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Khoofallaloo is an arctic quaggan who lived a long time ago. He was the first of his kind to emerge from the waters. An epic poem has been written about him and its current holders were tasked to bring it with them for safekeeping as they left the Far Shiverpeaks away from Jormag. Of all seven team members, only one, Neekoolaa, remains alive onboard Sorrow's Eclipse, a kodan sanctuary located within the Bitterfrost Frontier.

In eldest Tyria, where ice covered the briny blue,
azure quaggans formed in the goo.

And swam in the waters of a living pool.
The fishes ate fishes-and quaggans too.

Then quaggans learned to eat the fishes. Coo!
Time passes and the azure quaggans grew,
making pods for living in, out of driftwood and drool.

One day, a day that no quaggan foreknew,
the first quaggan crawled ashore to get a better view.

The cold wind froze patches of the quaggan's skin. Boo!
And turned it a mottled black and frosty hue.

You may have heard of Khoofallaloo,
the ancestor quaggan who first broke through the ice on the pool
and breathed air unbreathed hitherto.

As you already know, cold-water quaggans are no longer azure blue.
Quaggans are proudly born in the colors of Khoofallaloo.

— Unknown, Unknown