Reach the finish line! (Roll into Madness)

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Reach the finish line! is a mount race event on the Mad King's Raceway.


  • Total racers finished: 0
  • The race will end in: 6:00


  • Large Candy Bag.pngLarge Candy Bag
  • Copper coin-42 Copper coin based on character level
  • 258 Experience.png-13,335 Experience.png based on character level
  • 18 Karma-180 Karma based on character level


To finish the race you must complete three laps of the track. Hitting a pumpkin will cause you to dismount and passing through a blue orb will refill your endurance.




  • Exploding jack-o'-lanterns that dismount players (without putting them into combat)
  • Blue orbs that refill the endurance bar

Related achievements[edit]


  • Participating players are under the effects of Lap Count.
  • If you participate in the Time Trial while participating at the same time in the race, your lap will only count for the Time Trial but not for the race.

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