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Aurene's Facet of Plant

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Aurene's Facet of Plant is a The Legendary Facets of Aurene achievement.


This achievement is repeatable infinitely and does not contribute to a meta achievement. Aurene's Facet of Plant The Legendary Facets of Aurene 10Achievement points
Aid Leivas in discovering a new form for your Aurene-based legendary weapon.
Prerequisite: Arms of a New Cycle

1 Step Completed 1Achievement points
2 Steps Completed 1Achievement points
3 Steps Completed 1Achievement points
4 Steps Completed 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


Excluding the cost of  Mystic Clover.png Mystic Clovers and  Research Note.png Research Notes:

Item Trading Post
Buy Sell
Chunk of Ancient Ambergris.png Chunk of Ancient Ambergris (10)
Gold coin Gold (75)
Jade Runestone.png Jade Runestone (200)
Memory of Aurene.png Memory of Aurene (250)