Agent Xinn

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Agent Xinn


Interactive map

Agent Xinn is a hero challenge NPC in northeast Stormbluff Isle. She is waiting in the cave entrance to the Chantry of Secrets near Deadend Waypoint. Defeat her to earn a hero point.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Dagger Storm Dagger Storm
  • Heartseeker Heartseeker
  • Slash Slash
Stolen skills


Before completion
Hero point empty.png I'm a dynamistician. I see the currents within you, and you're not a messenger. Fight me. I wish to experience the ebb and flow of your energies - both the dark and the light.
Talk combat option tango.png Sure. Why not?
Talk end option tango.png Not right now.
After completion
Hero point.png Ah, my friend whose currents run deep, dark, and determined. I would not tarry here if I were you. You have the power to affect the tide of history. Go now. Go.
Talk end option tango.png All right.


On aproach

Agent Xinn: Adventurer, come here. Tell me what you've seen and show me who you are.

On challenge completion

Agent Xinn: Now that darkness has touched you, you're better prepared to deal with it. Go in peace.