Wreckage of Zephyrite Crystal Garden

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Wreckage of Zephyrite Crystal Garden

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Prospect Valley
(Dry Top)
Hero challenge
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Ship's Fall map.jpg
Path to the uppermost level, starting from Dry Top Entry Waypoint.

The Wreckage of Zephyrite Crystal Garden is a hero challenge located in the Prospect Valley area of Dry Top.

Getting there[edit]

The Zephyrite Crystal Garden is located on the uppermost level of Prospect Valley, amongst the wreckage near Ship's Fall.

Begin from Dry Top Entry Waypoint and use the introductory Aspect crystals to head west. Follow the terrain in a sweeping U-turn until you have reached a gap -- you will encounter and use two air crystals prior to reaching this point -- then use the lightning crystal to jump across. From there, use air crystals to scale the tall cliff on your right.

Once you have reached the very top, turn about-face to see the hero challenge ahead.


The magical energies of the dragon champion Glint still linger around the wreckage of this garden used by her Zephyrite followers to grow their Aspect crystals from her crystalline remains.
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Commune with this place of power.
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You've gained all you can from this place of power.