Large Candy Bag

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Blood and Madness
This content was introduced in Blood and Madness and was subsequently made available for Halloween.

Double click to open.

— In-game description

Large Candy Bag is a champion reward normally dropped by Halloween creatures of Champion and Legendary rank.


Dropped by[edit]

Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn80Halloween creatureMad King's Labyrinth
Labyrinthine Horror80Halloween creatureMad King's Labyrinth
Legendary Skeletal Lich80Halloween creatureMad King's Labyrinth

Contained in[edit]


To view historical drops from this bag, view Large Candy Bag/historical.

Halloween 2016 & 2017[edit]


Icon Rarity Link
Large Candy Bag.png BBasic
Large Candy Bag.png CFine
Large Candy Bag.png DMasterwork
Large Candy Bag.png ERare
Large Candy Bag.png FExotic