Statue of Abaddon

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Statue of Abaddon

"Abaddon! Lord of the Everlasting Depths, Keeper of Secrets, open mine eyes and bestow upon me the knowledge of the Abyss..."
—from the Scriptures of Abbadon
, giver of magic

Statue Plaque

The Statue of Abaddon is an enormous bronze statue of Abaddon found in the Durmand Priory's Special Collections, at the entrance to the Priory's Special Collections area. Abaddon is portrayed as a bearded, clawed humanoid wearing a tentacled, six-eyed mask and a toga. His left hand is outstretched with the palm facing up, and his right hand holds a scroll.

In the domed ceiling above the statue is an arcane illustration that depicts Lord Odran's map of The Mists, originally seen on the backgrounds of Guild Wars manual pages and website, and the message (in Ascalonian) "Beware the danger of secrets kept".


Shiverpeak Mountains
Ruins of Orr

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  • If the player does the dance emote (/dance) in front of the Abaddon statue, they will be hit with massive damage, sending them into the downed state, similar to how dancing in front of the Abaddon boss in Guild Wars Nightfall auto-killed the whole party.