Bayt Ibadah

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Bayt Ibadah


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Bayt Ibadah is a ruined Orrian complex dedicated to King Doric, the first king of Orr and the first human to speak with the goddess Dwayna. The centerpiece of Bayt Ibadah was Doric's Shrine, but like most of Orr, it was destroyed during the Cataclysm.

Once per year, to celebrate King Doric's reign and his connection to Dwayna, citizens of Orr would set alight a series of lanterns connecting Bayt Ibadah with the Cathedral of Zephyrs, Dwayna's Temple. Because of this the open area connecting the two structures became known as the Plaza of Lights.

Since 1325 AE, Bayt Ibadah has been the home to a Pact encampment led by Keeper Lyrda. The encampment is built up on the southern portion of the complex, next to the ruins of the Shrine. It is under near constant assault by the Risen, but they are held back with powerful trebuchets overseen by Siegemaster Gaddise.


  • Bayt and Ibadah are both Arabic words. Bayt means 'house' and Ibadah means 'worship' with a specific connotation of submission and humility.