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Reach the finish line! (Elon Riverlands)

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Reach the finish line!

Event maps
Elon Riverlands Race.jpg

Reach the finish line! is a level 80 mount race event that starts in the Arid Gladefields.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 5:00


This race is mostly straightforward with little to no enemies that can dismount the player. The only notable obstacles are a deep pond and a large area of quicksand in the first half. While the pond can easily be passed with the raptor, it is impossible to reach the other side of the quicksand without the skimmer. The racetrack also leads across plenty of shallow water, which makes the skimmer a preferable choice for this race due to its increased movement speed over water.




Related achievements[edit]


Progress might not record when crossing checkpoints with any mount other than the Skimmer.