The Old Gangplank

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The Old Gangplank


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The Old Gangplank was the longest (and only) bridge made entirely of cobbled together shipwrecked vessels in all of Tyria. Commodore Cobiah Marriner often met his trusted first mate, Sykox, on this bridge to talk away from prying ears.

This bridge, which originally went across the span to where Fort Marriner now stands, was cobbled together almost 75 years ago by Cobiah Marriner using the only materials available to him at the time—shipwrecked vessels. At the time, the bridge led to an outpost on the way to Archen Forelands. But when the Lionguard built Fort Marriner on the foundation of that outpost, they wanted a more secure bridge. So they built the Gangplank that's there now. To make the Lionguard happy, the Captain's Council called for the old Gangplank to be dismantled and the Gangplank built in its place. However, the old Gangplank had a special place in the citizenry's heart, so it was moved to the Eastern Ward to make way for the Gangplank.

The bridge was destroyed in 1327 AE, during the Battle for Lion's Arch.


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citzen (1): This place is deceiving. They make it easy to get in but almost impossible to leave.
Citizen (2): They don't make it impossible, just significantly less attractive than staying.
Citizen (asura): I dropped my axe off at the weaponsmith to have it repaired.
Citizen (charr): You mean your hatchet.
Citizen (asura): Keep it up, beer-gut.
Citizen (charr): You know what I like about this place?
Citizen (sylvari): Wine and poetry?
Citizen (charr): Whiskey and fighting. And I get to start fights with guys who aren't charr.
Citizen (sylvari): Where would you do such a thing?
Citizen (charr): Maybe I should start with the places that have wine and poetry. Naw. No challenge in that.
Citizen (1): I'll probably have dinner with the commodore soon.
Citizen (2): The commodore! Wow!
Citizen (1): Though I wouldn't mind dining with a lady once in a while.
Citizen (2): I hear that.
Child: Just a few more years, and I can be a guard!
Citizen: Keep it up, kid.
Citzen (1): We get more people passing through in a single day than have ever lived here.
Citizen (2): Fine by me. I don't want anything in that parade of uglies to stop here.