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Battle of Kyhlo[edit]

ID Link Location
1100 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point
1101 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point

Forest of Niflhel[edit]

ID Link Location
1102 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point
1103 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point

Heart of the Mists[edit]

ID Link Location
1355 Point of interest.pngElsinarr Battlements
1356 Point of interest.pngFallen Halls of Glory
1357 Point of interest.pngObrin Ruins
1358 Point of interest.pngForest of Aarden
1359 Point of interest.pngHarfler Training Range
1360 Point of interest.pngLost Agora Square
ID Link Location
1046 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPvP Lobby Waypoint
1353 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPortal to Lion's Arch
1354 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCombat Training Waypoint
2520 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMarket Waypoint
2521 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSiege Training Waypoint
2522 Waypoint (tango icon).pngArena Waypoint

Legacy of the Foefire[edit]

ID Link Location
1264 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point
1265 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point

Raid on the Capricorn[edit]

ID Link Location
1217 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point
1218 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point

Spirit Watch[edit]

ID Link Location
1782 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point
1783 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point

Temple of the Silent Storm[edit]

ID Link Location
1745 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point
1747 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point


ID Link Location
1797 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue Team Rally Point
1798 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed Team Rally Point


Blue Alpine Borderlands[edit]

ID Link Location
1311 Point of interest.pngSpiritholme Crossroads
1312 Point of interest.pngAskalion Bastion
1313 Point of interest.pngStargrove Mill
1314 Point of interest.pngBattle's Hollow
1315 Point of interest.pngBrownmane Camp
1316 Point of interest.pngBlue Alpine Bastion
1317 Point of interest.pngChampion's Orchard
1318 Point of interest.pngGreenwater Village
1319 Point of interest.pngChitterogg Camp
1320 Point of interest.pngAscension Bastion
1321 Point of interest.pngGodslore Quarry
1322 Point of interest.pngRedbriar Tower
1323 Point of interest.pngGreenlake Tower
1324 Point of interest.pngWoodhaven Tower
1325 Point of interest.pngDawn's Tower
1326 Point of interest.pngRedvale Workshop
ID Link Location
1235 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAscension Bay Waypoint
1236 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Red> Border Waypoint
1237 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Blue> Garrison Waypoint
1238 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCitadel Waypoint
1239 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAskalion Hills Waypoint
1240 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Green> Border Waypoint
2322 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Blue> Garrison Emergency Waypoint
2324 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDawn's Eyrie Emergency Waypoint
2328 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAskalion Hills Emergency Waypoint
2339 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWoodhaven Tower Emergency Waypoint
2341 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRedbriar Tower Emergency Waypoint
2348 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGreenlake Tower Emergency Waypoint
2351 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAscension Bay Emergency Waypoint
ID Link Location
1424 Vista.pngAscension Bastion Vista
1425 Vista.pngWoodhaven Tower Vista
1426 Vista.png<Red> Border Vista
1427 Vista.pngTemple of Lost Prayers Vista
1428 Vista.pngChampion's Orchard Vista
1429 Vista.png<Blue> Garrison Vista
1430 Vista.png<Blue> Citadel Vista
1431 Vista.pngDevilheart Lake Vista
1432 Vista.pngGreenwater Village Vista
1433 Vista.pngAskalion Bastion Vista

Eternal Battlegrounds[edit]

ID Link Location
990 Point of interest.pngStonemist Keep
991 Point of interest.pngGreat Northern Gate
992 Point of interest.pngGreat Eastern Gate
993 Point of interest.pngGreat Western Gate
994 Point of interest.pngBlue World Keep
995 Point of interest.pngDurios Post
996 Point of interest.pngUmberglade Mill
997 Point of interest.pngLangor Tower
998 Point of interest.pngBravost Tower
999 Point of interest.pngDanelon Mine
1000 Point of interest.pngQuentin Post
1001 Point of interest.pngDragoss Kraal
1002 Point of interest.pngNovotl Grounds
1003 Point of interest.pngRed World Keep
1004 Point of interest.pngAnzalias Post
1005 Point of interest.pngSpeldan Mill
1006 Point of interest.pngVeloka Tower
1007 Point of interest.pngMendon's Tower
1008 Point of interest.pngPangloss Mine
1009 Point of interest.pngOgrewatch Post
1010 Point of interest.pngMolevek Works
1011 Point of interest.pngGreen World Keep
1012 Point of interest.pngKlovan Post
1013 Point of interest.pngGolanta Mill
1014 Point of interest.pngJerrifer's Tower
1015 Point of interest.pngAldon's Tower
1016 Point of interest.pngRogue's Quarry
1017 Point of interest.pngWildcreek Post
ID Link Location
1018 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlue World Hill Waypoint
1019 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRed World Hill Waypoint
1020 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGreen World Hill Waypoint
1213 Waypoint (tango icon).pngStonemist Waypoint
1214 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOverlook Waypoint
1215 Waypoint (tango icon).pngValley Waypoint
1216 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLowlands Waypoint
2103 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLangor Gulch Emergency Waypoint
2109 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAldon's Ledge Emergency Waypoint
2134 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAnzalias Pass Emergency Waypoint
2145 Waypoint (tango icon).pngKlovan Gully Emergency Waypoint
2148 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOgrewatch Cut Emergency Waypoint
2154 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBravost Escarpment Emergency Waypoint
2217 Waypoint (tango icon).pngVeloka Slope Emergency Waypoint
2228 Waypoint (tango icon).pngStonemist Castle Emergency Waypoint
2243 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOverlook Emergency Waypoint
2252 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLowlands Emergency Waypoint
2253 Waypoint (tango icon).pngQuentin Lake Emergency Waypoint
2263 Waypoint (tango icon).pngJerrifer's Slough Emergency Waypoint
2267 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDurios Gulch Emergency Waypoint
2275 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMendon's Gap Emergency Waypoint
2280 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWildcreek Run Emergency Waypoint
2293 Waypoint (tango icon).pngValley Emergency Waypoint
ID Link Location
1520 Vista.pngStonemist Castle Vista
1521 Vista.png<Blue> Keep Vista
1522 Vista.png<Green> Keep Vista
1523 Vista.pngDragos Kraal Vista
1524 Vista.pngAnzalias Post Vista
1525 Vista.png<Red> Keep Vista
1529 Vista.pngJerrifer's Tower Vista
1530 Vista.pngVeloka Tower Vista
1531 Vista.pngDurios Post Vista
1532 Vista.pngLangor Tower Vista

Green Alpine Borderlands[edit]

ID Link Location
1327 Point of interest.pngDreadfall Bastion
1328 Point of interest.pngShadaran Bastion
1329 Point of interest.pngTitanpaw Crossroads
1330 Point of interest.pngGreen Alpine Bastion
1331 Point of interest.pngFoghaven Mill
1332 Point of interest.pngBattle's Hollow
1333 Point of interest.pngEboneigh Camp
1334 Point of interest.pngSunnyhill Tower
1335 Point of interest.pngCragtop Tower
1336 Point of interest.pngBluevale Workshop
1337 Point of interest.pngHero's Orchard
1338 Point of interest.pngRedwater Village
1339 Point of interest.pngNeuskrittia Camp
1340 Point of interest.pngFaithleap Quarry
1341 Point of interest.pngBluebriar Tower
1342 Point of interest.pngRedlake Tower
ID Link Location
1241 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDreadfall Bay Waypoint
1242 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Blue> Border Waypoint
1243 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Green> Garrison Waypoint
1244 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCitadel Waypoint
1245 Waypoint (tango icon).pngShadaran Hills Waypoint
1246 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Red> Border Waypoint
2325 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCragtop Emergency Waypoint
2337 Waypoint (tango icon).pngShadaran Hills Emergency Waypoint
2338 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRedlake Tower Emergency Waypoint
2343 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSunnyhill Tower Emergency Waypoint
2345 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBluebriar Tower Emergency Waypoint
2347 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Green> Garrison Emergency Waypoint
2350 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDreadfall Bay Emergency Waypoint
ID Link Location
1434 Vista.pngShadaran Bastion Vista
1435 Vista.pngRedwater Village Vista
1436 Vista.pngDaemonspell Lake Vista
1437 Vista.png<Green> Citadel Vista
1438 Vista.png<Green> Garrison Vista
1439 Vista.pngHero's Orchard Vista
1440 Vista.pngTemple of Lost Prayers Vista
1441 Vista.png<Blue> Border Vista
1442 Vista.pngSunnyhill Tower Vista
1443 Vista.pngDreadfall Bastion Vista

Red Desert Borderlands[edit]

ID Link Location
2089 Point of interest.pngBoettiger's Hideaway
2115 Point of interest.pngOsprey's Palace
2117 Point of interest.pngParched Outpost
2118 Point of interest.pngTikitecki Scratch
2182 Point of interest.pngBlistering Undercroft
2190 Point of interest.pngMcLain's Encampment
2191 Point of interest.pngCrankshaft Depot
2196 Point of interest.pngEmberfang Crag
2197 Point of interest.pngEternal Necropolis
2223 Point of interest.pngStoic Rampart
2225 Point of interest.pngHamm's Lab
2259 Point of interest.pngDustwhisper Well
2271 Point of interest.pngO'del Academy
2291 Point of interest.pngBauer Farmstead
2294 Point of interest.pngRoy's Refuge
2307 Point of interest.pngCalmbasin Oasis
ID Link Location
2091 Waypoint (tango icon).pngStoic Rampart Emergency Waypoint
2100 Waypoint (tango icon).pngParched Outpost Emergency Waypoint
2150 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOsprey's Palace Waypoint
2187 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Blue> Border Waypoint
2195 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOsprey's Palace Emergency Waypoint
2207 Waypoint (tango icon).pngO'del Academy Emergency Waypoint
2209 Waypoint (tango icon).pngEternal Necropolis Emergency Waypoint
2221 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlistering Undercroft Waypoint
2244 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCrankshaft Depot Emergency Waypoint
2247 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Green> Border Waypoint
2248 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBlistering Undercroft Emergency Waypoint
2276 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCitadel Waypoint
2301 Waypoint (tango icon).pngStoic Rampart Waypoint
2307 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCentral Oasis Waypoint
ID Link Location
2122 Vista.pngEternal Necropolis Vista
2137 Vista.pngOsprey's Palace Vista
2141 Vista.pngCrankshaft Depot Vista
2153 Vista.pngCalmbasin Oasis Vista
2185 Vista.pngHamm's Lab Vista
2194 Vista.pngParched Outpost Vista
2227 Vista.pngBauer Farmstead Vista
2269 Vista.pngBlistering Undercroft Vista
2295 Vista.pngBoettiger's Hideaway Vista
2306 Vista.pngStoic Rampart Vista

Red Alpine Borderlands (Historical)[edit]

ID Link Location
1295 Point of interest.pngEtheron Bastion
1296 Point of interest.pngBattle's Hollow
1297 Point of interest.pngBlackwicker Camp
1298 Point of interest.pngGodsword Crossroads
1299 Point of interest.pngDreaming Bastion
1300 Point of interest.pngAstralholme Mill
1301 Point of interest.pngChitaritta Camp
1302 Point of interest.pngRed Alpine Bastion
1303 Point of interest.pngBluewater Village
1304 Point of interest.pngVictor's Orchard
1305 Point of interest.pngBluelake Tower
1306 Point of interest.pngLongview Tower
1307 Point of interest.pngCliffside Tower
1308 Point of interest.pngGreenvale Workshop
1309 Point of interest.pngArah's Quarry
1310 Point of interest.pngGreenbriar Tower
ID Link Location
1223 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Green> Border Waypoint
1224 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDreaming Bay Waypoint
1225 Waypoint (tango icon).png<Blue> Border Waypoint
1226 Waypoint (tango icon).pngEtheron Hills Waypoint
1227 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGarrison Waypoint
1228 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCitadel Waypoint
ID Link Location
1414 Vista.pngEtheron Bastion Vista
1415 Vista.pngBluewater Village Vista
1416 Vista.pngDemontrance Lake Vista
1417 Vista.png<Red> Citadel Vista
1418 Vista.png<Red> Garrison Vista
1419 Vista.pngVictor's Orchard Vista
1420 Vista.pngTemple of Lost Prayers Vista
1421 Vista.png<Green> Border Vista
1422 Vista.pngLongview Tower Vista
1423 Vista.pngDreaming Bastion Vista

Obsidian Sanctum[edit]

ID Link Location
1794 Waypoint (tango icon).pngObsidian Sanctum Waypoint
1795 Waypoint (tango icon).pngObsidian Sanctum Waypoint
1796 Waypoint (tango icon).pngObsidian Sanctum Waypoint

Edge of the Mists[edit]

ID Link Location
1843 Point of interest.pngArid Fortress
1844 Point of interest.pngArid Fortress Reactor
1845 Point of interest.pngInferno's Needle Reactor
1846 Point of interest.pngOvergrown Fane Reactor
1847 Point of interest.pngStonegaze Spire Reactor
1848 Point of interest.pngThunder Hollow Reactor
1849 Point of interest.pngTytone Perch Reactor
1850 Point of interest.pngForge
1851 Point of interest.pngShrine
1852 Point of interest.pngBell Tower
1853 Point of interest.pngTytone Perch
1854 Point of interest.pngThunder Hollow
1855 Point of interest.pngWurm Tunnel
1856 Point of interest.pngWorkshop
1857 Point of interest.pngAirport
1858 Point of interest.pngInferno's Needle
1860 Point of interest.pngStatuary
1861 Point of interest.pngObservatory
1862 Point of interest.pngAltar
1863 Point of interest.pngStonegaze Spire
1864 Point of interest.pngOvergrown Fane
ID Link Location
1859 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOvergrowth Safe Zone Waypoint
1865 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFrostreach Safe Zone Waypoint
1866 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBadlands Safe Zone Waypoint
1867 Waypoint (tango icon).pngArid Fortress Waypoint
1868 Waypoint (tango icon).pngThunder Hollow Waypoint
1869 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOvergrown Fane Waypoint