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The ArenaNet Partner Program is a program that helps content creators grow and continue creating and sharing their videos, livestreams, blogs, websites, apps, podcasts, fan art and cosplay. The goal is to support and give visibility to content creators, share their creations, and make others aware of them.

Members of this program will be given gem currency on a regular basis for the only purpose of distributing to their followers through contests or other means. Members will also each have their own referral code for the game's purchase. Any purchase performed through that member's referral code will yield a return to the member.

Select members are also given the chance to interact with the game developers through select activities and at certain events.


  • Be an active Guild Wars 2 content creator
  • Link to the permanent place where the creations live (URL of the blog, YouTube or Twitch channel, DeviantArt profile, Facebook page, ...)
  • Sign up

Current ArenaNet Partners[edit]

As of May 1st 2017, there are 91 ArenaNet Partners. Each partner will have either a Twitch Channel, a YouTube Channel, a Website, or some combination of the 3 where they share their content.

ArenaNet Partner Twitch channel YouTube channel Website
Ahikocake Twitch Website
Ashuvidz Twitch YouTube Website
Aurora Peachy Twitch YouTube
AyinMaiden Twitch YouTube Website
Baderas YouTube
Bast_50 Twitch
Bodydoc Twitch
Bog Otter Twitch YouTube
Casual_joker Twitch
Choxie808 Twitch
Chronicles of Tyria Website
Corvus YouTube
Couchteamgaming Twitch
Dawnwhispergaming Twitch
DeroirGaming Twitch YouTube
Docgotgame Twitch
Durden Twitch
DZFM YouTube
Elfhorys Twitch
FariFariNos YouTube
Fashion Fuchs Twitch
Five Gauge Twitch
Fureur Twitch Website
Gladomer Twitch
Guild Wars 2 Spain Website
GuildMag Twitch Website
Guildnews Twitch Website Website Twitch Website
GW2Shop Website
Hanumancer YouTube
Helseth Twitch
Honeyball Twitch YouTube
Jazzxman Twitch YouTube
Jebro Twitch YouTube
Joe Nowasell "Storm" Twitch
Joethemiz Twitch
joinjess Twitch
Kamirose Twitch
Keyba Twitch
Kazhamania YouTube
Korza Twitch
Kroof Gaming YouTube
LadyShark23 Twitch YouTube
Le Bus Magique Website
Luality Twitch
lykketroll_ Twitch
Lynxaria Twitch
Malferian Twitch
MightyTeapot Twitch YouTube
Mikei the Mighty Twitch YouTube
MMOInks Twitch YouTube
Mofledoll Twitch YouTube
MrAuronTV YouTube
Mukluk Twitch YouTube
NerdKitten Twitch
NicoLeChti YouTube
Nike_dnt Twitch
Noscoc Twitch
okrad064 Twitch YouTube
OmGlitzy Twitch
Phantaram Twitch
Poxe7HD YouTube
ProperPlay Twitch Youtube
Raychul Moore Twitch
Reihn Twitch YouTube
RejjaOnAir Twitch YouTube
Revenant 4Gamers Twitch YouTube
RisingSunGaming YouTube
RonClaude Twitch
RPG Shack Twitch YouTube
Sanctuary of Wolves Twitch
Seth Hendrix YouTube
shadiz_live Twitch
Sindrenerr Twitch
Sugar Wraith YouTube
Sywo San YouTube
TakeoGW2 YouTube
Tekkit's Workshop Twitch YouTube
Tellawe Twitch
The Krytan Herald YouTube
TheJuliaTrin Twitch YouTube
TheVexios Twitch
TiffyMissWiffy Twitch YouTube
Varolete YouTube
Welc Youtube
Wilson Storm Twitch
Wooden Potatoes Twitch YouTube
WorldofEnders Twitch YouTube
Wubdor Twitch
Wuschelcore Twitch YouTube
Xeberneth Twitch
YourFriendMarvin Twitch
YukieKoori YouTube
Zeyne YouTube

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