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Kill the Awakened Defiler

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Kill the Awakened Defiler is the main repeating event in the Claim the Guild Hall meta event in Windswept Haven. This event will spawn either one, or multiple Champion Awakened Defilers (depending on the group size) throughout the map. Each wave of Defiler has a limited time to be defeated. Failing to kill the Awakened Defilers will decrease the Crystal's remain energy level bar. If this bar is emptied up, all players will be removed from the instance and need to restart.

In order to succeed this portion of the meta-event, 5 waves of Awakened Defilers will need to be defeated.


  • Corruption Complete in: 4:30
  • Champion Awakened Defiler
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png





Hashim: Welcome to Windswept Haven, Commander. Even for your guild, this is likely to be a tough fight.
Hashim: ???
Hashim: We can't let them ruin this place before we can even explore it.
Hashim: We don't have much time before the haven become unihabitable. We have to hurry!
Hashim: I'm sure that your guild can handle this. Let's go!
Hashim: Might be a better idea to split up.
Hashim: Take out a canid, and expose a defiler.