Casualties of the assault against Mordremoth

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A handful of makeshift monuments are encountered scattered throughout the Heart of Thorns jungle, inscribed with the names of many who have fallen in the campaign to defeat Mordremoth. The text on each monument is written in New Krytan.


Heart of Maguuma


Casualties listed[edit]

Verdant Brink (Order of Whispers)[edit]

  • Ajan the Wolf, Agent—Sylvari—Fell to his death exploring
  • Ella Tassinari, Initiate—Human—Lost in the jungle
  • Haroochoo, Cook—Quaggan—Died in the line of duty
  • Ingwe Aman, Cook—Human—Victim of bloodstone dust poisoning
  • Kalevala Ilarinen, Agent—Norn—Stung to death by bees
  • Karss, Agent—Asura—Fell to his death exploring
  • Leizua'Niruoc, Agent—Skritt—Stung to death by bees
  • Marcus Andarrin, Scout—Human—Fell to his death exploring
  • Ray Vissar, Scout—Human—Fell to his death exploring
  • Seiken Gwen, Slayer—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Sorin the Always Lost, Scout—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Synthia Midwinter, Agent—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Thonna, Scout—Asura—Fell to her death exploring
  • Vala Firiath, Scout—Human—Fell to her death exploring
  • Yaine Solaris, Slayer—Human—Killed by saurians
  • Zuki, Keeper—Asura—Fell to her death exploring

Auric Basin (Durmand Priory)[edit]

  • Avelana, Explorer—Sylvari—Died collecting Mordrem samples
  • Chyll, Explorer—Asura—Fell to his death exploring
  • Cla Dragontalon, Cook—Charr—Died in an airship crash
  • Dwokk—Asura—Killed by wyverns
  • Fens, Demolitionist—Asura—Killed by explosive ordnance
  • Fusa, Quartermaster—Sylvari—Died defending the helpless
  • Harlo Jonendottir, Pilot—Norn—Stung to death by bees
  • Kellyn Healer—Sylvari—Died defending the helpless
  • Optissa White, Scout—Human—Died fighting Mordrem
  • Orim, Historian—Grawl—Lost in the jungle
  • Pipo the Cat, Scholar—Asura—Fell to his death exploring
  • Ravv, Explorer—Asura—Stung to death by bees
  • Sions Sagpson, Scout—Human—Stung by bees, fell to his death
  • Squiss, Scout—Quaggan—Stung to death by bees
  • Teris, Weaponsmith—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Teson, Scout—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Tyrra, Analyst—Asura—Killed by explosive ordnance
  • Warbb, Pilot—Asura—Fell to his death exploring

Tangled Depths (Vigil)[edit]

  • Deinos Elessan, Crusader—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Greibach, Tactician—Sylvari—Fell to his death exploring
  • Jono the Baker, Cook—Human—Killed by saurians
  • Jule Giliw, Scout—Sylvari—Died defending the helpless
  • Leroy Jaymin, Crusader—Human—Died fighting Mordrem
  • Lily Kyruna, Medic—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Loren Michael, Crusader—Human—Fell to his death exploring
  • Pluxx, Scout—Asura—Lost in the jungle
  • Rebeka Von Etto, Pilot—Human—Died fighting Mordrem
  • Sigrir Dauethinn, Scout—Norn—Died defending the helpless
  • Solveig Harmonia, Medic—Human—Died fighting Mordrem
  • Thierry Dehrogon, Scout—Human—Fell to his death exploring

Dragon's Stand ("In Memoriam")[edit]

  • Aly Katzen, Cook—Human—Stung to death by bees
  • Danielle Urorel, Exemplar—Human—Stung to death by bees
  • Edward Wiseowl, Scout—Human—Killed by saurians
  • Fydor Heramon, Medic—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Hagar Graywolf—Norn—Died defending the helpless
  • Jis'chi, Scout—Skritt—Fell to her death exploring
  • Lilian Luzwin, Scout—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Lilye—Asura—Lost in the jungle
  • Lina, Volunteer medic—Human—Lost in the jungle
  • Nok Aru the Bear, Scout—Pet—Lost in the jungle
  • Sanna Georgsdottir, Scout—Norn—Killed by wyverns
  • Segren Din Cator, Scout—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Shena Ain Forward, Scout—Human—Died defending the helpless
  • Stij Shadowslinger, Scout—Human—Lost in the jungle
  • Ulfarr Paterson, Scout—Norn—Died defending the helpless