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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skin unlocked in the wardrobe. For the weapon, see Incinerator.


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Legendary weapons
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Incinerator is a Legendary weapon skin.



  • Base damage type is Fire. Enemies killed by Incinerator will display burning death animations.
  • The blade is made of flame like that from a welding torch.
  • The player's footprints leave fire.
  • The arm holding the dagger is on fire.
  • Attacks cause a cosmetic burst of flame on the target.
  • The incinerator emits light while drawn, illuminating the area around the player in dark areas.
  • Fire twirls around the user when initially drawn.

Special Changes for Elementalists:

  • Dragon's Claw Flings Incinerator blades instead of the claw-shaped fire projectiles.
  • Vapor Blade throws a returning Incinerator instead of the regular water model, Incinerator will disappear from the players hands until the animation returns.
  • Magnetic Grasp throws Incinerator at the target.

Special Changes for Thieves:

  • Dancing Dagger throws Incinerator instead of the regular dagger model. (if held in offhand)
  • Shadow Shot shoots Incinerator instead of using the regular shot animation.
  • Trail of Knives throws Incinerators when downed. (if held in mainhand slot)
  • Whirl Combos such as Death Blossom spray Incinerators in all directions.
  • Projectile stolen skills such as Throw Gunk throws Incinerator instead of the normal projectile.

Special Changes for Necromancers:

  • Necrotic Bite loses the Bite animation.
  • Life Blast throws Incinerator instead of the regular model. (if held in main hand)
  • Dark Path sends out Incinerator instead of the dark claw. (if held in main hand)
  • Deathly Swarm throws Incinerator instead of an insect swarm that bounces between foes.

Special Changes for Rangers: