Veteran Flame Legion Bladestorm

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Veteran Flame Legion Bladestorms are charr of the Flame Legion who wield greatswords on land and switch to spears in the water.


Crystal Desert
Fractals of the Mists (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • AoE Attacks
  • Whirls
Skills (Terrestrial)
  • Charge Charge - Grant boons and remove movement-impairing conditions from allies.
  • Hundred Blades Hundred Blades - Repeatedly strike multiple foes. The last strike does extra damage.
  • Slash - A melee auto-attack that cleaves.
Skills (Aquatic)
  • Shoot - Another melee auto-attack that cleaves.
  • Skull Crack Skull Crack - Melee attack causing Stun.png Stun for 2 seconds and inflicting Vulnerability.png Vulnerability for 8 seconds.
Stolen skills