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Quirky Quaggan Quest

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Quirky Quaggan Quest is an A Crack in the Ice collection achievement.


Quirky Quaggan Quest A Crack in the Ice Heart of Thorns mastery point 5Achievement points
Find all seven stanzas of the quaggan epic poem.
  • Found the First Stanza
  • Found the Second Stanza
  • Found the Third Stanza
  • Found the Fourth Stanza
  • Found the Fifth Stanza
  • Found the Sixth Stanza
  • Delivered All Lost Stanzas to Neekoolaa and Obtained the Seventh Stanza
7 Stanzas Obtained 5Achievement points


This achievement involves finding Dead Quaggans hidden around Bitterfrost Frontier. Once you have found all six, talk to Neekoolaa to complete the achievement.

Stanza Map Location
1 Quirky Quaggan Quest 1.jpg In a dark cave over the entrance to the The Bitter Cold. Either glide or perform a mini-jumping puzzle. Glide after launching from the Thermal Tube to the South-southwest of the cave. Or, to the West of the highest of three Diving Goggles, hop along the ice ledges to an overlook. Jump across the overlook, and enter a tiny hole into a cave. You will be affected by the Bitter Cold enviromental hazard on the way to the cave, so Thaw Elixir makes this easier.
2 Quirky Quaggan Quest 2.jpg Halfway up the face of Joyless Falls.
3 Quirky Quaggan Quest 3.jpg On the cliffs in the south-west of Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs. Almost at the end of the path leading up to the vista.
4 Quirky Quaggan Quest 4.jpg In the small area with the Thermal Tube in the north of Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs.
5 Quirky Quaggan Quest 5.jpg Underwater in Hailstone Floe. Look a bit south of the "ail" in Hailstone on the map. it is in the ' south-east corner' of the dark spot underneath it.
6 Quirky Quaggan Quest 6.jpg Underwater in Blizzard Basin, it is about halfway between the southeast facing Thermal Tube and the Renown Heart NPC offered by Sun Warming.
7 Quirky Quaggan Quest 7.jpg Neekoolaa, at the top of Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary. To reach him, get on the vista and then run across the roof to him. You must have spoken to all other Quaggans for him to complete the achievement.


In eldest Tyria, where ice covered the briny blue,
azure quaggans formed in the goo.
And swam in the waters of a living pool.
The fishes ate fishes — and quaggans too.
Then quaggans learned to eat the fishes. Coo!
Time passed and the azure quaggans grew,
making pods for living in, out of driftwood and drool.
One day, a day that no quaggan foreknew,
the first quaggan crawled ashore to get a better view.
The cold wind froze patches of the quaggan's skin. Boo!
And turned it a mottled black and frosty hue.
You may have heard of Khoofallaloo,
the ancestor quaggan who first broke through the ice on the pool
and breathed air unbreathed hitherto.
As you already know, cold-water quaggans are no longer azure blue.
Quaggans are proudly born in the colors of Khoofallaloo.