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Mender Earie


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Mender Earie is an NPC for the Sylvari portion of Gourmet Training and can be found tending to a little garden north of Gardenroot Tunnel. He supplies the Grove's Master Chef, Bhia, with herbs and spices.

To reach him, head towards the wall north-west of Waypoint (tango icon).png Reckoner's Waypoint and cross a vine bridge to enter the tunnel, then take the right fork. Alternatively, use a springer to hop over the wall west of Waypoint (tango icon).png Caledon Waypoint.

Mender Earie requires you to gather Varietal Seeds to complete his portion of Gourmet Training which then unlocks the recipe to craft the Portable Composter. After crafting this item Mender Earie will reward 10 chef ranks and unlock a garden plot in your home instance. Note, this step only unlocks after a player reaches level 425 Chef tango icon 20px.pngChef.


Maguuma Jungle


This is a lovely place for a small garden, don't you think?
Talk end option tango.png It's quite nice and secluded.
If Gourmet Training is active and the player has been sent here by Bhia
This is a lovely place for a small garden, don't you think?
Talk collection option.pngBhia told me you grow the best ingredients for her here.
She's too much! Yes, I give her some herbs from time to time. If she's told you about my garden, you must be a talented chef, no?
Talk more option tango.pngI'm learning. Can you teach me to garden?
Of course! I'd be happy to teach you. The first step is gathering seeds for your own garden. Let me demonstrate for you, and then you can go into the wild and bring me back some seeds.
Talk ready option.pngThat's very generous of you.
Mender Earie: My garden is your garden.
(If the player owns a Black Lion Garden Plot Deed)
Talk end option tango.pngI have one just like it.
Talk end option tango.pngIt's quite nice and secluded.
Before collecting the seeds/crafting a composter
Did you need my help with something?
Talk collection option.png Remind me what I'm supposed to do?
(if you do not have a Varietal Seed in your inventory)
Please gather varietal seeds and bring them back to me.
(if you do not have a Portable Composter in your inventory)
Please go craft a portable composter.
Talk end option tango.png Got it.
After collecting Varietal Seeds
Did you need my help with something?
Talk collection option.pngI have the seeds you asked for.
Good. Now, you'll want to plant them with some fertilizer. I'll teach you how to make a portable composter that will quickly compost food for you
Talk end option tango.pngThank you. (Unlocks Portable Composter)
After crafting a Portable Composter
Did you need help with something?
Talk collection option.pngI've crafted a composter.
Excellent! Now, you can decompose magically imbued food to obtain an extract of its nourishing properties.
Talk more option tango.pngWhat can I use the extract for?
If you add the finest Extract of Nourishment when you plant crops, they will be imbued with additional properties. I'm sure you'll grow some very special herbs with this in your compost.
Talk more option tango.pngI never would have guessed.
I'm so pleased that you have an interest in gardening. How about I set up a plot at your home for you tend[sic] at your leisure?I'll ask a friend to watch your crops while you're away.
Tick green.pngI'd like that very much. (Unlocks Garden Plot Deed)
Tick green.pngHere are a few seeds to get you started. (Receive one each:  Varietal Mint Seed.png Varietal Mint Seed,  Varietal Sesame Seed.png Varietal Sesame Seed,  Varietal Peppercorn Seed.png Varietal Peppercorn Seed,  Varietal Clove Seed.png Varietal Clove Seed,  Varietal Cilantro Seed.png Varietal Cilantro Seed)
Talk end option tango.pngThank you.
Talk end option tango.pngNo thanks.
Talk end option tango.pngThank you.
Talk end option tango.pngOkay.

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