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Black Ice Pass

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Black Ice Pass

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Black Ice Pass map.jpg
Map of Black Ice Pass

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Black Ice Pass is the opening area of Bitterfrost Frontier.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Koda's Welcome Waypoint —




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Flamebearer: After many years of harmony, the spirit of fire grew old, and the time came for it to leave this world.
Flamebearer-in-Training: NoooOoOoo...
Flamebearer: But in its absence, its essence lives on. Our sanctuary holds the last remaining flame begot by the spirit itself.
Flamebearer: When the time comes to return to Koda, our tribe's essence will also live on—in anyone who carries this sacred fire.
Flamebearer-in-Training: Ooh! This is the part about quaggan!
Flamebearer: Yes, like the flame, our tribe has offered to shelter and share with any who would do the same—like the quaggans.
Flamebearer-in-Training: Coo.
Flamebearer: Go, knowing the ultimate wisdom of Koda's Flame. Before your own flame dies, may you breathe much life into the world.
Flamebearer: After a great many years passed, the spirit of fire no longer needed the kodan to survive.
Flamebearer-in-Training: Why?
Flamebearer: Because the fire had learned all it could by Koda's grace. It had become wise.
Flamebearer-in-Training: But why?
Flamebearer: By Koda's profound wisdom, the kodan would teach the spirits so, in turn, spirits could teach the kodan about harmony.
Flamebearer-in-Training: But why?
Flamebearer: Because the flame is a pure form of harmony. A fulcrum between creation and destruction where all living things exist.
Flamebearer-in-Training: But whyyyy?
Flamebearer: Because that is Koda's will. All things exist by Koda's grace. Go now, watch, and learn how the flame gives and takes.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore