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Fractal weapon skins are a set of account bound weapon skins that have a rare chance of dropping in higher levels of Fractals of the Mists. They can be acquired from the fractals' Daily Reward Chest upon completing a fractal level 11 or higher. Most weapons of this set display a unique misty trail effect when swung.


Hand Skin name
Main Hand
Fractal Axe.png Fractal Axe
Fractal Dagger.png Fractal Dagger
Fractal Mace.png Fractal Mace
Fractal Pistol.png Fractal Pistol
Fractal Scepter.png Fractal Scepter
Fractal Sword.png Fractal Sword
Off hand Fractal Focus.png Fractal Focus
Fractal Warhorn.png Fractal Warhorn
Fractal Torch.png Fractal Torch
Fractal Shield.png Fractal Shield
Terrestrial Fractal Greatsword.png Fractal Greatsword
Fractal Hammer.png Fractal Hammer
Fractal Longbow.png Fractal Longbow
Fractal Rifle.png Fractal Rifle
Fractal Short Bow.png Fractal Short Bow
Fractal Staff.png Fractal Staff
Aquatic Fractal Harpoon.png Fractal Harpoon
Fractal Speargun.png Fractal Speargun
Fractal Trident.png Fractal Trident



  • Staff, Focus, Warhorn and scepter lack the trail effect the other skins share.


Example of a Fractal weapon's info box, showing no attribute stats or sigils on the weapon.
  • Before the Fractured release, Fractal weapons had level 80 exotic weapon strength, an upgrade slot, and no attribute bonuses. Each required using a Transmutation Crystal to have attribute bonuses.