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Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete

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Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete

Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete is a level 80 event which takes place in The Echovald Wilds and is the last of a chain of events located by the Forever Tree.

Following the successful collection of sap, Doireann is ready to perform a ritual to revitalise the Forever Tree. She is interrupted by Jade Lieutenant Whan and several members of the Jade Brotherhood. Your task is to protect her from the Brotherhood troops while she completes her ritual.


  • Ritual Progress
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  • Doireann
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Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.





Event pre
Doireann: I don't suppose you might be able to hang around while I complete this ritual?
Doireann: I've attracted attention. And not the good kind, I'm afraid.
Doireann: I'm worried someone may try to interfere, and it's critical I finish this before the concoction spoils.
Brotherhood Scrapper: There she is. She's doing some kind of magic on that tree.
Jade Lieutenant Whan: What are you doing there. I wonder? Making a weapon for the Speakers?
Doireann: I don't even know who the Speakers are! I'm just trying to care for this tree.
Brotherhood Scrapper: No other motive, huh? what's with the big guy then?
Doireann: He's not one of the Speakers- he's bound to the treee. It's a Forever Tree.
Doireann: I don't even know who the Speakers are! I'm just trying to care for this tree.
Jade Lieutenant Whan: A Forever Tree? I know about Forever Trees. This forest is better off without them.
Jade Lieutenant Whan: Throw out whatever she's got cooking in there.
Event start
Jade Lieutenant Whan: Move on. Don't make us hurt you.
During event
Doireann: Oh, this is going so slowly, and they won't leave us alone!
Jade Lieutenant Whan: You can still run! This doesn't have to be messy!
Doireann: It's starting to come together... This is going to work!
Jade Lieutenant Whan: Do not let her finish that!
Doireann: Almost there... almost there!
Jade Lieutenant Whan: Why won't you quit!
Event 90% complete
Jade Lieutenant Whan: I suppose I'll have to do this myself!
Event success
Jade Lieutenant Whan: I give up! But mark my words: you'll be sorry you brought that tree back.
The Forever Tree blossoms.
Doireann: It's...working. Flush with life... Blossoms unfurl...
Doireann dies. The Mysterious Warden runs over and points at her. Blue light flashes from the Forever Tree. Doireann stands up unsteadily.
Doireann: What...happened? Did I...did we...
Doireann: saved me.
Mysterious Warden: (grunts)
The Warden walks away and sits under the tree, facing away.
Doireann: Well, it didn't shoot into the sky, but it's blooming. The ritual did something, that's for certain.
After a few minutes
Doireann: Drooping? Again? (sigh) Why doesn't the healing last? What do I need to do differently?
Doireann: No matter, I'll keep trying. There must be some way to restore you. I wouldn't have dreamt it otherwise.
Doireann: I'll find the means. One day.
Event failure
Doireann: What happened? Did I... did we...
Doireann: Oh, no.
Doireann: Pale Mother, what a horrible stench!
Doireann: It's spoiled... The ritual failed.

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