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The ArenaNet Partner Program is a program that helps content creators grow and continue creating and sharing their videos, livestreams, blogs, websites, apps, podcasts, fan art and cosplay. The goal is to support and give visibility to content creators, share their creations, and make others aware of them.

Members of this program will be given gem currency on a regular basis for the only purpose of distributing to their followers through contests or other means. Members will also each have their own referral code for the game's purchase. Any purchase performed through that member's referral code will yield a return to the member.

Select members are also given the chance to interact with the game developers through select activities and at certain events.


  • Be an active Guild Wars 2 content creator
  • Link to the permanent place where the creations live (URL of the blog, YouTube or Twitch channel, DeviantArt profile, Facebook page, ...)
  • Sign up

Current ArenaNet Partners[edit]

As of Dec 7th 2020, there are 197 ArenaNet Partners. Each partner will have either a Twitch Channel, a YouTube Channel, a Website, or some combination of the 3 where they share their content.

ArenaNet Partner Twitch channel YouTube channel Website
[ART] 23Snails Website
[ART] Aketan Website
[ART] Alba Palacio Website
[ART] Alexandre Couadou Website
[ART] Anneliese Mak Website
[ART] Aun Hana Website
[ART] Casondra Logan Website
[ART] Changer The Elder Website
[ART] Ciorane Website
[ART] Dies Vitae Website
[ART] Fiaoradd Website
[ART] Flesh Gardens Website
[ART] Florian Moncomble Website
[ART] Gears2Gnomes Website
[ART] Grace Zhu Website
[ART] Henry Website
[ART] Htg17 Website
[ART] Idaida Website
[ART] Ink4roo Website
[ART] Isvoc-art / Poltergeistart Website
[ART] Jaqueline Florencio Website
[ART] Jeex Website
[ART] Jimmy Saadoun Website
[ART] Kedemel Website
[ART] Keilink Website
[ART] Kinixuki Website
[ART] Ki-Re Website
[ART] Kme Twitch
[ART] Kobold Website
[ART] La Website
[ART] Landylachs Website
[ART] Marius Bota Website
[ART] M-hourglass Website
[ART] Mike Nash Website
[ART] Mohammad Qureshi Website
[ART] Olie Website
[ART] Owlma Website
[ART] Pejntboks Website
[ART] Peregyr Website
[ART] Qesque Website
[ART] Rin Elenika Website
[ART] Robynn Frauhn Twitch
[ART] Rurush Ichi Website
[ART] Sarianne Website
[ART] Senkkei Website
[ART] Shunkaku Website
[ART] Shuuzaar Website
[ART] Skaven Zverov - Adam Isailovic Website
[ART] Tealful Eyes Website
[ART] Tetraethyl Website
[ART] Thalbachin Website
[ART] Thunderpot Website
[ART] Travis Purvis Website
[ART] Vasburg Website
[ART] Weston T Jones Website
[ART] Wojtek Depczynski Website
[ART] Xghastx Website
[ART] Yanli Wang Website
[ART] Yuikami Website
[ART] Zellk Website
[ART] Zettanoia Website
[ART] ZombiDJ Website
[ART] Zorav Website
Aelfyn Twitch
Ahikocake Twitch
AKCSL Twitch
Anaxiacephas Twitch
Angryzorric Twitch
Aralis Twitch
ArihMoon Twitch
Ashen Twitch YouTube
Aurora Peachy Twitch YouTube
AyinMaiden Twitch YouTube
Baderas YouTube
Bald & Bearded Twitch YouTube
Bast_50 Twitch
Battle Efficiency Website
Bird Of Chess Twitch
Bog Otter Twitch YouTube
Bourrinator Twitch
Brialeigh Twitch
Casual_joker Twitch
Chickenooble YouTube
Choxie808 Twitch
Chronicles of Tyria Website
Cookie Twitch
Cosmic Jelly Bean YouTube
Couchteamgaming Twitch
Das Krokodil Twitch YouTube
Dawnwhisper Twitch
DeroirGaming Twitch
Djungueule Twitch
Docgotgame Twitch
Durden Twitch
DZFM Twitch
Elfhorys Twitch
Elloa Wendy Twitch
Eminyaa Twitch
FariFariNos Twitch YouTube
Fashionfuchs Twitch
Five Gauge Twitch
Gameoliodan Twitch YouTube
Gladomer Twitch
Glitzy Twitch
Gods of PvP Twitch
GRM Adrian YouTube
Guild Jen YouTube Website
Guild Wars 2 Mists Website
GuildNews Website
GW2 Efficiency Website Website Website
GW2Shop Website
Historien Atis YouTube
Honeyball Twitch YouTube
Jazzxman Twitch YouTube
Jebro Twitch
Join Jess Twitch
Kamirose Twitch
Kang Gaming Twitch
Kazhamania YouTube
Keyba Twitch
Kona Klärt YouTube
Kyosika YouTube
LadyShark23 YouTube
Le Bus Magique Twitch YouTube Website
Le Froudactyl YouTube
Lucky Noobs Website
Mage Mater YouTube
Makina YouTube
Mela Twitch
Micka Gamer Twitch
MightyTeapot Twitch
MissAmarii Twitch
MMOShards YouTube
MofleDoll Twitch
MrAuronTV YouTube
Mukluk Twitch
Naferla YouTube
Nekomuraa Twitch
NicoLeChti YouTube
Nike_dnt Twitch
Noscoc Twitch
Okrad 064 YouTube
Plenyx YouTube
Poxe7HD YouTube
ProperPlay Twitch
QMGSaint Twitch
Raevynn_ Twitch
Raychul Moore Twitch
Reaygun Twitch YouTube
Rediche Twitch YouTube
Reihn YouTube
RejjaOnAir Twitch YouTube
Retrolove TV Twitch YouTube
Revenant 4Gamers Twitch YouTube
Rheyo Twitch YouTube
RisingSunGaming YouTube
Roelski YouTube
ROM Twitch
Roy Twitch
RPG Alex Twitch
RyuTheRed Twitch
Samajestay Twitch YouTube
Sanctuary of Wolves Twitch
SebGa Twitch
Shayrianna Twitch
Sindrener Twitch
Slaydra Twitch
Snow Crows Website
TakeoGW2 YouTube
Tatsuota Twitch
Taurenbreezy Twitch
Techniq Twitch
Tekkit's Workshop YouTube
The Cryophoenix Twitch
The Krytan Herald YouTube
TheJuliaTrin Twitch YouTube
TheVexios Twitch
Tiffymisswiffy Twitch YouTube
Tigerpfoetchen Twitch
TinyBlueGames YouTube
Uncle Skarzi Twitch
Undeadplaying Twitch
Valkyria Twitch
Varolete YouTube
Waffle Twitch
WorldofEnders YouTube
Wuschelcore Twitch YouTube
Xeberneth Twitch
YayItsKate Twitch
Yinfay Twitch
YourFriendMarvin Twitch
YukieKoori YouTube
Zeyne YouTube

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