Ogre Wars

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Ogre Wars

Fields of Ruin
Event type
Meta event
Total events

Ogre Wars is a meta event that occurs in Fields of Ruin.

Dynamic events[edit]



  • The map will always show 2 arrows into Foulbear Kraal during those events (from north and south), even if only one side is attacking.
  • The chest that spawns at the completion of this meta event does not contain Dragonite Ore.
  • The meta event UI for Ogre Wars may eventually disappear with the "Event Succeeded!" notification if the meta event has been completed previously on that map IP.
  • Vanguard Scout Finley may stay behind in Hunter's Gorge after completion of Kill the Foulbear Chieftain and her elite guards before the ogres can rally. During this time, she won't move and nearby enemies won't attack her, but she'll remain responsive to players and won't block event progress. If Defend Sapper's Delve from ogres is completed, she will offer to start Assault Foulbear Kraal by killing its leaders before the ogres can rally from her location. If a player selects the Talk ready option.png "Count me in!" dialogue option, she'll immediately teleport back to Sapper's Delve and the escort event will start normally. As a result, if you've successfully defended Sapper's Delve but Finley didn't spawn, try searching for her in Foulbear Kraal.
  • The meta chain can be completed with only Capture Bloodgorge Watch and the last 3 events at Foulbear Kraal.
  • There are 2 independent routes to the end events at Foulbear Kraal:
    • Either help the charr Iron Legion take Bloodgorge Watch, then talk to Maybri Shadowstalker who arrives to offer (for a few seconds only) moving to Foulbear Kraal from the north. (If you don't activate her event at that time the Defend event will occur, followed by the Foulbear Kraal attack).
    • Or help the human Vanguard take Sapper's Delve, then similarly talk to Vanguard Scout Finley who arrives there to offer (also for a few seconds only) attacking Foulbear Kraal from the south. (Here also, if you don't activate her, the Defend event will occur before moving on to Foulbear).
    • Or help both.
    • The northern access to Foulbear Kraal is via a gate which the charr NPCs will open (destroy) if a player accepts their quest to attack Foulbear.
  • With a few people (perhaps 3), one branch of the chain could be completed in around 45 min (or less).
  • The event chain can stall after Assault Foulbear Kraal by killing its leaders before the ogres can rally if the NPCs waiting by the gate(s) need reviving.
  • The event chain restarts after approximately 20 min from last completion.