Cowrie League Wood Crate

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Cowrie League Wood Crate.png

Cowrie League Wood Crate

Item type
Account Bound
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Can contain hard and seasoned wood logs.
Purchase from renown region karma merchants across the Crystal Desert with trade contracts.
Find trade contracts in chests and lost supplies.

— In-game description


Gathered from[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Aksim Aksim The Sinking Ruins Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Amusement Adjunct Cagri Amusement Adjunct Cagri Garden of Seborhin Domain of Vabbi 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Awakened Servant Tooraj Awakened Servant Tooraj Vehjin Mines Domain of Vabbi 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Distinguished Professor Nazimi Distinguished Professor Nazimi Vehtendi Academy Domain of Vabbi 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Dunkoro Dunkoro Lair of the Forgotten The Desolation 50 Trade contract + 630 Karma
Ebele Ebele Arid Gladefields Elon Riverlands 50 Trade contract + 630 Karma
Fallen Awakened Soldier Fallen Awakened Soldier The Foundry Domain of Vabbi 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Follower Dawnwynn Follower Dawnwynn Augury Rock Elon Riverlands 50 Trade contract + 630 Karma
Kisha Odili Kisha Odili The Bonestrand The Desolation 50 Trade contract + 630 Karma
Mehmet Mehmet Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Melilla Melilla Stampede Uplands Desert Highlands 50 Trade contract + 630 Karma
Priest Hakim Priest Hakim Elona Reach Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma
Tendaji Tendaji Diviner's Reach Desert Highlands 50 Trade Contract + 630 Karma



  • Based on the drop rate research, a Cowrie League Wood Crate is currently worth (TP buy price) and (TP sell price).Disclaimer
Rate Drop TP sell price (including taxes) Subtotal
4 Hard Wood Log.pngHard Wood Log ... ...
2.026 Seasoned Wood Log.pngSeasoned Wood Log ... ...
Grand total ...