Herder Larwp

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Herder Larwp is an ogre living in Degun Shun.



Herding animals means our survival. It is not a playful thing. It's hard work. Don't listen to Curlwp.
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What kind of animals do you take as pets?
Warthogs, raptors, moas, devourers. Some fight with us, other make for good meat and clothes. The more beasts you have, the more respect you get.
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How do you tame them?
Hunters go out in the wilds and beat the animals into submission. It doesn't always works. We don't have the best hunters.
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Maybe magic could make taming easier.
Never. We are stronger than magic. We don't need chanting and hand-waving, or gods and spirits. We use the fist or the lash.
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