Candy-Powered Matter Meter

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Candy-Powered Matter Meter

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
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This device detects power caches by attuning its frequency to one of the four types of matter: aqueous, gaseous, etheric, and corporeal. Activation requires at least one piece of candy corn.
"Tassi, where are you going with those blueprints? Those are Statics property! Hey!"
Councilor Ludo[sic]

— In-game description

Candy-Powered Matter Meter is a device used during Act 1, and Act 2 of Halloween 2012 to locate the stories of the Mad Memoires, and Mad Memoires: Complete Edition. Using the device consumes a Piece of Candy Corn and will give you a bundle that functions similar to a Conjure, with a unique set of skills.


Talking to Magister Tassi in Lion's Arch during Halloween 2012 and telling her you're ready would result in the following mail:


Magister Tassi

Your Very Own Candy-Powered Matter Meter

Using a kernel as a focus, you can scan four different frequencies: aqueous, gaseous, etheric, and corporeal. There are suspicious locations on all four frequencies, and it's up to you to discover them.

Try it with the little ghost standing right next to me. She's hiding behind an etheric veil, so use the etheric frequency!

You'll notice, on your journey, that each page from the Mad King's past contains clues on how to proceed. Pay close attention to these clues, for they are the only way you will piece together the past and complete our volume of the Mad Memoires.

We're missing six stories. Now get moving! We only have so long before the energies of the Mad Realm vanish again!

—Magister Tassi

Candy-Powered Matter Meter
Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bag


You will gain a Uses Remaining effect lasting 60 minutes with 4 charges. Using any of the scan skills will send out a sonar pulse and reveal Suspicious Locations if they are close by. As you only have 4 charges, you can use each scan once before losing the bundle.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Scan Aqueous Field.png Scan Aqueous Field 3 Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the aqueous frequency.
2 Scan Gaseous Field.png Scan Gaseous Field 3 Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the gaseous frequency.
3 Scan Etheric Field.png Scan Etheric Field 3 Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the etheric frequency.
4 Scan Corporeal Field.png Scan Corporeal Field 3 Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the corporeal frequency.
5 Mild Readings.png Mild Readings Energy from the Mad Realm is detected, but it's difficult to tell whether anything specific is nearby.
5 Redirect Arrow.pngMad King Says Dance.png Strong Readings Strong signals from the Mad Realm are detected nearby. Scanning is recommended.


  • Mild Readings will switch to Strong Readings if you are close enough to a hidden object.
  • Other players will be able to see the sonar pulses.
  • You can reveal suspicious locations that can lead to Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bags.

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