Young Karka

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Young Karka are hard-shelled juvenile karka found in their colonies across Tyria.


Crystal Desert
Ring of Fire

Event involvement[edit]

Event collect (tango icon).png Bring karka eggs to Owain (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png Patrol with the Lionguard to secure the road (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png Help Lionguard Demolitionist Varrv plant explosives in karka nests (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png Protect the skritt from the attacking karka (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png Escort the disillusioned skritt to their new home (80)
Historical events
Event swords (tango icon).png [Group Event] Drive the invading karka out of Morgan's Spiral (5)
Event swords (tango icon).png Drive the karka out of Garenhoff's harbor (19)
Event star (tango icon).png [Group Event] Deal with invading karka and collect samples for Research Assistant Bardus (80)
Event flag (tango icon).png [Group Event] Secure the beach between landing points Lion and Pride (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png Help Inspector Kiel build roads through the terrain (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png Push farther inland with Inspector Kiel (80)
Event fist (tango icon).png [Group Event] Maneuver the ancient karka back toward its nesting grounds (80)
Event swords (tango icon).png Utilize the Lionguard's new solvent to defeat the karka invading Lion's Arch (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Cripples
  • Inflicts Weakens
  • Slice - Basic melee attack.
  • Spit - Fires multiple Crippled.png crippling projectiles.
  • Tail Swipe - Inflicts Weakness.png Weakness.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Crab Meat.png Chunk of Crab Meat Trophy Junk 1
Spiral Shell.png Spiral Shell Trophy Junk 1-2
Karka Shell.png Karka Shell Crafting material Rare 1
Vial of Potent Blood.png Vial of Potent Blood Crafting material Fine 1
Vial of Powerful Blood.png Vial of Powerful Blood Crafting material Rare 1
Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood Crafting material Fine 1
Tasty Karka Leg.png Tasty Karka Leg
(only drops if the Skyscale Treats collection is active)
Trophy Rare 1
Mordrem Toxin Gland.png Karka Web Gland
(only drops if the Ranoah Grindsteel's Footsteps collection is active)
Service Exotic 1


  • Young Karka invaded Lion's Arch during the start of phase 1 of the Lost Shores event, and subsequently returned to Lion's Arch for a second confrontation 24 hours later, at the start of phase 2. They were purged from Lion's Arch in this second confrontation.
  • Usually opens with a powerful attack of multiple crippling projectiles. A form of protection (deflection, reflection, dodging) is recommended.