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Mini Caithe.png This user is a sylvari.

Mesmer This user is a Mesmer.

Order of Whispers (order icon).png This user is a member of the Order of Whispers.

Mini Logan Thackeray.png This user is a human.

Elementalist This user is an Elementalist.

Thief This user is a Thief.

Mini Eir Stegalkin.png This user is a norn.

Ranger This user is a Ranger.

Guardian This user is a Guardian.

Warrior This user is a Warrior.

Mini Rytlock.png This user is a charr.

Engineer This user is an Engineer.

Mini Zojja.png This user is an asura.

Necromancer This user is a Necromancer.

User Demonthorn Gwlogo.jpg This user played the original Guild Wars.

12 This user has achieved 12/50 points in their Hall of Monuments.

Kagami Suigetsu[edit]

Sylvari tango icon 20px.png - Female.png - Mesmer icon small.png - Charisma

Biography Harlequin's Smile.png - Biography Shield of the Moon.png - Biography Act With Wisdom.png - Biography Dusk.png

She Awakened with great wisdom, giving her a natural understanding of magic. However, she also loves to learn. She is both curious and thoughtful, and loves to discover how everything around her works.

Carla Peloroja[edit]

Human tango icon 20px.png - Female.png - Elementalist icon small.png - Dignity

Biography Water.png - Biography Nobility.png - Biography Unknown Parents.png - Biography Dwayna.png

She was orphaned at a young age, and was adopted by a noble family. Due to her incredible good fortune, everyone says her life is guided by Dwayna.

Benehime Kirakage[edit]

Sylvari tango icon 20px.png - Female.png - Thief icon small.png - Charisma

Biography Subterfuge.png - Biography Green Huntsman.png - Biography Where Life Goes.png - Biography Night.png

Her stealth abilities, combined with her charm and natural beauty, allow her to go anywhere and learn anything.

Greis Weiser[edit]

Norn tango icon 20px.png - Male.png - Ranger icon small.png - Ferocity

Biography Pet Wolf.png - Biography Defend the Mists.png - Biography Revenge.png - Biography Raven Spirit.png

Like most Norn, he enjoys a good fight. However, his many years have also taught him respect and dignity. He believes all Norn should respect the spirits above all things. He is personally protected by the Raven, who gives him wisdom and clarity especially when on a hunt.


Juvenile Alpine Wolf

Juvenile Raven

Charlotte de Croix[edit]

Human tango icon 20px.png - Female.png - Guardian icon small.png - Dignity

Biography Conqueror's Pauldrons.png - Biography Commoner.png - Biography Dead Sister.png - Biography Lyssa.png

Colin Magnus[edit]

Human tango icon 20px.png - Male.png - Warrior icon small.png - Dignity

Biography No Helm.png - Biography Commoner.png - Biography Missed Opportunity.png - Biography Kormir.png

Tentative Characters[edit]


Charr tango icon 20px.png - Male.png - Engineer icon small.png

Biography Ferocity.png - Biography Universal Multitool Pack.png - Biography Iron Legion.png - Biography Reeva.png - Biography Sorcerous Shaman.png


Asura tango icon 20px.png - Male.png - Necromancer icon small.png

Biography Dignity.png - Biography Ghostly Wraith.png - Biography Synergetics.png - Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png - Biography Blipp.png

Guild Wars 1 Characters[edit]

NameWill Use NameProfessionProfession if in GW2
Chloe Durviel0NoDervishWarrior
Benehime Kirakage1YesAssassinThief
Reiou Shinigami0NoRitualistGuardian or
Carla Peloroja1YesElementalistElementalist
Saimin Suigetsu1YesMesmerMesmer
Charlotte De Croix1YesMonkGuardian
Greis Weiser1YesRangerRanger
Shiro Ogachi0NoWarriorWarrior