List of weapons with an unusual damage type

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The following is an overview of weapon skins and specific weapons featuring a base damage type other than Physical. The damage types of the items and their skins is shown in their API entries.

Skins that apply damage on transmutation
Name Weapon type Damage type
Astralaria.png Astralaria Axe Ice
Bolt.png Bolt Sword Lightning
Fiery Dragon Sword.png Fiery Dragon Sword Sword Fire
Frostfang.png Frostfang Axe Ice
Incinerator.png Incinerator Dagger Fire
Meteorlogicus.png Meteorlogicus Scepter Lightning
Rodgort.png Rodgort Torch Fire
The Predator.png The Predator Rifle Fire
Pharus.png Pharus Longbow Fire
Antonina.png Antonina Scepter Choking
Sikandar.png Sikandar Mace Choking
Touch of Madness.png Touch of Madness Torch Fire
Soul Conductor.png Soul Conductor Sword Lightning
The Cure.png The Cure Dagger Choking
Touch of Fog.png Touch of Fog Torch Fire
Ashfall.png Ashfall Shortbow Choking
Ironsight Bolt Thrower.png Ironsight Rifle Lightning
Flamewaker.png Flamewaker Staff Fire
Voice of Metal.png Voice of Metal Warhorn Fire
Ash Legion Flamesaw.png Ash Legion Flamesaw Greatsword Fire
Blood Legion Flamesaw.png Blood Legion Flamesaw Greatsword Fire
Flame Legion Flamesaw.png Flame Legion Flamesaw Greatsword Fire
Iron Legion Flamesaw.png Iron Legion Flamesaw Greatsword Fire
Steel Warband Flamesaw.png Steel Warband Flamesaw Greatsword Fire
Steel Warband Longshot.png Steel Warband Longshot Rifle Fire
Steel Warband Pistol.png Steel Warband Pistol Pistol Fire
Steel Warband Staff.png Steel Warband Staff Staff Fire
Raven's Eye.png Raven's Eye Scepter Fire
Still Waters Fishing Rod.png Still Waters Fishing Rod Staff Ice
Shining Aureate Sconce.png Shining Aureate Sconce Torch Fire
Forged weapons Various Fire
Luminous weapons Various Fire
Royal Flame weapons Various Fire
Wintergreen weapons Various Ice
Glitched Adventure weapons Various Lightning

The following weapons have a damage type in the base weapon, but their skin has a different damage type (most of them Physical), so transmuting their skin will not apply the damage to other weapons.

Weapons with a base damage type
Name Weapon type Damage type
Arkhalos.png Arkhalos Mace Choking
Augury of Death (weapon).png Augury of Death Sword Choking
Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector.png Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector Shield Choking
Ley Guard's Revolver.png Berserker's Ley Guard's Revolver Pistol Choking
Lightward's Battlehammer.png Berserker's Lightward's Battlehammer Hammer Choking
Lightward's Battlestaff.png Berserker's Lightward's Battlestaff Staff Choking
Great Capra.png Great Capra Longbow Choking
Opulent Defender.png Opulent Defender Shield Choking
Velocitas Eradico.png Velocitas Eradico Rifle Choking
Berserker's Ebb.png Berserker's Ebb Sword Choking
Berserker's Flow.png Berserker's Flow Warhorn Choking
Might of Brauer.png Might of Brauer Hammer Choking
Kingmaker.png Kingmaker Dagger Choking
Asef's Brew.png Asef's Brew Focus Choking
Barud's Blunderbuss.png Barud's Blunderbuss Rifle Choking
Branded Eye of Argon.png Branded Eye of Argon Shield Choking
Darkspear.png Darkspear Staff Choking
Inquest Mega-Spanner.png Inquest Mega-Spanner Hammer Choking
Inquest Tuning Rod.png Inquest Tuning Rod Staff Choking
Olmakhan Beacon.png Olmakhan Beacon Torch Choking
Phase Scalpel.png Phase Scalpel Dagger Choking
Randa's Eviscerator.png Randa's Eviscerator Axe Choking
Staff of the Inevitable.png Staff of the Inevitable Staff Choking
Sunscythe.png Sunscythe Staff Choking
Sunspear Standard.png Sunspear Staff Choking
Dandy Bluster.png Dandy Bluster Pistol Choking
Ancestral Guard.png Ancestral Guard Shield Choking
Azimuth.png Azimuth Staff Choking
Broken Caladbolg.png Broken Caladbolg Sword Choking
Feline Holoscepter.png Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter Scepter Choking
Old Ascalon.png Old Ascalon Sword Choking
Modniir Stinger.png Olmakhan Bow of Force Shortbow Choking
Oni Blade.png Oni Blade Greatsword Choking
Rockcrusher.png Rockcrusher Mace Choking
Salvation (weapon).png Salvation Greatsword Choking
Scion's Claw.png Scion's Claw Sword Choking
True Mettle.png True Mettle Pistol Choking
Auric weapons Various Choking
Chak weapons Various Choking
Machined weapons Various Choking
Mordrem weapons Various Choking
Plated weapons Various Choking
Shimmering weapons Various Choking
Tenebrous weapons Various Choking
Awakened weapons Various Choking
Mordant weapons Various Choking
Named Mordant weapons Various Choking
Elonian weapons Various Choking
Sunspear weapons Various Choking
Named Sunspear weapons Various Choking
Funerary weapons Various Choking
Forged weapons Various Choking
Dwarven weapons Various Choking
Dragonsblood weapons Various Choking
Heroic Dragonsblood weapons Various Choking
Restored Boreal weapons Various Choking
Illuminated Boreal weapons Various Choking