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Garden plots are unlockable upgrades for the home instance, enabling the player to grow their own crops for cooking with.

Up to three plots may be obtained per account:

Getting there[edit]


Each garden plot comes with four Open Soil slots.

Obtain a seed pouch (see List of crops, below) and double-click it to convert it to a bundle, then interact with one of the Open Soil slots to plant them. Only one seed pouch may be converted to a bundle at a time; multiple pouches, even if they're the same type of seed, will be lost if you click them before planting the previous one. How many times you can plant from a single bundle depends on whether the seed pouch was chef-crafted (one plant) or Gardener-purchased (unlimited plants).

Upon planting, the slot will turn into Growing Crops. These will mature into harvestable nodes on the next daily reset. Varietal (chef-crafted) crops may only be harvested once before needing replanting. All other crops will regrow at each daily reset until removed by the player by interacting with the Growing Crops.

A Gardener NPC will be added to the home instance upon unlocking at least one plot. Accounts with a Black Lion Garden Plot Deed will have the option to purchase seed pouches from these NPCs, including four exclusive account-bound crops which can be used to craft Flask of Metabolic Primer.pngFlask of Metabolic Primer, Flask of Utility Primer.pngFlask of Utility Primer, and various dyes. Gardeners do not offer anything to accounts that have only unlocked the chef version of the plot.

List of crops[edit]


These seed pouches are account-bound and may be crafted by Chefs with a cooking level of 475 after completing the sylvari section of Gourmet Training. Each pouch is consumed on use, and its bundle may only be used to plant a single crop.

Seed pouch Node Harvested item Effect in ascended food TP buy price TP sell price
Coriander Seed Pouch.pngVarietal Cilantro Seed Pouch Varietal Cilantro Cultivated Cilantro Leaf.pngCultivated Cilantro Leaf 66% chance to steal life on critical hit
Clove Seed Pouch.pngVarietal Clove Seed Pouch Varietal Clove Cultivated Clove.pngCultivated Clove -20% incoming Condition Duration
Mint Seed Pouch.pngVarietal Mint Seed Pouch Varietal Mint Cultivated Mint Leaf.pngCultivated Mint Leaf +10% outgoing Healing
Black Peppercorn Seed Pouch.pngVarietal Peppercorn Seed Pouch Varietal Peppercorn Cultivated Peppercorn.pngCultivated Peppercorn -10% incoming Damage
Sesame Seed Pouch.pngVarietal Sesame Seed Pouch Varietal Sesame Cultivated Sesame Seed.pngCultivated Sesame Seed Regenerates health every second

Black Lion[edit]

These seed pouches are account-bound and may be purchased for free from Gardeners, but only if the account has unlocked a Black Lion Garden Plot Deed. Some pouches further require that you unlock them for the vendor via the Dedicated Gardener achievement first. Each pouch is consumed on use, but unlike varietal pouches, the bundle may be used to plant any number of crops.

Seed pouch Node Harvested item TP buy price TP sell price
Beet Seed Pouch.pngBeet Seed Pouch Homegrown Beets Beet.pngBeet
Carrot Seed Pouch.pngCarrot Seed Pouch Homegrown Carrots Carrot.pngCarrot
Cassava Seed Pouch.pngCassava Seed Pouch Homegrown Cassava Cassava Root.pngCassava Root
Onion Seed Pouch.pngOnion Seed Pouch Homegrown Onions Onion.pngOnion
Potato Eyes Pouch.pngPotato Eyes Pouch Homegrown Potatoes Potato.pngPotato
Rutabaga Seed Pouch.pngRutabaga Seed Pouch Homegrown Rutabaga Rutabaga.pngRutabaga
Turnip Seed Pouch.pngTurnip Seed Pouch Homegrown Turnip Turnip.pngTurnip
Yam Slip Pouch.pngYam Slip Pouch Homegrown Yams Yam.pngYam
Artichoke Seed Pouch.pngArtichoke Seed Pouch Homegrown Artichoke Artichoke.pngArtichoke
Parsnip Seed Pouch.pngParsnip Seed Pouch Homegrown Parsnip Parsnip.pngParsnip
Allspice Shrub Seed Pouch.pngAllspice Shrub Seed Pouch Homegrown Allspice Berries Pile of Allspice Berries.pngPile of Allspice Berries
Coriander Seed Pouch.pngCoriander Seed Pouch Homegrown Coriander Coriander Seed.pngCoriander Seed
Blueberry Seed Pouch.pngBlueberry Seed Pouch Homegrown Blueberry Bush Blueberry.pngBlueberry
Blackberry Seed Pouch.pngBlackberry Seed Pouch Homegrown Blackberry Bush Blackberry.pngBlackberry
Grape Seed Pouch.pngGrape Seed Pouch Homegrown Grapes Grape.pngGrape
Passion Fruit Seed Pouch.pngPassion Fruit Seed Pouch Homegrown Passion Fruit Passion Fruit.pngPassion Fruit
Raspberry Seed Pouch.pngRaspberry Seed Pouch Homegrown Raspberry Bush Raspberry.pngRaspberry
Strawberry Seed Pouch.pngStrawberry Seed Pouch Homegrown Strawberry Bush Strawberry.pngStrawberry
Bay Leaf Seed Pouch.pngBay Leaf Seed Pouch Homegrown Bay Leaves Bay Leaf.pngBay Leaf
Dill Herb Seed Pouch.pngDill Herb Seed Pouch Homegrown Dill Sprigs Dill Sprig.pngDill Sprig
Mint Seed Pouch.pngMint Seed Pouch Homegrown Mint Leaves Mint Leaf.pngMint Leaf
Oregano Seed Pouch.pngOregano Seed Pouch Homegrown Oregano Oregano Leaf.pngOregano Leaf
Parsley Seed Pouch.pngParsley Seed Pouch Homegrown Parsley Parsley Leaf.pngParsley Leaf
Rosemary Seed Pouch.pngRosemary Seed Pouch Homegrown Rosemary Sprig Rosemary Sprig.pngRosemary Sprig
Sage Seed Pouch.pngSage Seed Pouch Homegrown Sage Leaves Sage Leaf.pngSage Leaf
Thyme Seed Pouch.pngThyme Seed Pouch Homegrown Thyme Thyme Leaf.pngThyme Leaf
Clove Seed Pouch.pngClove Seed Pouch Homegrown Clove Clove.pngClove
Lemongrass Seed Pouch.pngLemongrass Seed Pouch Homegrown Lemongrass Lemongrass.pngLemongrass
Saffron Seed Pouch.pngSaffron Seed Pouch Homegrown Black Crocus Saffron Thread.pngSaffron Thread
Tarragon Seed Pouch.pngTarragon Seed Pouch Homegrown Tarragon Leaves Tarragon Leaves.pngTarragon Leaves
Ascalonian Royal Iris Seed Pouch.pngAscalonian Royal Iris Seed Pouch Homegrown Ascalonian Royal Iris Ascalonian Royal Iris.pngAscalonian Royal Iris N/A N/A
Shing Jea Orchid Seed Pouch.pngShing Jea Orchid Seed Pouch Shing Jea Orchid [sic] Shing Jea Orchid Petal.pngShing Jea Orchid Petal N/A N/A
Koda's Blossom Seed Pouch.pngKoda's Blossom Seed Pouch Homegrown Koda's Blossom Koda's Blossom Petal.pngKoda's Blossom Petal N/A N/A
Krytan Spiderwort Seed Pouch.pngKrytan Spiderwort Seed Pouch Homegrown Krytan Spiderwort Krytan Spiderwort Bloom.pngKrytan Spiderwort Bloom N/A N/A
Asparagus Seed Pouch.pngAsparagus Seed Pouch Homegrown Asparagus Asparagus Spear.pngAsparagus Spear
Cabbage Seed Pouch.pngCabbage Seed Pouch Homegrown Cabbages Head of Cabbage.pngHead of Cabbage
Cauliflower Seed Pouch.pngCauliflower Seed Pouch Homegrown Cauliflower Head of Cauliflower.pngHead of Cauliflower
Lentil Seed Pouch.pngLentil Seed Pouch Homegrown Lentils Handful of Red Lentils.pngHandful of Red Lentils
Lettuce Seed Pouch.pngLettuce Seed Pouch Homegrown Lettuce Head of Lettuce.pngHead of Lettuce
Zucchini Seed Pouch.pngZucchini Seed Pouch Homegrown Zucchini Zucchini.pngZucchini
Garlic Seed Pouch.pngGarlic Seed Pouch Homegrown Garlic Head of Garlic.pngHead of Garlic
Kale Seed Pouch.pngKale Seed Pouch Homegrown Kale Kale Leaf.pngKale Leaf
Leek Seed Pouch.pngLeek Seed Pouch Homegrown Leeks Leek.pngLeek
Spinach Seed Pouch.pngSpinach Seed Pouch Homegrown Spinach Spinach Leaf.pngSpinach Leaf
Black Peppercorn Seed Pouch.pngBlack Peppercorn Seed Pouch Homegrown Black Peppercorn Black Peppercorn.pngBlack Peppercorn
Chili Pepper Seed Pouch.pngChili Pepper Seed Pouch Homegrown Chili Peppers Chili Pepper.pngChili Pepper
Mushroom Spore Pouch.pngMushroom Spore Pouch Homegrown Mushrooms Mushroom.pngMushroom
Portobello Mushroom Spore Pouch.pngPortobello Mushroom Spore Pouch Homegrown Portobello Mushrooms Portobello Mushroom.pngPortobello Mushroom
Sawgill Mushroom Spore Pouch.pngSawgill Mushroom Spore Pouch Homegrown Sawgill Mushrooms Sawgill Mushroom.pngSawgill Mushroom
Sesame Seed Pouch.pngSesame Seed Pouch Homegrown Sesame Sesame Seed.pngSesame Seed
Vanilla Seed Pouch.pngVanilla Seed Pouch Homegrown Vanilla Beans Vanilla Bean.pngVanilla Bean
Butternut Squash Seed Pouch.pngButternut Squash Seed Pouch Homegrown Butternut Squash Butternut Squash.pngButternut Squash
Cayenne Pepper Seed Pouch.pngCayenne Pepper Seed Pouch Homegrown Cayenne Peppers Cayenne Pepper.pngCayenne Pepper
Cactus Seed Pouch.pngCactus Seed Pouch Homegrown Cactus Nopal.pngNopal
Prickly Pear.pngPrickly Pear
Sugar Pumpkin Seed Pouch.pngSugar Pumpkin Seed Pouch Homegrown Sugar Pumpkin Sugar Pumpkin.pngSugar Pumpkin


Related achievements[edit]


  • Varietal crops may only be harvested by the instance owner.
  • Non-varietal nodes can be gathered by anyone visiting the home instance, as long as the owner has not gathered them and exited the instance — upon reentering the home instance, the nodes will be unharvestable.
    • If you gather from another player's home instance, your own nodes will be unharvestable even if they were growing different plants.
  • Seed pouches are removed from the player's inventory on equip. If the player drops the equipped seed pouch or clicks on another seed pouch before planting, the seeds will be lost.