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Puk & his descendants[edit]

Puk Grum was an ascendant human warrior from the Tyrian continent, an ally of Prince Rurik, and liberator of freedom for many in the
former nation of Kryta centuries before the rise of Zhaitan. Among the many feats in his life, Puk was known for having a pivotal role in the
Flameseeker prophecies, and became of one few, Weh No Su, on the Canthan continent, where he faced and defeated Shiro the betrayer.
Some time had elapsed following these events, however trouble began to stir in Elona, Land of the Golden Sun, which saw the old God
of Secrets, Abaddon, vie to free himself from the Realm of Torment. Along with his brother Dash, Puk and companions dealt a blow to the
god in his weakened state, and Kormir, their mortal ally consumed the power of Abaddon, and became the new sixth god.
In later life, Puk returned home to Tyria and found his wife and daughter had been missing, and presumed dead for some time. For 10 years
he searched for them, ending his search in the far North, where, at the age of 45 he gave up hope and was remarried to a Norn who had joined
his entourage after the fall of The Great Destroyer. Tracing of this lineage down to current day reveals two clear descendants; Kemani,
a part-norn, presumed human by her adoptive parents of noble blood, and Zilla, a part-human, assumed by her fellow Norn to be remarkably
short in stature. Cross fertilisation between the races was said to be impossible, but his jizz was just that epic.
Puk Grum died at the age of 77 in a small township near the border of Kryta, his gravestone exists to this day.
...or so we thought...

User Characters[edit]

(01) 80 Kemani Grum - Human Warrior female

(02) 80 Zilla Grum - Norn Guardian female

(03) 80 Amesanya - Sylvari Thief female

(04) 80 Craff - Asura Engineer male

(05) 80 Vivayne Locke - Human Mesmer female

(06) 80 Roxy Tracer - Norn Elementalist female

(07) 80 Legspasm Badshot - Charr Ranger male

(08) 80 Tiller Braun - Charr Necromancer female

(09) 80 Chovaltyn - Sylvari Guardian male

(10) 80 Jonathan Grum - Human Engineer male

(11) 80 Reva Grum - Norn Warrior female

(12) 80 Ginger Shadow - Norn Thief male

(13) 80 Rinlie - Human Ranger female

(14) 80 Greer Scaramanga - Asura Elementalist female

(15) 80 Armin Marcillio - Human Mesmer male

(16) 80 Jüjü Grum - Human Necromancer female

(17) 50 Eisas The Reviled - Human Warrior female

(18) 60 Careless Boo - Human Guardian female

(19) 60 Lady A B C - Human Elementalist female

(20) 54 Anny Go Lightly - Norn Ranger female

(21) 54 Palædium - Sylvari Guardian female

(22) 80 Götterdämmerung Zop - Norn Engineer male

(23) 80 Yuseppion Fire - Charr Mesmer male

(24) 31 Spanky The Cub - Charr Warrior male

(25) 80 Puk Grum - Human Revenant male

(26) 30 Lemanï - Human Thief female

(27) 01 Ioo Amp Hrc Fuse - Norn Revenant male

(28) 40 T R O N Legacy - Human Engineer male

(29) 80 Yenagiva - Asura Revenant female

(30) 60 Katie Down The Lane - Human Guardian female

Things I like about GW2[edit]

  • Zone completion is challenging and satisfying to accomplish.
  • Character models are beautiful, albeit bosomy. Crisp graphics.
  • Vista's are a refreshing addition to the experience, and some of them are quite pretty.
  • Personal story elements are quite extensive (considering the many combinations) and add good flavour to a potentially dry story.
  • Knocking enemy players off cliffs and ledges in player vs player of any kind. So satisfying.
  • Skill Challenges are a fun and interesting way to quickly gain access to more skills, rather than having to level up for them all.
  • Living Story additions. So far they have generally been great!
  • Mounts have been a very enjoyable addition to the game.

Things I don't like about GW2[edit]

  • The game has changed so much since release that I don't even understand some of the classes anymore. I just stopped caring.
  • Personal story has been chopped and changed since release and it is no longer a cohesive piece (although it still holds together)
  • Signet's not having a passive while on cooldown from active use.
  • The ability to finish while in stealth mode.
  • Copious amounts of undead in all endgame zones.
  • The noise my female human character makes whilst walking with cripple condition.
  • Asuran disregard and disrespect for others, especially from pathetic npc's with no real importance.
  • The idea that Fort Trinity was actually a good name for the place, and that my character suggested it. BLAH!
  • Getting double, triple or more-teamed in WvW while I'm trying to sneak around and mind my own business.
  • Sylvari have English accents. WHY?!
  • Obsidian Sanctum. (Actually I secretly love it, I just had a bad experience with a Thief and an arrow cart once)
  • The mournful groan my female norn sometimes makes when she is defeated.