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Sky Commander

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Sky Commander is an achievement that requires defeating all bosses during the Night and the Enemy meta event that occurs in Verdant Brink during the night cycle.


Sky Commander Verdant Brink Heart of Thorns mastery point 10Achievement points
Defeated all nightfall bosses in Verdant Brink.Master of all you survey!
  • Defeated Mordrem Tetrad
  • Defeated Cotoni and Huetzi
  • Defeated Wyvern Matriarch
  • Defeated Wyvern Patriarch
  • Defeated Axemaster Gwyllion
Defeated 5 Nightfall Bosses 10Achievement points



  • The Canopy Bosses occurs 25 minutes into the map meta. This is indicated by Pact Choppers appearing at secured rally points.
  • After the Pact Choppers drop, Rally Points that have already been secured will not be attacked again by Mordrem. Rally points that have not been secured can still be recaptured.
  • You must stay in the map until the timer completes its countdown to daytime to receive the meta rewards.