Escort the central invasion Pact squad to the Pact rally point at Triumph Plaza

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Escort the central invasion Pact squad to the Pact rally point at Triumph Plaza

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort the central invasion Pact squad to the Pact rally point at Triumph Plaza is a level 75 event that starts at Conquest Marina in Hunter's Table within the Straits of Devastation.


  • Pact members alive: x/7
  • Revive the fallen Pact members


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 14,333
356 Karma.png 83 Copper coin
Silver 12,183
303 Karma.png 70 Copper coin
Bronze 10,750
267 Karma.png 62 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 75 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


  • The first spawn for this event features a Veteran Risen Subjugator on the first gate. The final spawn for the event features 1-2 Veteran Risen Subjugators at random spawn locations. Any of these can end the event with their wells skill: a single skill that can conjure around a dozen large wells, killing any NPCs or Players caught inside them. Killing the Subjugator will dismiss the wells early, but it is preferred to not allow the Subjugator any chance to use them. Anything that interrupts, slows, or stops actions are encouraged for use on these foes. Using knock backs, pulls, and fears can force the Subjugator safely away from the NPCs.
  • The area between the two sets of risen gates contains 5 spawn groups that will trigger if/when the NPCs get near enough, and the NPCs may fail to aggro immediately when triggering these spawns, leaving them free to continue forward and trigger more spawns. This behavior can overwhelm players with Risen, as each individual spawn is scaled correctly for the event, leaving players to fight as many as 4 spawns as one giant spawn. AoE skills are encouraged for this reason. Fortunately, 4 simultaneous spawns is not common, but it does still happen.
  • Two nearby risen catapults can chain-Knockdown the Pact forces into a corner, making reviving them quite difficult - it's even possible to fail because of this. That said, the NPCs will sometimes attack these two catapults, and occasionally complete the escort after tearing them down, avoiding the final 3 or so waves of risen. The simplest counter is to just spread out while in their range.





Event start
At first ambush point
Lightbringer Erin: Heads up. Take them out quick and keep moving.
Whispers Agent: There's more here!
Whispers Agent: Drive them back into the ground!
Vigil Crusader: More Risen, coming our way.
At second ambush point
Lightbringer Erin: Don't let your guard down. Not even for a second.
Priory Explorer: We'll deliver their destruction!
Event success
Whispers Recruit: Friends! Here. They're here! Welcome.
Event failure


The NPCs may occasionally stack and not advance after fighting ends. Normally this state clears if they aggro on something. As most of their path is in aggro range of normal (non-event) spawns, this is rarely a problem.