Shadow of the Mad King 2012/Act 4

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Mad King Thorn appears at the Grand Piazza in Lion's Arch and starts the Your Mad King says... dynamic event. At the end of this you will be transformed randomly for a Costume Brawl while Mad King Thorn starts walking around Lion's Arch, telling his questionably humorous jokes and a Magnificent Chest will appear at the Grand Piazza. Some time after the Mad King leaves a Haunted Door called Free candy! Yay! will appear at the Grand Piazza for a while. The Mad King will pop up just for a laugh and to transform you randomly again, at random intervals until the event starts all over again.



Captain Tokk

Halloween Guide, Phase 4

The Mad King has been reined in! His power diminished, the Prince of Puns seems to have been limited to the terms of his ancient curse: he can only visit Lion's Arch once a year, on Halloween—and only just for fun. The portal to the Mad Realm in Lion's Arch has been capped, and we're safe to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Join in on the Mad King's Halloween games, and you may by
surprised by his generosity.

If you haven't carved every pumpkin in Tyria yet, now's your chance. Talk to a master carver, located in Lion's Arch and the Durmand Priory's Halloween response camps in Queensdale, Metrica Province, the Plains of Ashford, Caledon Forest, and Wayfarer Foothills, to find out whether you're a master carver too.

Magister Tassi has been pleased that so many have hunted down the ghosts from the Mad King's past, but if you haven't found all twelve, then you're missing critical pieces of King Oswald Thorn's infamous history!

May the sweetness you mine from candy corn nodes sustain you all year long! Happy Halloween!

—Captain Tokk

Your Mad King says...[edit]

During the event, players have to follow what Mad King Thorn is asking them to do. Participating in the event for the first time will reward the player with a Witch's Hat, while subsequent participations will reward Trick-or-Treat Bags.


  • Being in the Grand Piazza when the event ends without having participated in the event will result in being teleported into the Mystic Forge Cauldron located in Trader's Forum while the Mad King laughs at you.
  • Act 4 also removed the Ascent to Madness dungeon that was introduced in Act 3.

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