The Predator (skin)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skin unlocked in the wardrobe. For the weapon, see The Predator.
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The Predator

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Legendary weapons
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The Predator is a Legendary weapon skin.



  • Base damage type is Fire.
  • New audio when shooting making it resemble a sci-fi energy weapon. Projectile gains a red glow.
  • Burst of fire at the barrel when fired.
  • Causes small explosions at footstep (when weapon is active).
  • Creates a red glow around character when weapon is active.
Regarding Engineer skills
  • Hip Shot and Jump Shot both create the unique firing sound effect.
  • Only projectiles from Hip Shot and Throw Junk are unique. All other skills animate identical to when any other rifle is in use.
  • Grenade Barrage with the Grenadier trait fires glowing red projectiles with a new sound effect and displays its effect regardless of whether The Predator is currently equipped. This effect will occur even if a kit is currently active.
  • Throw Junk of the engineer downed skills, throws out a glowing red projectile.
  • Packaged Antitoxin throws out a glowing red projectile.
  • Static Discharge will oftentimes produce the unique projectile effect in place of the lightning bolt.
  • All other skills, kits and tool belt abilities do not have any unique animations or sound effects when using The Predator. Throw Wrench, throwing turrets, elixirs and medkits no longer have any bonus effects tied to them.