Shadow of the Mad King 2012/Act 3

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Act III introduced the Ascent to Madness, an instanced boss fight against Mad King Thorn. The entrance to which was accessible in the wreckage of the Lion's Arch from Oct 28-Oct 31.


Mad King Thorn breaches the Grand Piazza

At 12 pm PST, a cinematic occurred showing Mad King Thorn bursting through the altered Lion's Court statue, and subsequently being forced back through the portal by the Durmand Priory members. In the days following, the Mad King repeatedly tried to break free, only to be kept at bay.

Magister Tassi: My ears! The Great Bookah! And I thought he was merely a progenitor's tale!
Magister Tassi: See how you like THIS trick!



Captain Tokk

Halloween Guide, Phase 3

Ding-a-ling! The Mad King was seen bursting out of the lion statue in Lion's Arch! The statue lies in ruin, and there's a mad portal in its place. Enter at your own risk.

There's no longer doubt that the Mad King really does exist, and the Durmand Priory believes he's trying to break out into Tyria. Their projections for what will happen if he succeeds are apocalyptic. Word is spreading quickly that, in his current state of power and rage, the Mad King must not be allowed to leave his realm!

—Captain Tokk

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