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Astralaria (skin)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skin unlocked in the wardrobe. For the weapon, see Astralaria.


Skin type
Legendary weapons
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Astralaria is a Legendary weapon skin.



Astralaria is an iridescent axe that features the effects of stars and constellations in the night sky seeping into the world, a rotating armillary and a sextant with a moving arm on the pommel.

  • The blade of Astralaria, similar to Twilight & Sunrise, is a window into space.
  • Like the aforementioned Legendaries, the blade also leaves a trail when swung.
  • The constellations shown on the blade look as if they're seeping out into our world.
  • The centerpiece is an armillary that glows in a multitude of colors and rotates.
  • The pommel is a sextant, that has a moving counterweight that moves along a gear track. You can hear the sound of the weight as it moves.
  • The axe has a unique sound effect when swinging with it.
Draw/Stow Effects
  • When drawn, the axe emits a subtle tone, (intentionally) similar to skill sounds of the Celestial Avatar.
  • Mainhand only: Upon drawing the axe, a burst of blue light followed by yellow rings will surround the character. If the axe is in the offhand slot, you will not see this effect occur.
  • Upon drawing the axe, the arm that is holding it will become the same cosmic effect like that of the axe blade, going up to just under the shoulder. The wrist will have glowing gold rings around it, and the golden glow overlays on top of the arm effect.
  • When stowing the axe, a tone is played, like that of a device shutting down as the armillary and the sextant stop moving when stowed.

Astralaria's footfall effect is a white ring, followed by a light blue cloud and underneath is the cosmic effect of the axe on the ground.

Skill effects

Similar to Frostfang, Astralaria also has skill changes.

Kill animations
  • Default damage type is Ice.
  • Enemies killed by Astralaria will display chilled death animations.