coat.png Flame Legion Coat
Flame Legion Gloves.png Flame Legion Gloves Flame Legion Leggings.png Flame Legion Leggings Flame Legion Boots.png Flame Legion Boots
Flame Legion Helm (heavy).png Flame Legion Helm Flame Legion Pauldrons.png Flame Legion Pauldrons Flame Legion Breastplate.png Flame Legion Breastplate
Flame Legion Gauntlets.png Flame Legion Gauntlets Flame Legion Legguards.png Flame Legion Legguards Flame Legion Greaves.png Flame Legion Greaves

Honor of the Waves armor[edit]

Mind of Koda.png Mind of Koda Mantle of Koda.png Mantle of Koda Soul of Koda.png Soul of Koda
Arms of Koda.png Arms of Koda Way of Koda.png Way of Koda Path of Koda.png Path of Koda
Visage of Koda.png Visage of Koda Duty of Koda.png Duty of Koda Heart of Koda.png Heart of Koda
Force of Koda.png Force of Koda Stride of Koda.png Stride of Koda Tracks of Koda.png Tracks of Koda
Head of Koda.png Head of Koda Burden of Koda.png Burden of Koda Brawn of Koda.png Brawn of Koda
Claws of Koda.png Claws of Koda Body of Koda.png Body of Koda Paws of Koda.png Paws of Koda

Crucible of Eternity armor[edit]

Inquest Circlets.png Inquest Circlets Inquest Mantle.png Inquest Mantle Inquest Vest.png Inquest Vest
Inquest Wraps.png Inquest Wraps Inquest Breeches.png Inquest Breeches Inquest Shoes.png Inquest Shoes
Inquest Hood.png Inquest Hood Inquest Shoulders.png Inquest Shoulders Inquest Guise.png Inquest Guise
Inquest Bracers.png Inquest Bracers Inquest Leggings.png Inquest Leggings Inquest Boots.png Inquest Boots
Inquest Helm.png Inquest Helm Inquest Pauldrons.png Inquest Pauldrons Inquest Breastplate.png Inquest Breastplate
Inquest Gauntlets.png Inquest Gauntlets Inquest Legguards.png Inquest Legguards Inquest Greaves.png Inquest Greaves

Arah armor[edit]

Gaze of the Lich.png Gaze of the Lich Mantle of the Lich.png Mantle of the Lich Vestments of the Lich.png Vestments of the Lich
Wrappings of the Lich.png Wrappings of the Lich Trappings of the Lich.png Trappings of the Lich Walkers of the Lich.png Walkers of the Lich
Accursed Visage.png Accursed Visage Accursed Shoulders.png Accursed Shoulders Accursed Guise.png Accursed Guise
Accursed Vambraces.png Accursed Vambraces Accursed Leggings.png Accursed Leggings Accursed Treads.png Accursed Treads
Grasping Dead Visage.png Grasping Dead Visage Grasping Dead Pauldrons.png Grasping Dead Pauldrons Grasping Dead Breastplate.png Grasping Dead Breastplate
Grasping Dead Gauntlets.png Grasping Dead Gauntlets Grasping Dead Legguards.png Grasping Dead Legguards Grasping Dead Greaves.png Grasping Dead Greaves

Order armor[edit]

Priory's Historical armor[edit]

Priory's Historical Cowl.png Priory's Historical Cowl Priory's Historical Mantle.png Priory's Historical Mantle Priory's Historical Vestments.png Priory's Historical Vestments
Priory's Historical Gloves.png Priory's Historical Gloves Priory's Historical Pants.png Priory's Historical Pants Priory's Historical Shoes.png Priory's Historical Shoes
Priory's Historical Mask.png Priory's Historical Mask Priory's Historical Shoulderpads.png Priory's Historical Shoulderpads Priory's Historical Jerkin.png Priory's Historical Jerkin
Priory's Historical Vambraces.png Priory's Historical Vambraces Priory's Historical Leggings.png Priory's Historical Leggings Priory's Historical Boots.png Priory's Historical Boots
Priory's Historical Helmet.png Priory's Historical Helmet Priory's Historical Pauldrons.png Priory's Historical Pauldrons Priory's Historical Breastplate.png Priory's Historical Breastplate
Priory's Historical Gauntlets.png Priory's Historical Gauntlets Priory's Historical Tassets.png Priory's Historical Tassets Priory's Historical Greaves.png Priory's Historical Greaves

Vigil's Honor armor[edit]

Vigil's Honor Circlet.png Vigil's Honor Circlet Vigil's Honor Mantle.png Vigil's Honor Mantle Vigil's Honor Vest.png Vigil's Honor Vest
Vigil's Honor Gloves (light).png Vigil's Honor Gloves Vigil's Honor Leggings (light).png Vigil's Honor Leggings Vigil's Honor Footwear.png Vigil's Honor Footwear
Vigil's Honor Headguard.png Vigil's Honor Headguard Vigil's Honor Shoulderguards.png Vigil's Honor Shoulderguards Vigil's Honor Jerkin.png Vigil's Honor Jerkin
Vigil's Honor Gloves (medium).png Vigil's Honor Gloves Vigil's Honor Leggings (medium).png Vigil's Honor Leggings Vigil's Honor Boots.png Vigil's Honor Boots
Vigil's Honor Helmet.png Vigil's Honor Helmet Vigil's Honor Pauldrons.png Vigil's Honor Pauldrons Vigil's Honor Breastplate.png Vigil's Honor Breastplate
Vigil's Honor Gauntlets.png Vigil's Honor Gauntlets Vigil's Honor Tassets.png Vigil's Honor Tassets Vigil's Honor Greaves.png Vigil's Honor Greaves

Whisper's Secret armor[edit]

Whisper's Secret Cowl.png Whisper's Secret Cowl Whisper's Secret Robes.png Whisper's Secret Robes
Whisper's Secret Gloves (light).png Whisper's Secret Gloves Whisper's Secret Leggings (light).png Whisper's Secret Leggings Whisper's Secret Footwear.png Whisper's Secret Footwear
Whisper's Secret Hood.png Whisper's Secret Hood Whisper's Secret Shoulderguards.png Whisper's Secret Shoulderguards Whisper's Secret Longvest.png Whisper's Secret Longvest
Whisper's Secret Gloves (medium).png Whisper's Secret Gloves Whisper's Secret Leggings (medium).png Whisper's Secret Leggings Whisper's Secret Boots.png Whisper's Secret Boots
Whisper's Secret Helmet.png Whisper's Secret Helmet Whisper's Secret Pauldrons.png Whisper's Secret Pauldrons Whisper's Secret Breastplate.png Whisper's Secret Breastplate
Whisper's Secret Gauntlets.png Whisper's Secret Gauntlets Whisper's Secret Tassets.png Whisper's Secret Tassets Whisper's Secret Greaves.png Whisper's Secret Greaves

Karma armor[edit]

Country armor/Studded armor/Worn Chain armor[edit]

Country Mask.png Country Mask Country Mantle.png Country Mantle Country Coat.png Country Coat
Country Gloves.png Country Gloves Country Pants.png Country Pants Country Boots.png Country Boots
Studded Helm.png Studded Helm Studded Shoulders.png Studded Shoulders Studded Coat.png Studded Coat
Studded Gloves.png Studded Gloves Studded Pants.png Studded Pants Studded Boots.png Studded Boots
Worn Chain Helm.png Worn Chain Helm Worn Chain Pauldrons.png Worn Chain Pauldrons Worn Chain Coat.png Worn Chain Coat
Worn Chain Gauntlets.png Worn Chain Gauntlets Worn Chain Legs.png Worn Chain Legs Worn Chain Greaves.png Worn Chain Greaves

Devout armor/Rogue armor/Militia armor[edit]

Devout Helm.png Devout Helm Devout Mantle.png Devout Mantle Devout Garb.png Devout Garb
Devout Gloves.png Devout Gloves Devout Leggings.png Devout Leggings Devout Shoes.png Devout Shoes
Rogue Mask.png Rogue Mask Rogue Pauldrons.png Rogue Pauldrons Rogue Coat.png Rogue Coat
Rogue Gloves.png Rogue Gloves Rogue Pants.png Rogue Pants Rogue Boots.png Rogue Boots
Militia Helm.png Militia Helm Militia Pauldrons.png Militia Pauldrons Militia Breastplate.png Militia Breastplate
Militia Gauntlets.png Militia Gauntlets Militia Leggings.png Militia Leggings Militia Boots.png Militia Boots

Dry Bones armor/Duelist armor/Pit Fighter armor[edit]

Dry Bones Hood.png Dry Bones Hood Dry Bones Mantle.png Dry Bones Mantle Dry Bones Garb.png Dry Bones Garb
Dry Bones Gloves.png Dry Bones Gloves Dry Bones Leggings.png Dry Bones Leggings Dry Bones Shoes.png Dry Bones Shoes
Duelist Mask.png Duelist Mask Duelist Pauldrons.png Duelist Pauldrons Duelist Coat.png Duelist Coat
Duelist Gloves.png Duelist Gloves Duelist Pants.png Duelist Pants Duelist Boots.png Duelist Boots
Pit Fighter Helm.png Pit Fighter Helm Pit Fighter Shoulderguard.png Pit Fighter Shoulderguard Pit Fighter Chestguard.png Pit Fighter Chestguard
Pit Fighter Wristguards.png Pit Fighter Wristguards Pit Fighter Skirt.png Pit Fighter Skirt Pit Fighter Greaves.png Pit Fighter Greaves

Stately armor/Stalker armor/Studded Plate armor[edit]

Stately Circlet.png Stately Circlet Stately Epaulets.png Stately Epaulets Stately Garb.png Stately Garb
Stately Gloves.png Stately Gloves Stately Leggings.png Stately Leggings Stately Footwear.png Stately Footwear
Stalker Visage.png Stalker Visage Stalker Shoulderguards.png Stalker Shoulderguards Stalker Coat.png Stalker Coat
Stalker Gloves.png Stalker Gloves Stalker Pants.png Stalker Pants Stalker Boots.png Stalker Boots
Studded Plate Helm.png Studded Plate Helm Studded Plate Pauldrons.png Studded Plate Pauldrons Studded Plate Armor.png Studded Plate Armor
Studded Plate Gauntlets.png Studded Plate Gauntlets Studded Plate Leggings.png Studded Plate Leggings Studded Plate Greaves.png Studded Plate Greaves

Primitive armor/Buccaneer armor/Dark Templar armor[edit]

Primitive Cowl.png Primitive Cowl Primitive Mantle.png Primitive Mantle Primitive Chestwraps.png Primitive Chestwraps
Primitive Handwraps.png Primitive Handwraps Primitive Legwraps.png Primitive Legwraps Primitive Footwraps.png Primitive Footwraps
Buccaneer Helm.png Buccaneer Helm Buccaneer Shoulders.png Buccaneer Shoulders Buccaneer Coat.png Buccaneer Coat
Buccaneer Gloves.png Buccaneer Gloves Buccaneer Leggings.png Buccaneer Leggings Buccaneer Boots.png Buccaneer Boots
Dark Templar Helm.png Dark Templar Helm Dark Templar Pauldrons.png Dark Templar Pauldrons Dark Templar Breastplate.png Dark Templar Breastplate
Dark Templar Gauntlets.png Dark Templar Gauntlets Dark Templar Tassets.png Dark Templar Tassets Dark Templar Greaves.png Dark Templar Greaves

Aurora armor/Rubicon armor/Armageddon armor[edit]

Aurora Helm.png Aurora Helm Aurora Mantle.png Aurora Mantle Aurora Garb.png Aurora Garb
Aurora Gloves.png Aurora Gloves Aurora Leggings.png Aurora Leggings Aurora Shoes.png Aurora Shoes
Rubicon Hat.png Rubicon Hat Rubicon Shoulderpads.png Rubicon Shoulderpads Rubicon Coat.png Rubicon Coat
Rubicon Gloves.png Rubicon Gloves Rubicon Leggings.png Rubicon Leggings Rubicon Boots.png Rubicon Boots
Armageddon Helm.png Armageddon Helm Armageddon Pauldrons.png Armageddon Pauldrons Armageddon Breastplate.png Armageddon Breastplate
Armageddon Gauntlets.png Armageddon Gauntlets Armageddon Leggings.png Armageddon Leggings Armageddon Greaves.png Armageddon Greaves

Lootable armor[edit]

Magician armor/Swindler armor/Worn Scale armor[edit]

Magician Mask.png Magician Mask Magician Mantle.png Magician Mantle Magician Coat.png Magician Coat
Magician Gloves.png Magician Gloves Magician Legs.png Magician Legs Magician Boots.png Magician Boots
Swindler Mask.png Swindler Mask Swindler Pauldrons.png Swindler Pauldrons Swindler Coat.png Swindler Coat
Swindler Gloves.png Swindler Gloves Swindler Pants.png Swindler Pants Swindler Boots.png Swindler Boots
Worn Scale Helm.png Worn Scale Helm Worn Scale Pauldrons.png Worn Scale Pauldrons Worn Scale Coat.png Worn Scale Coat
Worn Scale Gauntlets.png Worn Scale Gauntlets Worn Scale Legs.png Worn Scale Legs Worn Scale Boots.png Worn Scale Boots

Unidentified Gear Drop armor[edit]

Cabalist armor/Privateer armor/Reinforced Scale armor[edit]

Cabalist Hood.png Cabalist Hood Cabalist Shoulders.png Cabalist Shoulders Cabalist Coat.png Cabalist Coat
Cabalist Gloves.png Cabalist Gloves Cabalist Legs.png Cabalist Legs Cabalist Boots.png Cabalist Boots
Privateer Hat.png Privateer Hat Privateer Shoulders.png Privateer Shoulders Privateer Coat.png Privateer Coat
Privateer Gloves.png Privateer Gloves Privateer Pants.png Privateer Pants Privateer Boots.png Privateer Boots
Reinforced Scale Helm.png Reinforced Scale Helm Reinforced Scale Pauldrons.png Reinforced Scale Pauldrons Reinforced Scale Coat.png Reinforced Scale Coat
Reinforced Scale Gauntlets.png Reinforced Scale Gauntlets Reinforced Scale Legs.png Reinforced Scale Legs Reinforced Scale Boots.png Reinforced Scale Boots

Conjurer armor/Marauder armor/Banded armor[edit]

Conjurer Mask.png Conjurer Mask Conjurer Mantle.png Conjurer Mantle Conjurer Chest.png Conjurer Chest
Conjurer Gloves.png Conjurer Gloves Conjurer Pants.png Conjurer Pants Conjurer Shoes.png Conjurer Shoes
Marauder Mask.png Marauder Mask Commando's Shoulderguards.png Marauder Shoulderguards Commando's Jacket.png Marauder Jacket
Marauder Gloves.png Marauder Gloves Commando's Pants.png Marauder Pants Marauder Boots.png Marauder Boots
Banded Helm.png Banded Helm Banded Pauldrons.png Banded Pauldrons Banded Coat.png Banded Coat
Banded Gauntlets.png Banded Gauntlets Banded Legs.png Banded Legs Banded Greaves.png Banded Greaves

Seer armor/Sneakthief armor/Scallywag armor[edit]

Seer Mask.png Seer Mask Seer Mantle.png Seer Mantle Seer Coat.png Seer Coat
Seer Gloves.png Seer Gloves Seer Pants.png Seer Pants Seer Boots.png Seer Boots
Sneakthief Mask.png Sneakthief Mask Sneakthief Shoulderguards.png Sneakthief Shoulderguards Sneakthief Coat.png Sneakthief Coat
Sneakthief Gloves.png Sneakthief Gloves Sneakthief Leggings.png Sneakthief Leggings Sneakthief Sandals.png Sneakthief Sandals
Scallywag Helm.png Scallywag Helm Scallywag Pauldrons.png Scallywag Pauldrons Scallywag Chest.png Scallywag Chest
Scallywag Gauntlets.png Scallywag Gauntlets Scallywag Legs.png Scallywag Legs Scallywag Greaves.png Scallywag Greaves

Non-set armor[edit]

Iron's Tailpipe Bandana.png Iron's Tailpipe Bandana Racing Goggles.png Racing Goggles Racing Helmet.png Racing Helmet

Living World Season 1[edit]

Aether Visor.png Aether Visor Aqua Breather.png Air-Filtration Device Gas Mask.png Gas Mask Scarlet's Veil.png Scarlet's Veil
Fused Shoulders.png Fused Shoulders Twisted Watchwork Shoulders.png Twisted Watchwork Shoulders Watchknight Greaves.png Watchknight Greaves

Living World Season 2[edit]

Adventurer armor[edit]

Adventurer's Mantle.png Adventurer's Mantle Adventurer's Mantle.png Adventurer's Mantle Adventurer's Mantle.png Adventurer's Mantle
Adventurer's Scarf.png Adventurer's Scarf Adventurer's Scarf.png Adventurer's Scarf Adventurer's Scarf.png Adventurer's Scarf
Adventurer's Spectacles.png Adventurer's Spectacles Adventurer's Spectacles.png Adventurer's Spectacles Adventurer's Spectacles.png Adventurer's Spectacles

Carapace armor[edit]

Carapace Cowl.png Carapace Cowl Carapace Mantle.png Carapace Mantle Carapace Vestments.png Carapace Vestments
Carapace Gloves.png Carapace Gloves Carapace Pants.png Carapace Pants Carapace Shoes.png Carapace Shoes
Carapace Mask.png Carapace Mask Carapace Shoulderpads.png Carapace Shoulderpads Carapace Jerkin.png Carapace Jerkin
Carapace Vambraces.png Carapace Vambraces Carapace Leggings.png Carapace Leggings Carapace Boots.png Carapace Boots
Carapace Helmet.png Carapace Helmet Carapace Pauldrons.png Carapace Pauldrons Carapace Breastplate.png Carapace Breastplate
Carapace Gauntlets.png Carapace Gauntlets Carapace Tassets.png Carapace Tassets Carapace Greaves.png Carapace Greaves

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Bladed armor[edit]

Bladed Cowl.png Bladed Cowl Bladed Mantle.png Bladed Mantle Bladed Vestments.png Bladed Vestments
Bladed Gloves.png Bladed Gloves Bladed Pants.png Bladed Pants Bladed Shoes.png Bladed Shoes
Bladed Mask.png Bladed Mask Bladed Shoulderpads.png Bladed Shoulderpads Bladed Jerkin.png Bladed Jerkin
Bladed Vambraces.png Bladed Vambraces Bladed Leggings.png Bladed Leggings Bladed Boots.png Bladed Boots
Bladed Helmet.png Bladed Helmet Bladed Pauldrons.png Bladed Pauldrons Bladed Breastplate.png Bladed Breastplate
Bladed Gauntlets.png Bladed Gauntlets Bladed Tassets.png Bladed Tassets Bladed Greaves.png Bladed Greaves

Living World Season 3[edit]

Dragonscale Headdress.png Medium Dragonscale Headdress Dragonscale Epaulettes.png Medium Dragonscale Epaulets Glacial Gauntlets.png Medium Glacial Gauntlets
Houndskin Mantle.png Medium Houndskin Mantle Mursaat Brogans.png Medium Mursaat Brogans

Path of Fire[edit]

Elonian armor[edit]

Elonian Mask.png Elonian Mask Elonian Shoulderpads.png Elonian Shoulderpads Elonian Jerkin.png Elonian Jerkin
Elonian Vambraces.png Elonian Vambraces Elonian Leggings.png Elonian Leggings Elonian Boots.png Elonian Boots

Living World Season 4[edit]

Corsair armor[edit]

Corsair Turban.png Medium Corsair Turban Medium Corsair Jerkin.png Medium Corsair Jerkin Medium Corsair Leggings.png Medium Corsair Leggings Medium Corsair Boots.png Medium Corsair Boots

Mist Shard armor[edit]

Mist Shard Coronet.png Mist Shard Coronet Mist Shard Epaulets.png Mist Shard Epaulets Mist Shard Gambeson.png Mist Shard Gambeson
Mist Shard Gloves.png Mist Shard Gloves Mist Shard Breeches.png Mist Shard Breeches Mist Shard Walkers.png Mist Shard Walkers
Mist Shard Visage.png Mist Shard Visage Mist Shard Shoulders.png Mist Shard Shoulders Mist Shard Chestguard.png Mist Shard Chestguard
Mist Shard Bracers.png Mist Shard Bracers Mist Shard Leggings.png Mist Shard Leggings Mist Shard Boots.png Mist Shard Boots
Mist Shard Helm.png Mist Shard Helm Mist Shard Pauldrons.png Mist Shard Pauldrons Mist Shard Plate.png Mist Shard Plate
Mist Shard Gauntlets.png Mist Shard Gauntlets Mist Shard Tassets.png Mist Shard Tassets Mist Shard Greaves.png Mist Shard Greaves

Non-set armor[edit]

Olmakhan Mantle.png Olmakhan Mantle

Living World Season 5[edit]

Bear Ceremonial armor[edit]

Reliquary of the Bear Ceremonial Hood.png Bear Ceremonial Hood Reliquary of the Bear Ceremonial Garb.png Bear Ceremonial Garb Reliquary of the Bear Ceremonial Gown.png Bear Ceremonial Leggings Reliquary of the Bear Ceremonial Sandals.png Bear Ceremonial Sandals

Ebon Vanguard Shoulders[edit]

Ebon Epaulets.png Ebon Epaulets Ebon Shoulders.png Ebon Shoulders Ebon Pauldrons.png Ebon Pauldrons

Raven Ceremonial armor[edit]

Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Hood.png Raven Ceremonial Hood Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Garb.png Raven Ceremonial Garb
Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Bracers.png Raven Ceremonial Bracers Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Gown.png Raven Ceremonial Gown Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Sandals.png Raven Ceremonial Sandals

Runic armor[edit]

Runic Shaman Mask.png Runic Shaman Mask Runic Shaman Mantle.png Runic Shaman Mantle Runic Shaman Coat.png Runic Shaman Coat
Runic Shaman Gloves.png Runic Shaman Gloves Runic Shaman Pants.png Runic Shaman Pants Runic Shaman Boots.png Runic Shaman Boots
Runic Hunter Mask.png Runic Hunter Mask Runic Hunter Shoulders.png Runic Hunter Shoulders Runic Hunter Coat.png Runic Hunter Coat
Runic Hunter Gloves.png Runic Hunter Gloves Runic Hunter Pants.png Runic Hunter Pants Runic Hunter Boots.png Runic Hunter Boots
Runic Slayer Helm.png Runic Slayer Helm Runic Slayer Pauldrons.png Runic Slayer Pauldrons Runic Slayer Breastplate.png Runic Slayer Breastplate
Runic Slayer Gauntlets.png Runic Slayer Gauntlets Runic Slayer Tassets.png Runic Slayer Tassets Runic Slayer Greaves.png Runic Slayer Greaves

Stone Summit armor[edit]

Stone Summit Helmet.png Stone Summit Helmet Stone Summit Pauldrons.png Stone Summit Pauldrons Stone Summit Gauntlets.png Stone Summit Gauntlets Stone Summit Boots.png Stone Summit Boots

Non-set armor[edit]

Blood Legion Soldier Helm Box.png Blood Legion Soldier Helm Charr War Mask.png Charr War Mask
Dragonrender Helm.png Dragonrender Medium Helm Ice Golem's Headgear.png Ice Golem's Mask

End of Dragons[edit]

Ancient armor[edit]

Ancient Ritualist Cowl.png Ancient Ritualist Cowl Ancient Ritualist Mantle.png Ancient Ritualist Mantle Ancient Ritualist Vestments.png Ancient Ritualist Vestments
Ancient Ritualist Gloves.png Ancient Ritualist Gloves Ancient Ritualist Pants.png Ancient Ritualist Pants Ancient Ritualist Shoes.png Ancient Ritualist Shoes
Ancient Tahkayun Mask.png Ancient Tahkayun Mask Ancient Tahkayun Shoulders.png Ancient Tahkayun Shoulders Ancient Tahkayun Jerkin.png Ancient Tahkayun Jerkin
Ancient Tahkayun Vambraces.png Ancient Tahkayun Vambraces Ancient Tahkayun Leggings.png Ancient Tahkayun Leggings Ancient Tahkayun Boots.png Ancient Tahkayun Boots
Ancient Kraken Helmet.png Ancient Kraken Helmet Ancient Kraken Pauldrons.png Ancient Kraken Pauldrons Ancient Kraken Cuirass.png Ancient Kraken Cuirass
Ancient Kraken Gauntlets.png Ancient Kraken Gauntlets Ancient Kraken Tassets.png Ancient Kraken Tassets Ancient Kraken Greaves.png Ancient Kraken Greaves

Ancient Canthan armor[edit]

Ancient Canthan Light Helm.png Ancient Canthan Light Helm Ancient Canthan Light Shoulderpads.png Ancient Canthan Light Shoulderpads Ancient Canthan Tunic.png Ancient Canthan Tunic
Ancient Canthan Light Gloves.png Ancient Canthan Light Gloves Ancient Canthan Light Leggings.png Ancient Canthan Light Leggings Ancient Canthan Light Boots.png Ancient Canthan Light Boots
Ancient Canthan Medium Helm.png Ancient Canthan Medium Helm Ancient Canthan Medium Shoulderpads.png Ancient Canthan Medium Shoulderpads Ancient Canthan Jacket.png Ancient Canthan Jacket
Ancient Canthan Medium Gloves.png Ancient Canthan Medium Gloves Ancient Canthan Medium Leggings.png Ancient Canthan Medium Leggings Ancient Canthan Medium Boots.png Ancient Canthan Medium Boots
Ancient Canthan Helm.png Ancient Canthan Helm Ancient Canthan Spaulders.png Ancient Canthan Spaulders Ancient Canthan Gambeson.png Ancient Canthan Gambeson
Ancient Canthan Gauntlets.png Ancient Canthan Gauntlets Ancient Canthan Tassets.png Ancient Canthan Tassets Ancient Canthan Greaves.png Ancient Canthan Greaves

Antique armor[edit]

Light Antique Hat.png Light Antique Hat Light Antique Shoulderpads.png Light Antique Shoulderpads Light Antique Coat.png Light Antique Coat
Light Antique Gloves.png Light Antique Gloves Light Antique Leggings.png Light Antique Leggings Light Antique Shoes.png Light Antique Shoes
Medium Antique Helm.png Medium Antique Helm Medium Antique Shoulderpads.png Medium Antique Shoulderpads Medium Antique Coat.png Medium Antique Coat
Medium Antique Gloves.png Medium Antique Gloves Medium Antique Leggings.png Medium Antique Leggings Medium Antique Shoes.png Medium Antique Shoes
Heavy Antique Helm.png Heavy Antique Helm Heavy Antique Shoulderpads.png Heavy Antique Shoulderpads Heavy Antique Coat.png Heavy Antique Coat
Heavy Antique Gloves.png Heavy Antique Gloves Heavy Antique Leggings.png Heavy Antique Leggings Heavy Antique Shoes.png Heavy Antique Shoes

Jade Tech armor[edit]

Jade Tech Masque.png Jade Tech Masque Jade Tech Light Shoulderpads.png Jade Tech Light Shoulderpads Jade Tech Vest.png Jade Tech Vest
Jade Tech Light Gloves.png Jade Tech Light Gloves Jade Tech Skirt.png Jade Tech Skirt Jade Tech Light Boots.png Jade Tech Light Boots
Jade Tech Hat.png Jade Tech Hat Jade Tech Medium Shoulderpads.png Jade Tech Medium Shoulderpads Jade Tech Coat.png Jade Tech Coat
Jade Tech Medium Gloves.png Jade Tech Medium Gloves Jade Tech Medium Leggings.png Jade Tech Medium Leggings Jade Tech Medium Boots.png Jade Tech Medium Boots
Jade Tech Helm.png Jade Tech Helm Jade Tech Pauldrons.png Jade Tech Pauldrons Jade Tech Cuirass.png Jade Tech Cuirass
Jade Tech Gauntlets.png Jade Tech Gauntlets Jade Tech Heavy Leggings.png Jade Tech Heavy Leggings Jade Tech Heavy Boots.png Jade Tech Heavy Boots

Martial Artist's armor[edit]

Martial Artist's Headband.png Martial Artist's Headband Martial Artist's Handwraps.png Martial Artist's Handwraps Martial Artist's Footwraps.png Martial Artist's Footwraps

Monastery armor[edit]

Heavy Monastery Headband.png Medium Monastery Headband Heavy Monastery Shoulderpads.png Medium Monastery Shoulderpads Heavy Monastery Vestments.png Medium Monastery Coat
Heavy Monastery Gloves.png Medium Monastery Gloves Heavy Monastery Leggings.png Medium Monastery Leggings Heavy Monastery Shoes.png Medium Monastery Shoes

Non-set armor[edit]

Angler Hat.png Angler Hat Aetherblade Blindfold.png Aetherblade Blindfold Grinning Tahkayun Mask.png Grinning Tahkayun Mask
Kuunavang Festival Mask.png Kuunavang Festival Mask Minister's Hat.png Minister's Hat Saltspray Dragon Scarf.png Saltspray Dragon Scarf
Angler Vest.png Angler Vest Processing-Line Control Bracer Skin.png Processing Line Control Bracers Replica Oni Arms.png Replica Oni Arms Replica Oni Right Arm.png Right Oni Arm

(Replica Oni Left Arm.png Left Oni Arm will unlock when Replica Oni Right Arm.png Right Oni Arm is unlocked)

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

Sanctified armor[edit]

Sanctified Helm.png Sanctified Helm Sanctified Shoulder Skin.png Sanctified Shoulder Sanctified Coat.png Sanctified Coat
Sanctified Gloves Skin.png Sanctified Gloves Sanctified Leggings.png Sanctified Leggings Sanctified Boots Skin.png Sanctified Boots

Non-set armor[edit]

Visage of Nourys.png Visage of Nourys


Lunar New Year[edit]

Fireworks Spaulders.png Fireworks Spaulders

Super Adventure Festival[edit]

Virtual Box.png Virtual Box Reality Rig Mk1.png Reality Rig Mk1 Reality Rig Mk2.png Reality Rig Mk2 Reality Rig Mk3.png Reality Rig Mk3

(Virtual Box (Off).png Virtual Box (Off) will unlock when Virtual Box.png Virtual Box is unlocked)

Dragon Bash[edit]

Holographic Dragon armor[edit]

Holographic Dragon Helm.png Holographic Dragon Helm Holographic Dragon Shoulders.png Holographic Dragon Shoulders Holographic Dragon Plate.png Holographic Dragon Plate
Holographic Dragon Gloves.png Holographic Dragon Gloves Holographic Dragon Cuisses.png Holographic Dragon Cuisses Holographic Dragon Greaves.png Holographic Dragon Greaves

Non-set armor[edit]

Horns of the Dragon.png Horns of the Dragon

Festival of the Four Winds[edit]

Zephyrite Helm[edit]

Zephyrite Helm.png Zephyrite Lightning Helm Zephyrite Sun Helm.png Zephyrite Sun Helm Zephyrite Wind Helm.png Zephyrite Wind Helm

Blessed Gloves[edit]

Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves
Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves
Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.png Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves

Non-set armor[edit]

Sun-Blessed Vision.png Sun-Blessed Vision Zephyrite Shawl.png Zephyrite Shawl Zephyrite Traveling Boots.png Zephyrite Traveling Boots


Lunatic armor[edit]

Lunatic Acolyte Mask.png Lunatic Acolyte Mask Lunatic Acolyte Mantle.png Lunatic Acolyte Mantle Lunatic Acolyte Coat.png Lunatic Acolyte Coat
Lunatic Acolyte Gloves.png Lunatic Acolyte Gloves Lunatic Acolyte Pants.png Lunatic Acolyte Pants Lunatic Acolyte Boots.png Lunatic Acolyte Boots
Lunatic Noble Mask.png Lunatic Noble Mask Lunatic Noble Shoulders.png Lunatic Noble Shoulders Lunatic Noble Coat.png Lunatic Noble Coat
Lunatic Noble Gloves.png Lunatic Noble Gloves Lunatic Noble Pants.png Lunatic Noble Pants Lunatic Noble Boots.png Lunatic Noble Boots
Lunatic Templar Helm.png Lunatic Templar Helm Lunatic Templar Pauldrons.png Lunatic Templar Pauldrons Lunatic Templar Breastplate.png Lunatic Templar Breastplate
Lunatic Templar Gauntlets.png Lunatic Templar Gauntlets Lunatic Templar Tassets.png Lunatic Templar Tassets Lunatic Templar Greaves.png Lunatic Templar Greaves

(Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Mask.png Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Mask & Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Coat.png Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Coat will unlock when Lunatic Noble Mask.png Lunatic Noble Mask & Lunatic Noble Coat.png Lunatic Noble Coat are unlocked)

Non-set armor[edit]

Pumpkin Crown.png Pumpkin Crown Witch's Hat.png Witch's Hat Grasping Gaze Shoulders Box.png Grasping Gaze Shoulders


Festive Sweater.png Festive Sweater Festive Winter Hood.png Festive Winter Hood

Gem Store[edit]

Aurene's Crystalline armor[edit]

Aurene's Crystalline Diadem Skin.png Aurene's Crystalline Diadem Aurene's Crystalline Pauldrons.png Aurene's Crystalline Pauldrons Aurene's Crystalline Claws.png Aurene's Crystalline Claws

Enchanted Dragon Crown Helm[edit]

Dragon's Eye Circlet.png Dragon's Eye Circlet Dragon Horns.png Dragon Horns Enchanted Dragon Crown.png Enchanted Dragon Crown

Etherbound armor[edit]

Etherbound Helm.png Etherbound Helm Etherbound Pauldrons.png Etherbound Pauldrons Etherbound Chestplate.png Etherbound Chestplate
Etherbound Gauntlets.png Etherbound Gauntlets Etherbound Legguard.png Etherbound Legguard Etherbound Greaves.png Etherbound Greaves

Exalted armor[edit]

Exalted Shoulders.png Exalted Shoulders Exalted Gloves (consumable).png Exalted Gloves

Foefire armor[edit]

Foefire Mask.png Foefire Mask Foefire Mantle.png Foefire Mantle Foefire Chestguard Skin.png Foefire Chestguard
Foefire Wraps.png Foefire Wraps Foefire Legwraps Skin.png Foefire Legwraps Foefire Greaves.png Foefire Greaves

Fuzzy Hats[edit]

Fuzzy Aurene Hat.png Fuzzy Aurene Hat Fuzzy Bear Hat.png Fuzzy Bear Hat Fuzzy Cat Hat.png Fuzzy Cat Hat
Fuzzy Hylek Hat.png Fuzzy Hylek Hat Fuzzy Leopard Hat.png Fuzzy Leopard Hat Fuzzy Panda Hat.png Fuzzy Panda Hat
Fuzzy Quaggan Hat.png Fuzzy Quaggan Hat Fuzzy Quaggan Hat with Bow.png Fuzzy Quaggan Hat with Bow


Aviator Sunglasses.png Aviator Sunglasses Inventor's Sunglasses.png Inventor's Sunglasses Reading Glasses.png Reading Glasses
Sport Sunglasses Skin.png Sport Sunglasses Wide Rim Glasses.png Wide-Rim Glasses

Glowing Masks[edit]

Glint's Gaze Mask.png Glint's Gaze Mask Glowing Crimson Mask.png Glowing Crimson Mask Glowing Green Mask.png Glowing Green Mask

Ice Reaver armor[edit]

Ice Reaver Helm.png Ice Reaver Helm Ice Reaver Pauldrons.png Ice Reaver Pauldrons Ice Reaver Chestguard Skin.png Ice Reaver Chestguard
Ice Reaver Gauntlets.png Ice Reaver Gauntlets Ice Reaver Legguards Skin.png Ice Reaver Legguards Ice Reaver Greaves.png Ice Reaver Greaves

Immortal armor[edit]

Immortal Fire Halo.png Immortal Fire Halo Immortal Fire Nimbus Skin.png Immortal Fire Nimbus Immortal Fire Ring.png Immortal Fire Ring
Immortal Light Halo.png Immortal Light Halo Immortal Light Nimbus Skin.png Immortal Light Nimbus Immortal Light Ring.png Immortal Light Ring

Jackal Rune armor[edit]

Jackal Rune Gauntlets.png Jackal Rune Gauntlets Jackal Rune Greaves.png Jackal Rune Greaves

Lawless armor[edit]

Lawless Helmet.png Lawless Helmet Lawless Shoulder.png Lawless Shoulders Lawless Gloves.png Lawless Gloves Lawless Boots.png Lawless Boots

Leather Straps armor[edit]

Leather Straps Chestpiece.png Leather Straps Chestpiece Leather Straps Cingulum.png Leather Straps Cingulum

Mad King Chest[edit]

Deathly Mantle.png Deathly MantleDeathly Mantle.png Deathly ShoulderpadsDeathly Mantle.png Deathly Pauldrons
Deathly Avian Pauldrons.png Deathly Avian MantleDeathly Avian Pauldrons.png Deathly Avian ShoulderpadsDeathly Avian Pauldrons.png Deathly Avian Pauldrons
Deathly Bull's Mantle.png Deathly Bull's MantleDeathly Bull's Mantle.png Deathly Bull's ShoulderpadsDeathly Bull's Mantle.png Deathly Bull's Pauldrons

Maguuma armor[edit]

Maguuma's Mantle Skin.png Maguuma's Mantle Maguuma's Grasp Skin.png Maguuma's Grasp Maguuma's Treads Skin.png Maguuma's Treads

Mask helmets[edit]

Mask of the Crown Skin.png Mask of the Crown Mask of the Jubilee Skin.png Mask of the Jubilee Mask of the Queen Skin.png Mask of the Queen Mask of the Silent.png Mask of the Silent Mask of the Wanderer.png Mask of the Wanderer

Pirate armor[edit]

Pirate Corsair Hat.png Pirate Corsair Hat Pirate Hook.png Pirate Hook Skin Peg-Leg Boots.png Peg-Leg Boots Skin

Pyre armor[edit]

Pyre Circlet Helm Skin.png Pyre Circlet Pyre Horns Helm Skin.png Pyre Horns Pyre Gloves.png Pyre Gloves

Raven armor[edit]

Raven Helm.png Raven Helm Raven Mantle.png Raven Mantle Raven Gloves.png Raven Gloves Raven Greaves.png Raven Greaves

Salvaged Forged armor[edit]

Salvaged Forged Helm.png Salvaged Forged Helm Salvaged Forged Gloves.png Salvaged Forged Gloves

Set armor[edit]

Profane Greatcoat.png Profane Greatcoat Krytan Jerkin (armor).png Krytan Jerkin Primeval Warplate.png Primeval Warplate
Aetherblade Light Vest.png Aetherblade Light Vest Aetherblade Medium Jerkin.png Aetherblade Medium Jerkin Aetherblade Heavy Warplate.png Aetherblade Heavy Warplate
Phoenix Vest.png Phoenix Vest Magitech Jerkin.png Magitech Jerkin Braham's Chestplate.png Braham's Chestplate
Trickster's Light Vest.png Trickster's Vest Viper's Medium Jerkin.png Viper's Jerkin Phalanx Heavy Warplate.png Phalanx Warplate
Flamekissed Vest.png Flamekissed Vest Flamewalker Coat.png Flamewalker Coat Flamewrath Chestplate.png Flamewrath Chestplate
Incarnate Light Vest.png Incarnate Vest Strider's Tunic.png Strider's Tunic Rampart Warplate.png Rampart Warplate
Zodiac Light Vest.png Zodiac Light Vest Zodiac Medium Jerkin.png Zodiac Medium Jerkin Zodiac Heavy Warplate.png Zodiac Heavy Warplate

(All of the chest pieces will unlock the full Gem Store armor set they are a part of.)

Shadow of the Dragon armor[edit]

Shadow of the Dragon Helmet.png Shadow of the Dragon Helmet Shadow of the Dragon Shoulder.png Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders Shadow of the Dragon Gloves.png Shadow of the Dragon Gloves

Shatterspark armor[edit]

Shatterspark Shoulders.png Shatterspark Shoulders Shatterspark Gloves Skin.png Shatterspark Gloves

Shrine Guardian Ears[edit]

Revered Shrine Guardian Ears.png Revered Shrine Guardian Ears Shrine Guardian Ears.png Shrine Guardian Ears

Skyscale Horns[edit]

Luminous Skyscale Horns.png Luminous Skyscale Horns Skyscale Horns.png Skyscale Horns

Swaggering armor[edit]

Swaggering Hat.png Swaggering Hat Swaggering Boots.png Swaggering Boots

Tattoo armor[edit]

Bestial Tides Tattoo Chest Skin.png Bestial Tides Tattoo Chest Fire Bloom Tattoo Chest Skin.png Fire Bloom Tattoo Chest Serpentine Tattoo Chest Skin.png Serpentine Tattoo Chest

(The leg skin will unlock when their respective chest skin is unlocked)

Toxic armor[edit]

Toxic Mantle.png Toxic Shoulderpad Toxic Gloves.png Toxic Armguard Toxic Boots Skin.png Toxic Boots

Vermillion armor[edit]

Vermilion Pauldrons.png Vermilion Pauldrons Vermilion Vambraces.png Vermilion Vambraces

Water Dragon armor[edit]

Water Dragon Helm.png Water Dragon Helm Water Dragon Pauldrons.png Water Dragon Pauldrons Water Dragon Chestguard.png Water Dragon Chestguard
Water Dragon Gauntlets.png Water Dragon Gauntlets Water Dragon Legguards.png Water Dragon Legguards Water Dragon Greaves.png Water Dragon Greaves

Winter Antlers Set[edit]

Enchanted Winter Antlers.png Enchanted Winter Antlers Winter Antlers.png Winter Antlers

Zephyrite Aspect Helm[edit]

Lightning Aspect Eye.png Lightning Aspect Eye Sun Aspect Eye.png Sun Aspect Eye Wind Aspect Eye.png Wind Aspect Eye

Non-set armor[edit]


Abaddon's Mask.png Abaddon's Mask Artisan Zharra's Hood.png Artisan Zharra's Hood Aviator Cap.png Aviator Cap Bat Wings Headpiece Skin.png Bat Wings Headpiece
Bunny Ears.png Bunny Ears Cat-Ear Hood Skin.png Cat-Ear Hood Canthan Sun Hat.png Canthan Sun Hat Conjured Starlight Hat Skin.png Conjured Starlight Hat
Devil Horns.png Devil Horns Dragon Mask.png Dragon's Mask Fallen Balthazar Helm.png Fallen Balthazar Helm Festive Hat.png Festive Hat
Freezie Crown.png Freezie Crown Furrocious Cat Ears.png Furrocious Cat Ears Grenth Hood.png Grenth Hood Heretical Scholar's Hood.png Heretical Scholar's Hood
Ice Crown.png Ice Crown Icy Demon Horns Helm Skin.png Icy Demon Horns Jade Tech Eye Piece Helm.png Jade Tech Eye Piece Lambent Battlelord's Hood Helm.png Lambent Battlelord's Hood Helm
Lion Mask.png Lion's Mask Lunar Rabbit Helm.png Lunar Rabbit Helm Magical Unicorn Horn Helm.png Magical Unicorn Horn Magnus's Eye Patch.png Magnus's Left Eye Patch
Magnus's Right Eye Patch.png Magnus's Right Eye Patch Monocle.png Monocle Phantom's Hood.png Phantom's Hood Rift Warden Helm.png Rift Warden Helm
Carnival Ringmaster's Hat.png Ringmaster's Hat Royal Pointed Ears Helm Skin.png Royal Pointed Ears Sailor's Beanie.png Sailor's Beanie Shattered Bloodstone Circlet.png Shattered Bloodstone Circlet
Southsun Mask.png Southsun Mask Stag Helm.png Stag Helm Sworn Zaishen Helm Skin.png Sworn Zaishen Helm Skin Tempest Gaze Helm Skin.png Tempest Gaze
Top Hat.png Top Hat Water Dragon Crest Helm.png Water Dragon Crest Winged Headpiece Skin.png Winged Headpiece Wintersday Earmuffs.png Wintersday Earmuffs
Wizard's Hat.png Wizard's Hat Wreath of Cooperation.png Wreath of Cooperation Xera's Mask.png Xera's Mask

(Unicorn Horn Helm.png Unicorn Horn will unlock when Magical Unicorn Horn Helm.png Magical Unicorn Horn is unlocked) (Pointed Ears Helm Skin.png Pointed Ears & Noble Pointed Ears Helm Skin.png Noble Pointed Ears will unlock when Royal Pointed Ears Helm Skin.png Royal Pointed Ears is unlocked)


Braham's Wolfblood Pauldrons.png Braham's Wolfblood Pauldrons Dusk and Dawn Shoulders.png Dusk and Dawn Shoulders Ebon Vanguard Elite Shoulders Skin.png Ebon Vanguard Elite Shoulders Skin Elegant Silk Scarf.png Elegant Silk Scarf
Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Skin.png Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Island Shoulder.png Medium Island Shoulder Scarlet's Spaulders.png Scarlet's Spaulders Shoulder Scarf.png Shoulder Scarf


Brawler's Silk Jacket.png Brawler's Silk Jacket Krytan Rogue Chestpiece.png Krytan Rogue Chestpiece Savage Scale Chest.png Savage Scale Chest


Chaos Gloves.png Chaos Gloves Jade Prosthesis Gauntlet.png Jade Prosthesis Gauntlet Prayer Bead Wraps.png Prayer Bead Wraps Searing Chain Gloves.png Searing Chain Gloves
Scarlet's Grasp.png Scarlet's Grasp Storm Gloves.png Storm Gloves Svanir Gauntlets.png Svanir Gauntlets


Side-Lace Pants.png Side-Lace Pants


Rebel Long Boots.png Rebel Long Boots Stylish Shoes Skin.png Stylish Shoes

(Rebel Short Boots Skin.png Rebel Short Boots will unlock when Rebel Long Boots.png Rebel Long Boots is unlocked)

Aquatic Headgear[edit]

Stately Circlet.png Black Earth Aquabreather Rogue Mask.png Black Earth Aquabreather Heavy Plate Helm.png Black Earth Aquabreather
Aqua Breather.png Cloth Aquabreather Aqua Breather.png Leather Aquabreather Aqua Breather.png Metal Aquabreather
Consortium Breathing Mask.png Light Consortium Breathing Mask Medium Consortium Breathing Mask.png Medium Consortium Breathing Mask Heavy Consortium Breathing Mask.png Heavy Consortium Breathing Mask

Backpack Unlocks[edit]


Crafting Discipline backpacks[edit]

Armorsmith backpacks[edit]

Simple Armorsmith's Backpack.png Simple Armorsmith's Backpack Sturdy Armorsmith's Backpack.png Sturdy Armorsmith's Backpack Intricate Armorsmith's Backpack.png Intricate Armorsmith's Backpack Practical Armorsmith's Backpack.png Practical Armorsmith's Backpack

Artificer backpacks[edit]

Simple Artificer's Backpack.png Simple Artificer's Backpack Sturdy Artificer's Backpack.png Sturdy Artificer's Backpack Intricate Artificer's Backpack.png Intricate Artificer's Backpack Practical Artificer's Backpack.png Practical Artificer's Backpack

Chef backpacks[edit]

Simple Chef's Backpack.png Simple Chef's Backpack Basic Chef's Backpack.png Basic Chef's Backpack Hearty Chef's Backpack.png Hearty Chef's Backpack Savory Chef's Backpack.png Savory Chef's Backpack

Huntsman backpacks[edit]

Simple Huntsman's Backpack.png Simple Huntsman's Backpack Sturdy Huntsman's Backpack.png Sturdy Huntsman's Backpack Intricate Huntsman's Backpack.png Intricate Huntsman's Backpack Practical Huntsman's Backpack.png Practical Huntsman's Backpack

Jeweler backpacks[edit]

Simple Jeweler's Backpack.png Simple Jeweler's Backpack Sturdy Jeweler's Backpack.png Sturdy Jeweler's Backpack Intricate Jeweler's Backpack.png Intricate Jeweler's Backpack Practical Jeweler's Backpack.png Practical Jeweler's Backpack

Leatherworker backpacks[edit]

Simple Leatherworker's Backpack.png Simple Leatherworker's Backpack Sturdy Leatherworker's Backpack.png Sturdy Leatherworker's Backpack Intricate Leatherworker's Backpack.png Intricate Leatherworker's Backpack Practical Leatherworker's Backpack.png Practical Leatherworker's Backpack

Scribe backpacks[edit]

Simple Scribe's Backpack.png Simple Scribe's Backpack Sturdy Scribe's Backpack.png Sturdy Scribe's Backpack Intricate Scribe's Backpack.png Intricate Scribe's Backpack Practical Scribe's Backpack.png Practical Scribe's Backpack

Tailor backpacks[edit]

Simple Tailor's Backpack.png Simple Tailor's Backpack Sturdy Tailor's Backpack.png Sturdy Tailor's Backpack Intricate Tailor's Backpack.png Intricate Tailor's Backpack Practical Tailor's Backpack.png Practical Tailor's Backpack

Weaponsmith backpacks[edit]

Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack.png Simple Weaponsmith's Backpack Sturdy Weaponsmith's Backpack.png Sturdy Weaponsmith's Backpack Intricate Weaponsmith's Backpack.png Intricate Weaponsmith's Backpack Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack.png Practical Weaponsmith's Backpack

Non-set backpacks[edit]

Brewmaster's Backpack Kit.png Brewmaster's Backpack Expedition Cape.png Expedition Cape Quiver.png Quiver Universal Multitool Pack.png Universal Multitool Pack Wings of the Sunless.png Wings of the Sunless

Living World Season 1[edit]

Antitoxin Injector.png Antitoxin Injector Fervid Censer.png Fervid Censer Slickpack.png Slickpack Toxic Spore.png Toxic Spore

Living World Season 2[edit]

Mysterious Vine.png Mysterious Vine

Living World Season 5[edit]


Ash Legion Banner.png Banner of the Ash Legion Blood Legion Banner.png Banner of the Blood Legion Flame Legion Banner.png Banner of the Flame Legion Iron Legion Banner.png Banner of the Iron Legion Banner of the Steel Warband.png Banner of the Steel Warband

Charr Legion backpacks[edit]

Ash Legion Backpack.png Ash Legion Backpack Blood Legion Backpack.png Blood Legion Backpack Flame Legion Backpack.png Flame Legion Backpack Iron Legion Backpack.png Iron Legion Backpack

Non-set backpacks[edit]

Prize of the Boneskinner.png Prize of the Boneskinner

End of Dragons[edit]

Cultivated Cherry Blossom.png Cultivated Cherry Blossom Echovald Spire Backpiece.png Echovald Spire Backpiece Jadeite Fossilized Hippocampus.png Jadeite Fossilized Phyllopteryx Jade Technician Backpack.png Jade Technician Backpack Petrified Echovald Instrument.png Petrified Echovald Instrument

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

Sanctified Cape.png Sanctified Cape


Lunar New Year[edit]

Lucky backpieces[edit]

Lucky Boar Lantern.png Lucky Boar Lantern Lucky Dog Lantern.png Lucky Dog Lantern Lucky Monkey Lantern.png Lucky Monkey Lantern Lucky Ox Lantern.png Lucky Ox Lantern
Lucky Rabbit Lantern.png Lucky Rabbit Lantern Lucky Ram Lantern.png Lucky Ram Lantern Lucky Rat Lantern.png Lucky Rat Lantern Lucky Rooster Lantern.png Lucky Rooster Lantern Lucky Tiger Lantern.png Lucky Tiger Lantern

Lucky Great backpieces[edit]

Lucky Great Boar Lantern.png Lucky Great Boar Lantern Lucky Great Dog Lantern.png Lucky Great Dog Lantern Lucky Great Monkey Lantern.png Lucky Great Monkey Lantern Lucky Great Ox Lantern.png Lucky Great Ox Lantern
Lucky Great Rabbit Lantern.png Lucky Great Rabbit Lantern Lucky Great Ram Lantern.png Lucky Great Ram Lantern Lucky Great Rat Lantern.png Lucky Great Rat Lantern Lucky Great Rooster Lantern.png Lucky Great Rooster Lantern Lucky Great Tiger Lantern.png Lucky Great Tiger Lantern

Super Adventure Festival[edit]

Plush Moto Backpack Cover.png Plush Moto Backpack Super Backpack Cover.png Super Backpack Cover

Dragon Bash[edit]

Holographic Dragon Wing Cover.png Holographic Dragon Wings Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover.png Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings Victorious Holographic Wings.png Victorious Holographic Wings

Festival of the Four Winds[edit]

Desert Rose.png Desert Rose Winged Lantern.png Winged Lantern


Lunatic Court Cape.png Lunatic Court Cape Mad Memoires.png Mad Memoires Mad Memoires- Complete Edition.png Mad Memoires: Complete Edition

Gem Store[edit]


Abyss Stalker Cape.png Abyss Stalker Cape Artisan Zharra's Cape.png Artisan Zharra's Cape Astral Scholar Cape.png Astral Scholar Cape Celestial Ministry Cape.png Celestial Ministry Cape
Dark Matter Cape.png Dark Matter Cape Divine Conqueror Cape.png Divine Conqueror Cape Dragon Emblem Cape.png Dragon Emblem Cape Dragon's Watch Cape.png Dragon's Watch Cape
Forest Archer Cape.png Forest Archer Cape Herald of Aurene Cape.png Herald of Aurene Cape Heretical Scholar's Cape.png Heretical Scholar's Cape Ice Reaver Cape.png Ice Reaver Cape
Jora's Cape.png Jora's Cape Prince Rurik's Vanguard Cape.png Prince Rurik's Vanguard Cape Shatterspark Cape.png Shatterspark Cape Shimmering Aurora Cape Skin.png Shimmering Aurora Cape
Sorcerer's Cape.png Sorcerer's Cape Starborn Cape.png Starborn Cape Swaggering Cape.png Swaggering Cape Tempest Cape.png Tempest Cape
Toxic Cape.png Toxic Cape Tropical Feathered Cape.png Tropical Feathered Cape Wandering Weapon Master Cape.png Wandering Weapon Master Cape Winter Monarch Cape.png Winter Monarch Cape Wyrm's Breath Cape.png Wyrm's Breath Cape

(Forest Archer Quiver.png Forest Archer Quiver & Forest Scout Cape.png Forest Scout Cape will unlock when Forest Archer Cape.png Forest Archer Cape is unlocked)

Plush backpacks[edit]

Cheetah Charr Backpack Set.png Cheetah Charr Backpack Covert Charr Backpack Set.png Covert Charr Backpack Green Quaggan Backpack Cover.png Green Quaggan Backpack Pink Quaggan Backpack Set.png Pink Quaggan Backpack
Plush Baby Aurene Backpack.png Plush Baby Aurene Backpack Plush Charr Backpack Set.png Plush Charr Backpack Plush Quaggan Backpack Cover.png Plush Quaggan Backpack Plush Ram Backpack.png Plush Ram Backpack
Plush Tybalt Backpack Set.png Plush Tybalt Backpack Quaggan Killer Whale Backpack Set.png Quaggan Killer Whale Backpack Tiger Charr Backpack Set.png Tiger Charr Backpack Warrior Quaggan Backpack Cover.png Warrior Quaggan Backpack


Dread Quiver Backpack.png Dread Quiver Backpack Fire-Breathing Quiver.png Fire-Breathing Quiver Fire Quiver Backpack.png Fire Quiver Backpack Rox's Quiver Set.png Rox's Quiver


Archdemon Wings Backpack.png Archdemon Wings Backpack Aurene Wings Backpack.png Aurene Wings Backpack Bat Wings Glider.png Bat Wings Backpack Black Feather Wings Backpack.png Black Feather Wings Backpack
Branded Wing Backpack.png Branded Wing Backpack Butterfly Wings Backpack.png Butterfly Wings Backpack Canthan Phoenix Wings Backpack.png Canthan Phoenix Wings Backpack Crystalline Dragon Wings Glider.png Crystalline Wings Backpack
Cute Angel Wings Backpack.png Cute Angel Wings Backpack Cute Demon Wings Backpack.png Cute Demon Wings Backpack Daydreamer's Wings Backpack.png Daydreamer's Wings Backpack Draconic Wings Backpack.png Draconic Wings Backpack
Dreamwalker Wings Backpack.png Dreamwalker Wings Backpack Equinox Wings Backpack.png Equinox Wings Backpack Glittering Wings Backpack.png Glittering Wings Backpack Golden Feather Wings Backpack.png Golden Feather Wings Backpack
Golden Zephyr Backpiece.png Golden Zephyr Backpiece Hawk Wings Backpack.png Hawk Wings Backpack Largos Fin Backpack.png Largos Fin Backpack Lightbinder Blades Wings.png Lightbinder Blades Wings
Lightning Wings Backpack.png Lightning Wings Backpack Macaw Wings Glider.png Macaw Wings Backpack Moth Wings Backpack.png Moth Wings Backpack Mursaat Wings Glider.png Mursaat Wings Backpack
Nightspeaker Wings Backpack.png Nightspeaker Wings Backpack Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack.png Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack Seraph Wings Backpack.png Seraph Wings Backpack Skeletal Wings Backpack.png Skeletal Wings Backpack
Stained Glass Wings Backpack.png Stained Glass Wings Backpack Starlight Wings Backpack.png Starlight Wings Backpack Sylph Wings Backpack.png Sylph Wings Backpack Tanglewood Wings Backpack.png Tanglewood Wings Backpack
Venombite Wings Backpack.png Venombite Wings Backpack Vermilion Wings Backpack and Glider Combo.png Vermilion Wings Backpack Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings.png Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings Watchwork Wings Backpack.png Watchwork Wings Backpack
White Feather Wings Backpack.png White Feather Wings Backpack Wings of Love Backpack.png Wings of Love Backpack Skin

Non-set backpacks[edit]

Alchemist Backpack.png Alchemist Backpack Branded Relic Backpiece.png Branded Relic Backpiece Canach's Backpack.png Canach's Backpack Canthan Spiritualist Backpack.png Canthan Spiritualist Backpack
Citadel Assault Pack.png Citadel Assault Pack Cuddly Cat Backpack.png Cuddly Cat Backpack Defiant Glass Backpack.png Defiant Glass Backpack Skin Desert King Reliquary Backpiece.png Desert King Reliquary
Dragon Fireworks Backpiece.png Dragon Fireworks Backpiece Dynamics Projector Module.png Dynamics Projector Module Elegant Noble's Backpack.png Elegant Noble's Backpack Elemental Fury Backpack.png Elemental Fury Backpack
Eternal Mandala Backpack.png Eternal Mandala Backpack Etherbound Backpiece.png Etherbound Backpiece Ghoul Backpack.png Ghoul Backpack Giant Folding Fan Backpack.png Giant Folding Fan Backpack
Giant Shuriken Backpack.png Giant Shuriken Backpack Griffon Hatchling Package.png Griffon Hatchling Backpack Infernal Envoy Backpack.png Infernal Envoy Backpack Jackal Pup Backpack.png Jackal Pup Backpack
Jeweled Scarab Backpiece.png Jeweled Scarab Backpiece Legion Jetpack.png Legion Jetpack Mercenary Backpack.png Mercenary Backpack Mist Herald Backpack.png Mist Herald Backpack
Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack.png Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack Scruffy Backpack.png Scruffy Backpack Shiro's Legacy Backpack.png Shiro's Legacy Backpack Shining Blade Backpack.png Shining Blade Backpack
Shiverpeaks Hunter Backpack.png Shiverpeaks Hunter Backpack Shrine Guardian Backpack.png Shrine Guardian Backpack Sloth Backpack.png Sloth Backpack Spellforged Backpack.png Spellforged Backpack
Springer Kit Backpack.png Springer Kit Backpack Super Adventure Holo-Copter.png Super Adventure Holo-Copter Backpack Thousand Seas Gourd Backpack.png Thousand Seas Gourd Umbral Serpent Backpack.png Umbral Serpent Backpack
Volcanic Backpack.png Volcanic Backpack Wild Magic Backpack Glider Combo.png Wild Magic Backpack Wintersday Wreath Backpack.png Wintersday Wreath Backpack