Versoconjouring Array

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Versoconjouring Array

Point of Interest
Jinx Isle
(Malchor's Leap)
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Versoconjouring Array.jpg
Versoconjouring Array

Interactive map

The Versoconjouring Array is an octogonal room with glass panes on each side and the top. Entrance from the inside of the laboratory is protected with a force field and it opens in the course of the Bashing Bauxite Alchemicals event chain. A Mark V golem can be found inside, as well as an asura gate which leads out of the laboratory, the exit is on the south side of the Jinx Isle, near EVAC-U-ATOR 9000, a karma merchant.


  • To get the point of interest without going inside, you can swim over the top of the glass and acquire it.