Help the Pact reach the Altar of Betrayal before their morale is depleted

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Help the Pact reach the Altar of Betrayal before their morale is depleted

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help the Pact reach the Altar of Betrayal before their morale is depleted is a level 75 group event that occurs in Triumph Plaza and Cathedral of Glorious Victory.


  • Pact Morale
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Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 14,333 Experience.png 356 Karma.png 83 Copper coin
Silver 12,183 Experience.png 303 Karma.png 70 Copper coin
Bronze 10,750 Experience.png 267 Karma.png 62 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 75 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


Note that only one of the above pre-events has to be completed in order for this event to trigger. If it does not trigger on its own after a few minutes (Keeper Fleethunter will give a speech), you have to complete one of the other remaining pre-events. The northern invasion and the southern invasion are the easiest to accomplish, as they don't require the Megalaser to be active. The more pre-events are completed, the more Pact members will join the assault.

During the raid to the temple, Risen forces will come from all directions all the time. Pact morale will go down every time a member is killed, so it's important to protect and heal them (e.g. with AoE heals such as Healing Rain). Try to stay around the pact group, to aggro incoming forces from all sides. AoE damage, heal and protection work very well in this event. Clear Veteran Risen Subjugators quickly, as their AoE wells can quickly devastate the Pact group.

  • The First wave features 1-2 Veteran Risen Subjugators. These each have a multi-well skill, that conjures around a dozen large wells, killing anything (NPC or Player) that lingers inside. This means that a single Veteran with a single skill can and will fail the event on the first wave. It is best to handle these quickly.
  • The third wave appears almost on the path of the pact forces, and contains two more Veteran Risen Subjugators.
  • The fifth wave features a large number of ordinary Risen that use wells, and they appear behind the pact, often already in range to use their skills. This can quickly decimate the Pact, unless they are prevented. Placing traps to aggro them the moment they spawn can bring those first wells down on players instead of in-range NPCs.
  • The eighth wave features another 1-2 Veteran Risen Subjugators. While the spawn locations are random, one possible location is among the NPCs, and another is on the path the NPCs advance along.
  • The next-to-last wave spawns to the west of the pact forces, and can be caught by one or two players using traps.
  • The final wave spawns on the top step, directly in the path of the Pact Forces. It contains Veteran Risen Acolytes that summon additional Risen. This wave can be especially devastating if the Pact have advanced onto that step when it spawns.





Tactician Deathstrider: Watch out!
Keeper Fleethunter: Let's end this.
Magister Davi: More Risen are on us.
Tactician Deathstrider: (growls) Enough!
Keeper Fleethunter: You jumped the wrong charr.
Magister Davi: Miserable fiends!
Tactician Deathstrider: I want these things put down, now!


When the South Reinforcement Group dies just before they enter the cave and are revived, they sometimes stop moving forward. The event description will say: "Revive the pact members. 7/7 pact members alive." This bug can be fixed by casting Glyph of Renewal.
  • While only one of the three pre-events has to be completed to start, this event will not start if the other pre-events are already trying to reach the Rally Waypoint. The pre-event should then either be completed or failed for the pact to move on.