Report to Commander Siegecrusher

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Report to Commander Siegecrusher is a level 80 event that occurs in the starting area of each team in Eternal Battlegrounds and all three Borderlands. Commander Siegecrusher and a Veteran Elder Dolyak carrying various siege weapons help capture an enemy structure, usually the nearest tower.


There are 5 phases: initiation, travel, control, breach, and capture.

Once a sufficient number of players (5) reports, Champion Commander Siegecrusher begins a countdown to moving out.

He then travels with a Veteran Elder Dolyak carrying various siege weapons to the nearest tower. If the tower is in enemy hands, two circles are placed on the ground outside the tower's gate. Control is established by standing within the circles for sufficient time without being contested by an enemy.

Once control of each circle is established, the siege weapons from the Dolyak appear at preset locations. The siege weapons must be built, but require a fraction of the normal amount of supply. The Dolyak begins attacking the gate.

Once the tower has been breached, both Siegerazer and the Dolyak enter to assist in capturing the tower. They cannot do this alone, but if unopposed, it may be accomplished with as few as a single player.

List of siege weapons


  • Players: 0/5
  • Accompany Commander Siegecrusher
  • Control these positions
  • Destroy the Tower Gate or Wall
  • Capture the Guard Tower